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Navratri Garba Dresses Online @Puja N Pujari

Navaratri is the most important Hindu festival that spreads nine nights and is celebrated every year in the autumn(September to November). This Dussehra Festival is associated with fashion and flaunting. This festival a great opportunity to show off your dresses and dance all night. So an outfit that will make you feel comfortable and beautiful is Navaratri Garba Chaniya Choli. Generally, these Garba Dresses come with colorful beads, stones, mirrors, and shells, as a dance and party cannot be completed without it. Nowadays, you will get amazing designs and patterns in the market, which can help you to look beautiful and different on all 9 days. So if you want to explore the best collection of Navratri Chaniya Choli and explore different colors and designs. Visit Puja N Pujari and Buy Navratri Garba Lehanga Chaniya Choli.

Significance of Navratri Garba Dress

Garba is a Gujarat word, Garba means dance. Around a big Garbha deep, Garba is traditionally performed, It represents life, like just as a fetus in the mother’s womb. This dance is one of the ways of worship of Durga Mata. During that festival, people used to wear the same colors and patterns of dresses, to spread the message of uniqueness. Men used to wear kurtas and pajamas, women wear traditional beautiful embroidery and vibrant colors of Chania choli. The words Garba and Dandiya have a unique meaning, but some difference is before Arthi Garba can perform and after Arthi Dhandiya can perform. The Garba performed in circular moments with feet and hands, dandiya played with colorful sticks, It represents the circle of life. So this Dussehra Festival is associated with fashion and flaunting. This festival a great opportunity to show off your dresses and dance all night.

Our Versatility

Chaniya Choli

During Navaratri for doing the Garba and dandiya, Chaniya choli is a comfortable and style dress. It was worn by women for doing a long time and sweaty dance in the evening. This Chaniya choli is also known as ghagra choli. These were worn by women on special occasions only, it can make from crepe and silk with brocade work. On our website, we have a huge collection of Chaniya cholis at a low price.

Lehanga Choli 

Lehanga is a modernized version of Chania choli and worn on special occasions and festivals. It gives a modern look and is designed to accentuate the women's look grand. Many people used to wear this dress during the Garba dance. Because it gives a  traditional and beautiful look to any women. So buy this lehenga choli’s on our website, we have beautiful embroidery and vibrant colors of lehenga cholis.

Dandiya Dress

Navaratri is the most traditional and awaited festival in India. This is nine days of the festival with dandiya nights. During that dandiya, people may wear traditional dandiya dresses. These dandiya dresses are colorful, glamorous, embroidered, gorgeous costumes with dazzling jewelry and it gives a traditional look. We have a large collection of dresses and are decorated with mirrors, beads, shells, etc.

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