250.00 Size: (8L x 8W x 9H)cm
850.00 Size: (1.5L x 24W x 21.5H)cm
749.00 Size: (17L x 21W x 17H)cm
999.00 Size: (11L x 11W x 3H)Cm
399.00 Size: (11L x 5W x 7H)cm
1,139.00 Size: (19L x 8W x 8H)cm

Abhishekam or abhisheka is a form of worship of Hindu deities. It is performed both at temples and homes, but the intention of performing them remains the same at both places.   At temples, before the Vigraha Sthapana, numerous rituals, pooja's, and homas are performed to cleanse the Garbha Griha of impurities. Navaratnas will be embedded into the place where the Vigraha will act as energy absorbers and radiators.

To ease these energy vibrations inside the Grabha Gudi and disperse them equally throughout the temple, Abhishekams are performed using various ingredients like water, milk, curd, tender coconut water, turmeric water, kumkum water, rose water, sugar, butter, dry fruits, fruits, sandal-wood paste, honey, ghee and more. After each ingredient is used, the deity vigraha is washed using water. The used ingredients, rich in positive energies, are collected in a container and is distributed among the devotees to heal themselves physically, mentally, and spiritually.

However, since abhisheka is not done on a large scale and the facilities are not streamlined like in temples, collecting the abhisheka water might become difficult at homes. To mitigate this need, Puja N Pujari brings you various types of Abhishek Patra.

Abhishek Patra and its Usage at Homes Abhishek Patra usually has a flat tray with elevated edges and an outlet for the abhisheka items to flow appropriately.  Place the Abhishek Patra on a pedestal of adequate height if it doesn't have a stand. Place a vessel just below the outlet of the Patra.  The flat base is where an idol, or Shree yantra, or Saligram, or Shiva linga will be placed. When the abhisheka ingredient is poured on one of the above, the liquid flows out through the outlet and falls into the container placed below the Abhishek Patra. You can then use the liquid collected in the container and distribute it among the members present as prasad. Abhishek Patra at Puja N Pujari One of the easiest ways to find Abhishek Patra online is to browse through our Puja N Pujari website. We understand your concerns with the sizes. Thus, we have designed abhishek patra's compatible with pooja rooms intended for home. The Abhishek patra is designed to comfortably place the idols at the centre. 

We also have different varieties of Abhishek Patra. A few of them are: Among the Shiv Abhishek items, the Abhishek Patra plays one of the key roles since Lord Shiva is also known as Abhisheka Priya. Finding shivling abhishek stand online among shivling abhishek set is the most common way to obtain all the shiv abhishek items at one go.

The abhishekam tray found online will have a pot mounted on a stand with a plate below it. The Shiv lingam will be placed on the plate underneath the pot. The liquid for abhishekam will be poured inside the pot with a tiny hole at the bottom. The tray will collect all the liquid that falls on the shiva linga, which can be transferred to a container later to be distributed among the members present. 


Among various abhishek items, Gomukh Abhishek Patra is also one of its kind. Also known as gomukha shirngi, the abhishekam plate or vessel has gomukha at one end and a funnel shape at the other. The ingredients used in abhishekam is filled into the funnel and poured over the deities sculptures with abhisheka patra below them. 

Brass abhishek patra with and without stands: The exclusively designed abhishek patra is made of brass. One variant has a stand that provides a reasonable height to place the container below the outlet. It is also one of the most popular abhishek plates among the devotees. You can find the Abhishek tray in large, medium, or small sizes at our online store.

One more variety of abhishekam plate found online with us is the Square Abhishekam Tray. It is one of the abhishekam plates that can hold bigger idols mainly because of its shape. The sides are elevated, as in the case of other abhishekam tray's found online.

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