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Rudraksha mala has its roots in the ancient mythological and sacred Vedic texts on Indian Civilization dating back to centuries. The famous beads derive their name from Lord Rudra. They are Lord Shiv’s favorite and can carry immense positive energy.

The highly treasured beads are a treasure trove for health benefits. Rudraksha term finds its origin in Sanskrit. It is derived from two words Rudra (Lord Rudra/Shiva) and Aksha (Tears), thus meaning Teardrops of Lord Rudra.

Types of Rudraksha:

Depending on the number of lines found on the bead, the rudraksha is given a name. With 1 line, rudraksha is called Ek Mukhi, while the more popular one is with 5 lines, termed Pancha Mukhi.

The beads have lines varying between 1 to 21 and in the rarest cases 27. As the number of lines in the beads goes up, so does their rarity. Buy Ek Mukhi rudraksha also falls among rarest. The most common beads have four, five, or six lines.

Different Types of Rudraksha and Benefits

Where are the Beads used?

The rudraksha beads are most commonly used in japa malas by Shaivites to chant the panchakshari - Om Namah Shivaya. Apart from the Japa Malas, the beads are used in Vastu pyramids, pendants, bracelets, earrings, and other ornaments.

Even in rudraksha japa malas, there are various types, such as - Pancha Mukhi japamala, Nepal rudraksha mala, original rudraksha mala, and others.

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Benefits or Uses of Rudraksha:

  • Ekamukhi Rudraksha mala is highly recommended for businessmen, ministers, and hotel owners. It helps them to harness the energy, guide them on the right path, and make good decisions.
  • People who are looking for jobs also wear them to make their prospect of getting jobs more manageable.
  • It protects the wearer from negative energies.
  • Rudraksha brings calmness, and it helps calm down nerves and agitation.
  • Rudraksha also acts as a medium to increase concentration in children.
  • When used in meditation, the Rudraksha mala helps harness all the positive energy, store, and transfer the same into you.
  • Life seems much more comfortable when rudraksha is with you, as people say it wards off the evil eye.

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