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Shiva yantra represents Lord Shiva and his immense power. Keeping and worshiping this yantra endow us with his blessings to be strong, courageous and above all leads us to the divine enlightenment.

  1. This yantra should be placed in North or East direction and worshiped to obtain the divinity from god.
  2. As per a common belief chanting Maha Mrityunjaya yantra of Lord Shiva makes an individual immortelle and free from all wordy pleasures.

Significance of Shiva Yantra

  1. It enables a person to be free from all kind of negativities and fear in ones life and gives good health, wealth and happiness.

Mantra for Shiva Yantra

" Om namaha shivaye "


1. How many times do you chant Shiva mantra?

Per day I will chant 108 times for Shiva yantra.

2. Can ladies chant Om Namah Shivaya?

Sure, this mantra can chant by the male and female to worship the lord shiva yantra.

3. Mantra for Shiva Yantra?

Nung Namah shivay

Mung mah shivay na

Shing shivay namah shi

Young ya namah shiva