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Importance of Tulasi Plant

The tulasi plant holds an important place in India when it comes to Hinduism and faith. Tulasi is the favorite plant of Lord Bishnu. Devotees believe that worshipping the tulsi plant brings happiness to the house. Goddess Lakshmi resides in your home and her grace inhabits the house. 

Because of it, you get to see a tulsi pot in every household. It is the holiest plant you can find on this planet. Traditional prayers indicate that the creator, Lord Brahma resides in the branches. People consider the tulasi plant as a divine place of pilgrimage. 

When you pray to the tulasi plant daily, it can help you attain ‘moksha’ or salvation. Puja N Pujari is providing you with a superior quality marble tulasi pot. These planters are made by using good quality materials. It ensures that the product is durable and lasts for a long time. 

Apart from the spiritual benefits, you can get benefits from its medicinal properties. So, there is no doubt that the tulasi plant gives you a lot of benefits. And, it keeps you healthy and wealthy. 

Important Beliefs You Should Know Before Planting Tulasi

Never pluck tulasi leaves on Ekadashi and Sundays. If you didn’t know, stop the practice from now on

Dispose of the dried-out plant in a holy water body or river. Do not keep the plant in a dry condition because it brings bad luck. Replace the dried-out plant with a new one without waiting much

During evenings, light a ‘diya’ near the tulasi pot

Vastu Tips for Placing The Tulasi Kota in Your Home

As you know, Vastu Shastra is an important aspect while deciding the right positioning of your house along with the items placed inside it. Vastu helps to align the positive vibes in your house with the placement of things like furniture, etc. People like to decorate their house with a variety of things such as tulasi planters.

But if the positioning of the plant is wrong, you may not get positive results. There are specific directions to keep the planters. According to Vastu Shastra, the east, north, or northeast direction is perfect to install the tulasi pot in your house. 

As such, it creates positive energy in your house and helps to destroy negative vibes. However, do not keep the plant in the south-faced direction. Or else, you may encounter loss in your life. Hence, you need to keep the tulsi kota in the right direction. 

As per Vastu, when you keep the tulasi pot in the wrong direction, it hampers your life in certain aspects. The northeast direction is where Kuber, the god of wealth resides. So, if you are in poor financial condition, place the tulasi pot in the right spot. It helps you improve your situation.

Is There a Specific Time or Day to Install a Tulasi Pot?

There is no specific time for installing tulasi planters in your home. However, the ‘Aashad’ and ‘Jeysth’ months are auspicious according to Hindu mythology. You can install the pot on any special date during these months. It is good if you take a sapling of the tulsi plant from a place where people worship it regularly.

The plant has to be sanctified in the same way as you would sanctify an idol while installing it at your home. The kota needs to be washed with ‘gangajal’. The soil must be clean and free from any kind of debris. Place the pot at a higher level in the right direction.

That way, it saves your home from the ‘evil eye’ and prohibits the entry of other ill-effects. You can even keep the tulsi pot in the inner courtyard of your abode. However, do not keep the pot on the ground level. Place it at an elevated spot. 

How to Maintain and Worship the Tulasi Pot to Gain Happiness

Try not to accumulate garbage or dirt around the tulasi plant. Clean the pot in the same way you clean your house regularly

Water the plant daily except for Sundays. It promotes goodwill and brings a positive ambiance to your house

Do not touch the plant or pluck the leaves without having a bath, during evenings, and on Sundays. Women with menstrual periods are not allowed to touch the plant

Pour some amount of milk on the tulasi plant every Thursday morning to ensure prosperity and happiness in your house

Light an earthen lamp beside the tulasi pot every evening to get rid of monetary problems

You can keep the tulsi pot near the kitchen. It helps to promote love among the members of your home

Before going out of the house, gaze upon the pot. It is very auspicious and invites success to your life

Eating tulsi leaves is quite beneficial and virtuous. But do not chew the leaves between your teeth