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Traditional Indian handicrafts at Puja and pujari

Traditional handicrafts refer to the traditional handmade artisanal. It is any of a wide variety of types of work where useful or decorative objects are made completely by the use of one’s hand, using materials such as clay, rock,stone,paper etc. Ethnic Indian handicrafts are mesmerising and exquisite.

Traditional handicrafts carry the essence of India’s culture. They are not just beautiful decorative items, but also carry history and cultural value in themselves. They help in preserving and promoting ethnic cultures of regions and nations.

Traditional handicrafts are instrumental in representing ethnic cultures of a country or region. They also help in promoting local cultures at a wide scale through the help of tourism. They are material representations of the lifestyle and traditions a community follows.

Traditional handicrafts also remote the heritage of a country through the use of indigenous and locally available raw materials, and the use of local craft techniques. They are embodiments of unique expressions of indefinite service cultures, traditions and heritage of a country.

Culturally, handicrafts play an important role in reprinting the cultures of a country. They provide a medium for preservation of ancient or indegenous crafts, traditions, heritage and skills.

Economically, they help in the economic development of a country. They create employment opportunities, investment opportunities and also promote tourism. Handicraft industry has a huge opportunity for domestic as well as foreign business.

Handicrafts include products such as- metal ware, wood ware, hand-printed textiles, shawls, carpets, jute products, paintings, earthenware, bronze sculpture, leather products, marble sculptures , bamboo products, crocheted goods, God idols etc.

Some very popular Indian traditional handicrafts are- Pashmina Shawls (Kashmir), Phulkari (Punjab and Haryana), Bamboo Handicrafts (East India), Brass handicrafts (Rajasthan), Marble Craft (Agra), Puppets (Rajasthan), The Art of Pattachitra (Odisha).

Indian Handicrafts go back centuries and were amongst the oldest traditions in the world. India is also home to one of the oldest civilisations in the world- the Indus Valley Civilisation. 

Paintings have been a part of the Indian tradition since prehistoric times. Initially they took the shape of cave paintings done both for planning  and entertainment. During the medieval period the paintings took a decidedly Mughal art style.

Stone sculptures are amongst the most beautiful and old traditions of the Indian Culture. They are found in temples, monuments, palaces etc. They are not reserved in terms of representation. Sculptures of Gods, animals, women, plants, flowers etc were all widely created.

Royal families all over the country were all patrons of art. A significant part of the royal treasury was spent on the patronage of sculptures, paintings, books etc.

Traditional handicraft techniques have been passed down within indegnous communities in order to preserve their culture. These unique modus operandi have a very high cultural value and also help in academic research of that geographical region.

Puja N Pujari is a place where you can buy a multitude of traditional Indian handicrafts from the comfort of your home. We understand the significance of culture, heritage and  belief and that is why we wish to provide such services to our customers from the comfort of their houses.

We sell traditional handicrafts as well as puja items and temple services. Our range of Puja items includes-

  • Wooden handle Diya
  • Original Gomti chakra shell
  • Pancha patra 
  • Kuber Lakshmi coins
  • Pooja samagri kit
  • Cotton wicks
  • Kamadhenu cow with calf idol
  • Nag devata idol
  • Lord idols
  • Banana stem stand 
  • Brass Pooja ghanta 
  • Fish design brass Aarti  Pooja spoon
  • Twin peacock design brass Aarti  Pooja spoon
  • Hanging bell for puja room
  • Lavender fragrance droop sticks
  • Three mukhi Rudraksh
  • Lavender dhoop cones
  • Rose fragrance sticks
  • Aarti dhoop stand
  • Ghee wicks
  • Silver durva grass etc

We sell God photo frames of all Gods such as Lord Ganesha, Satyanarayan Swamy, Lord Tirupathi, Tirupati Balaji, Lakshmi-Ganesh and shiva, Lakshmi maa, Durga maa, Lord Hanuman, Sai baba, Lord Shiva and Parvati, Lord Venkateshwara, Shri Tirupati Balaji etc.

Thes wall photo frames will bring auspicious and sacred vibes into your house and at the same time add aesthetic ness.

Water fountains with God figures add beauty to your house and also bring in propitious vibes.Among our range of water fountain decor are-

  • Water fountains
  • Ganpati water fountain
  • Buddha indoor water fountain
  • Big fountains 
  • Buddha water fountain in white colour with LED lights
  • Blessing Buddha water fountain
  • Brass Buddha water fountain etc

Our traditional and cultural wall hangings are amongst the most popular and liked products on our website. Our range of wall hangings include-

  • Vastu Fengshui Sun Metal wall hanging
  • Leaf Ganesha wall hanging
  • Tribal Folk dancers wall hanging
  • Ganesh Ganpati wall hanging
  • Ganesh metal wall hanging (3D)
  • Lakshmi Ganesh wall hanging 
  • Three horses wall hanging
  • Radha Krishna Jhula wall hanging
  • Beautiful dancing Lady wall art
  • Decorative swan wall art
  • Decorative metal bird art wall
  • Tree of life metal art wall hanging
  • Lakshmi Ganesh bells wall hanging
  • Wall lantern Diya hanger
  • Rajasthani puppet  couple set
  • Colourful wooden wall decor 
  • Handmade weave mandala design

We also provide Yantras such as Kubera Dhana Lakshmi Varsha yantra, sphatik Shree yantra, Damru Trishul with stand, Spiritual Shre yantra, Trishakti Om swastika yantra, Shree Sampurna Navagraha Nine Planets Yantra, Astha Lakshmi Shree yantra, Vastu dish Nivarana yantra, Swastik Yantra, Om Yantra with golden frame, Lakshmi Kuber yantra etc.

Puja N Pujari is a one-stop shop for everything holy. We also provide puja services. From Griha Pravesh to Lakshmi Pooja to ganesha homam we provide them all.

You can also book temple services from our website. Under his unique service, we book and conduct Pooja on behalf of our customers at designated temples. This is a boon especially during the current COVID-19 Pandemic, where pilgrimage has severely decreased due to travel restrictions.

You can book temple Pooja services at Shirdi Sai Baba Temple, Meenakshi Temple, Kalikambal temple, Sri Stahla Sayana Perumal temple, Ayyanar temple etc.


Is there free shipping available on handicrafts?

No, Puja N Pujari does not provide free shipping. However, our shipping charges are a nominal fee of Rs.100. 

Can I gift Indian handicraft to anyone?

Yes! Indian Handicrafts are an excellent gift choice for anyone. From young to old people Indian handicrafts have something for everyone. While women can be gifted clothes, men may like idols and wall paintings, couples can be given home decor items.

What are the specialized craft art goods produced by the Puja N Pujari?

All of our products are beautiful and unique. Our items are produced with much care and responsibility. Our home decor range is especially unique and special. It is the best to add a pop of colour to our home or to give someone as a gift.

What is traditional art and craft available at Puja N Pujari ?

Our God idols, waterfalls as well as showpieces are all a part of the traditional art and craft range. Our God Murtis are carefully crafted to preserve dignity and holiness.

Can we hang Indian crafts arts on the wall?

Yes a variety of Indian handicrafts are hang able. From God sculptures to brass art ware, a number of these handicrafts can be hanged, beautifying your walls and homes.

Most In-Demand Indian Handicrafts

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Indian handicrafts are not only beautiful and eye-catching but also have cultural and economic value. Puja N Pujari is a one stop shop for all things holy. You can purchase Puja Samghri, temple services, Pooja services as well as traditional Indian handicrafts at our website.
Do check it out!