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How to Use Feng Shui Good Luck Coins to Attract Good Fortune?

Feng Shui Three Lucky Bronze Metal Coins - Puja N Pujari

Introduction: Has your lady luck not been smiling for a while, or are you struggling to find the perfect element to introduce good luck into your home? Do you know that one of the most widely recognized and potent ways to entice your streak of luck is by inaugurating the Feng Shui Good Luck Coins? […]

Feng Shui Wind Chimes Vastu Benefits & Best Hanging Placements

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese science, is said to bring in happiness, peace, and a comfortable living atmosphere. Feng Shui artifacts are considered as the best remedy to heal and reinforce the deteriorated harmony in people. Wind chimes are one such Feng Shui artifacts. They are also termed ‘Feng Shui Cure.’ The small tiny hangings […]

Buddha Statues Significance and their Vastu Benefits for Home | Life Story of Buddha

The name Buddha evokes a sense of calm and peace. A silent meditating figure under the bodhi vriksha is the picture that comes to mind when one thinks of this outstanding personality. His followers consider Buddha as the enlightened one, as he lay down the path to moksha. His teachings have brought and are bringing […]

Best Sleeping Direction as per Vastu and Vastu Tips for Better Sleep.

Like many other activities, sleep is one of the most essential activities to sustain healthy living. There are many facts and figures proven by long-term medical research that sleep is almost as critical as following a proper diet and exercise regime. Since ancient times, a lot of research has gone into finding the best sleeping […]

Vastu Tortoise: Importance and its Placement in Vastu Shastra

As kids, everyone has heard about the popular story of the tortoise defeating the hare in a race. The story focuses on how hard work and strong determination can help you to achieve success. You may face hardships and challenges. Characterized by slow and steady pace, tortoises hold great significance in Vastu Shastra.  As such, […]

Vastu Pyramids: Uses, Types and Placements of Pyramids to get Better Results

Often when word pyramid hangs in the air, people can't help but think of the magnificent monuments built by the Egyptians in the vast desert of Egypt. The structures are so enormous and incredible that no wonder they have made it to the list of eight wonders of the world, both old and new. So what […]

Tips to Place Vastu Plants at Home

Plants have a straight link with human life because whatever the trees and plants release the gas is been gasp by humans. Some trees and plants release negative and dangerous gases that contaminate surroundings, thus it makes unsafe. So that some plants are forbidden in living places. Plants should be select with care and positioned […]

Pooja Mandir Vastu Tips & Placement Direction in Home, Office & Commercial Spaces

Temple direction blog image -pooja room mandir direction in home

The wooden mandir should place at a height proper to the seating arrangement. It should be kept at a height right at the same level as a person’s body sitting or standing in front of it. If the height is lower than that, it would be insulting to the lord. Also, above that height, it […]

Why We Should Not Ignore Vastu & Vastu Shastra?

Walking in wrong directions makes us more vulnerable to accidents and mishaps similarly as we end up on a wrong route when heading on a wrong path. Who specifies this direction? And who made these rules? Obviously name doesn’t matter but the rules does because “despite the fact that rules are made to be broken” […]