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We know the oldest form of footwear in India as paduka. Initially made of wood, they were the popular form of foot protection worn by people dating back to ancient civilizations. Wood, ivory, and even silver were the most popular materials for making paduka's. When worn by saints and alike, these paduka's are materials of worship. They say even gods to wear these paduka's. People make beautiful paduka's to replicate the same and worship it.

Why have a god's paduka at home?

Paduka also represents god's footprints. Hence a god's paduka's is elaborately decorated. The most common carving on the paduka's is of lotus since it commonly represents divinity. The other widely used symbols include 'Om' and 'Swastika.' 

Paduka Worship and benefits

Paduka worship can find its roots in the ancient mythology of Ramayana. The first instance well known to the public, was when Bharatha took Rama's paduka and kept it on the throne to portray Rama's as the king. From then on, the paduka not only represented a deity's presence but was also an object belonging to them. As part of paduka worship, devotees perform abhisheka, aarti, and offer flowers. After which they reverently bow down to them since they represent the gods.
Worshipping them every day will bless the devotee with good health, wealth, and wisdom not only to self but for the entire family.

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You can find the paduka of Goddess Laxmi, Sai Baba, Datta, Vishnu, and Sri Rama at poojaNpujari online shopping portal. Devotees worship each paduka to attain a specific wish.

  • It is believed that keeping Laxmi Charn Paduka brings peace and prosperity. It also helps in creating positive energy, enhancing peace of mind.
  • Worshipping Lord Vishnu's feet is equivalent to worshipping the lord himself. Being the protector of the world, continuously worshipping him, will help you and your family prosper.
  • Worshipping the Sai Baba paduka's is said to protect you from all illnesses and obstacles in life. His devotees strongly believe that praying to his paduka's is equivalent to worshipping Baba himself.

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