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In India many people wearing the different color sacred threads for their body part's hands, neck and waist. You can observe people tied different color threads like black, red, yellow, white and orange for their necks and hands. Each sacred thread has its own importance in Hinduism. People normally used it for gaining wealth and good health. And some threads used for removing the evil eye. So buy these sacred threads on our online website wear it to your hand or neck will get free from evil energies. And you will gain positive vibes. We have different types of sacred threads.

Significance of Sacred Threads

In Hinduism different sacred threads are used for different reasons. It helps to get rid of the evil forces, and gaining good health and wealth. In India, we have sighted the wearing of different sacred threads. They have their unique reasons to wear threads. Now you can know the significance of each color thread.

White Thread (Janeu)

This white color thread is wearing by the male members of the upper caste people. This white color thread is also called as “Janeu”. It represents the changing of a young boy to the man. Brahmin people conduct this ceremony for male peoples. It is called a sacred thread ceremony or Upanayanam. Kshatriya and Vaishyas peoples also wear this sacred thread. Brahmin's wear a cotton thread and Kshatriya and Vaishyas people wear woolen thread.

Kalawa Thread

Kalawa is a combination of red and yellow color thread. In south India, it is called as rakshasi or Charudu. It is generally tied by a pujari (clergyman) before the start of any puja or ceremony, ritual or prayer. Red color signifies the fire and blood, so it is connected with energy, determination, power, strength.

Yellow Thread

The yellow color symbolizes purity and good health. It is very precious for marriages, it makes married life should be happy and successful. And it gives the long life to the husband of the bride.

Red and Black Color Sacred Thread

An even earlier reference to pooja ceremony, ritual or any festival "red and black" colored thread with a double purpose, one of moving away "demons" and the other "unbreakable of promise" between the bride and the groom by one's relatives seem in spiritual. 

Our Versatility

Raksha Sutra Mauli Thread

Raksha Sutra Thread made with 2 natural colors Red and Yellow in silk thread. it represents the bond between the soul and God. If you wear this Mauli Raksha Thread, you will protect from evil spirits or habits.

Janeu Yagnopavit Thread for Pooja

Janeu Yagnopavit Thread used in Puja roll for offering to God and Goddess or Occasions during or after puja. After completing Abhishek to the deities, white thread is offered as Vastra/clothing. Made from 100% pure and natural cotton. It is a symbol of modesty and affection toward the Deity and a gesture of thankfulness for God.

Red Mauli Sacred Thread

The meaning of Mauli is 'Crown'. Mauli Pooja Thread is also known as 'Kalava'. It is a cotton thread which is Hygiene in a yarn. This Kalawa thread is dyed in red and yellow combination. There is a specific way of tying Mauli's thread. This holy thread is tied by spinning it seven times after or before the holy pooja ceremony has been accomplished.