Even with your limited space, you can beautify your home with lots of plants. Available in a wide range of innovative designs, hanging pots are quite useful. You can set these attractive pots on your balcony and window grill. You can even hang them indoors on shelves and tables. 

If you are considering to buy a plant basket from an online store in India, Puja N Pujari can be your ultimate choice. The hanging pots fit well into any type of spaced area, be it on a window or a wall. Hanging baskets are suitable for your balcony as well as for your indoor and outdoor gardening. 

These decorative and lightweight pots can create a unique appearance to any kind of home décor. Hanging pots add a new dimension to your world of gardening. It helps you to make use of available space. You can grow different types of plants in these hangers. 

Shop for Different Types of Hanging Pots at Puja N Pujari

Plant hangers not only act as home décor, but they are also soothing to the eyes too. They give you a sense of freshness and make you relax. When you are shopping at Puja N Pujari, it provides you with a variety of hanging pots for your small garden. These amazing pots come in variant colors along with sparkling finishes. 

These decorative items are hung in your outdoor garden or inside your house. Our garden hanging pots consist of good quality materials. They are built with the material :  ceramic, terracotta, clay, plastic. The items have superior finishing along with powder-coated paint. 

Because hanging pots have detachable chains, you can use them as a hanging basket or a tabletop item. Moreover, our products are easy to clean. Just take a piece of cloth, make it wet, and clear off the dirt. You can buy these pots at an unbelievable price. 

Where can You Use Hanging Pots?

Now, you can give your home an upgraded look with the beautiful garden hanging pots. These kinds of pots are suitable for your balcony, garden, or indoors. 

Balcony – With the available range of hanging planters for your balcony, you can create an amazing ambiance. In short, you can build a pleasant garden in your small living space. Growing different types of plants are sure to revamp the overall appearance of your home.

Garden – The hanging pots are intended to use for decoration purposes. Even with a small garden space, you can grow plants in those pots. The intuitive design allows you to hang anywhere in the garden. In short, add some vigor to your garden with these hangers. 

Indoors – Not having enough space to build a garden? No problem. There are some ways through which you can grow your favorite plants in your house. For that, you will need hanging pots. Therefore, it is time for you to hang plants and improve the vibes in your home.

Some Ideas for Decorating the Interiors of Your Home

  • There are lots of ways to decorate your indoors with these pots. The hanging pots brighten up your home within a very little time. 
  • You can hang the flower pots from the ceiling of the room. As a result, it creates a spectacular view and improves the appearance of the room
  • You can try to make a small trellis indoors if you want to. In other words, it makes the space elegant and beautiful
  • Hang the basket beside the window in your kitchen. Grow different types of herbs. Because they are placed near the window, the plants derive sunlight for their needs. In short, you can have a great hanging herb garden

Useful Tips for Growing the Plants Inside Your Home

  • Choose the right pot with sufficient space for air, water, and food to grow
  • Ensure that the pot is having a good drainage system 
  • Check the water retention system regularly
  • Always use a good quality soil
  • Water the flower pots when you find them dry 
  • Try to keep the leaves clean

Installing The Hanging Pots 

It is quite an easy and simple affair to install hanging pots to increase the visual appearance of your home. When you are buying hangers with hooks, you need to have a metal chain. Take a bracket and attach it to the wall after marking the right positions. 

Drill holes through it, secure the base of the basket, and the top portion with screws. However, keep in your mind that the bracket has to be stronger enough to hold the entire weight of the flower hanging pot. After that, you can hang the planters from the installed brackets. Maintaining the hanging pots

  • Ensure that your hangers have a proper drainage system
  • Check the pots for a visible change in color of the soil
  • Water them when they are dry
  • Every two weeks, apply a little amount of fertilizer to the pots. Read the instructions before mixing it with soil
  • Remove faded flowers and dry leaves
  • Give your plants a trimming when needed
  • Provide shade when it is too hot

Ways to Create an Outdoor Hanging Garden

  • Choose a suitable place that gets about 5 hours of direct sunlight. Next, hang the pots to a favorable height so that you can water them with ease
  • Fill the pots with good quality potting mix
  • You can plant in the pots or use another planter. It extends the durability of the hanging pots
  • Regular watering is another important aspect of caring for hanging plants. So, water them once in 2 days
  • Make sure that the plant size is suitable for the pot