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The evil eye is the word used to describe unpleasant incidents happening around a person without rhyme or reasoning. Evil-eye is sending out harmful intentions towards a successful person while having sweet words on the lips. Jealousy, envy, greed, and all other negative emotions depict the evil eye. While some feelings that come your way may be genuinely unintentional, some people are sweet talkers and believe in causing more harm than good.

Adverse Effects of the Evil Eye

While the evil eye is universal across cultures, all the cultures agree on one point - it inevitably is harmful. Some of them are -
●Causes Illness and Injuries
●Harbors bad luck
●Impact finances
●Spread's negativity in the environment

Evil-eye Car Hangings/Wall Hanging

The most popular way to nullify the effect is to use an evil eye talisman. One can find people wearing the wrong eye stone as ornaments in the form of a pendant, necklace, bracelet, anklet, or earrings. If you do not want to wear evil-eye ornaments, you can carry them as evil-eye key-chains. You can also decorate and safeguard your homes by putting up an evil eye hanging designed for the home.

Evil-eye Hanging Significance

People usually prefer hanging the evil-eye hangings outside the main entrances of home or office or display them prominently to ward off prying eyes. There is no hard-set rule pertaining to evil eye wall hanging direction. It can be hung at places that you feel will receive a lot of attention.

Evil-eye hanging's benefits are many. They can act as a shield from negativity, and also beautifully crafted pieces can serve as home decor. Few more benefits are

●Helps safeguard self and loved ones from the harmful effects of the evil eye
●Spreads and maintains a positive atmosphere by absorbing negativity
●Because of the talisman's eye-catching colours, people will focus on the evil-eye wall hanging first, before their eyes wander off to explore the rest of the place. The process helps to catch the person's negativity even before they can knowingly or unknowingly spread it.
●Evil-eye hanging decors are used to add in an additional dimension to enhance the look of the interiors.

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