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Ganesha Smoke Fountain

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Ganesha Smoke Fountain @pujaNpujari

Our elders have specified numerous ways to bring in positivity to lives. One such way is to alter our sense of smell. Being in aromatic places can uplift your moods and dive away dullness and negativity. That's one of many ways a spa or a massage center appeals to its customers. Many shopping centers are also using the tactic to subtly change the mood of their customers. Having an aromatic environment keeps one calm and open-minded about their choices and experiences.

The latest addition to creating a pleasing environment is using smoke fountains with deities. The smoke fountains are a beautiful and trendy way to change the ambiance of a place. Specially designed incense cones are placed in the incense holders. The smoke released from the cones causes backflow, which then flows down the structure, creating a beautiful waterfall effect. 

Among the various designs, the Ganesha smoke fountain is really popular. Ganesha is said to be lord of firsts and vighna vinashaka. So having his idol with you is one of the ways to build up your confidence and be assured that he always near to watch over you. The perfectly crafted Ganesha smoke fountains have a beautiful Ganesha in various postures beside the waterfall. The smoke fountain usually has an incense holder is at the top of the structure. The specially designed incense cones are lighted with a burner and placed in the holders. Once the smoke backflow starts, it flows down in delicate layers down the craft piece, creating a beautiful waterfall effect.

Types of smoke fountains

Based on the purpose for which we put the smoke fountains into use, we can broadly classify it into two types:

  • Decorative: The Ganesha smoke fountain is popularly used for self-use as a decorative item. The most effective place to put them in is in your pooja room or living room or meditation areas. It not only creates a lovely visual of a waterfall but also helps to get rid of the bad smell.
  • Gifting: As a gifting item, the Ganesha smoke fountain makes an ideal gift. You can gift it on occasions like - house warming, weddings, birthdays, festivals, office openings, and more. You can also give it as a good luck gift or use it as return gifts for an occasion.

FAQ's on Ganesha Smoke fountain

What is a smoke fountain?
Smoke fountains create smokey waterfalls with the help of a specially designed cone structure place on the incense holders at the top of the structures.
Can I gift Ganesha smoke fountain?
Yes, you can. It makes an ideal gift for homes, offices, yoga and meditation centers, and other religious functions. 
Do I have to buy my flavored incense?
Usually, with your order, we provide free samples of the incense cones. You can buy your flavored incense cones on our website.
Is it dangerous?
The gift is quite harmless as long as you keep it out of reach of children and toddlers. It is as dangerous as a burning incense stick.

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