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Vastu yantra is also known as vastu dosh nivaran yantra. This is associated with any kind of vastu dosh prevailing in any of the house, office, school or any other building. These vastu doshas makes ones life miserable and may be a cause of someone’s demise, fights, financial losses, crises etc. Offering prayers to this yantra with full dedication and devotions helps fight all kind of vastu doshas. It pacify the ill effects and gives benevolence.

  1. Durga Bisa yantra
  2. Vishnu yantra
  3. Lakshmi narayan mantra

These are three variations of this yantra which helps gain peace, prosperity, professional as well as personal growth in life.

Significance of Vastu Yantra

  1. It helps establish balance between five elements of nature such as air, water, earth, fire and space.
  2. It helps fight evil forces, negativities, enemies and all unwanted things of life.
  3. It removes all ill effects of vastu dosha from its surroundings.

Mantra for Vastu Yantra

" Om Namoh Bhagwate Vastu Purushay "


1. How does vastu yantra will work?

The vastu yantra removes vastu dosh issues also it brings good fortune, happiness life and removes evil supremacy.

2. Will vastu yantra affect health?

If your house is not constructed as per vastu Shastra rules the inhabitants may suffer from the endangering disease or health issue. 

3. Where should we keep Vastu dosh nivaran Yantra?

Vastu Dosha nivaran should be kept in the entrance of the house or office to neutralize the Vastu issues.