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Generally, agarbatti stands made from different materials like stainless steel, silver, wood, brass, marbles, and other materials. Agarbatti is an aromatic biotic material when it burns, which releases fragrant smoke. Agarbatti stands will use for spreading this fragrant smoke to the entire house. Incense stick stand is safe from fire, we offer a huge collection of agarbatti holder in various sizes and different materials. Cost of the stands are affordable. Buy Agarbatti Stands online at Puja N Pujari.

Significance of Agarbatti Stands

Agarbattis are an integral part of any Indian ritual. Lighting agarbattis is an ancient tradition in Hinduism. Hindus use Incense Stick Holder for pooja to worship Gods. To remove unpleasant smells in the air, this agarbatti lighted. It creates the perfect concentration for an auspicious ceremony or ritual. If you have to lit the incense sticks, incense holders are mandatory to hold. This holder saves you from incense stick fire. The incense stand is fabricated using quality brass. At the time of worshiping deities 100% pure brass puja item makes more pure to divine area. These stands use in both house pooja mandirs, temples, and offices. Agarbattis made with different fragrances, like jasmine, rose, Sandal, lemon, lavender, etc. This fragrance gives relaxation of mind. By lighting incense sticks, it removes evil spirits, illness, and all negative forces. This can also be a perfect gift for griha pravesh

Our Versatility

  • Crystal: Crystal agarbatti stands made from quality crystal material. It holds agarbattis to stand firmly, and also contains ash catcher to keep your puja mandir clean.
  • Gold Plated Om Shaped Incense Stick Holder: Gold plated om shaped incense stick holder made from quality brass material. According to Vedic scriptures, the Om symbol is one of the auspicious symbols. So, if you use this om symbol holder will get divine blessings from deities.
  • Wooden: Wooden agarbatti stands made from good quality and pure wood. On our website, we have different designs, shapes, and sizes of wooden incense holders online. By using these holders, it gives a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Fancy : Fancy agarbatti stands can be used both in houses and offices. These incense holder have very beautiful designs and shapes that add charm in the puja mandir, house, and office. These items are enamel with golden color. During worship, this stand will add charm.
  • Brass : Brass Agarbatti stands made from brass material. Brass material has a spiritual significance on puja. Brass stands make your puja room more beautiful. This stands can hold many sticks at a time. In our online website, we have a huge collection of brass agarbatti stands online with various designs, shapes, and sizes at a low price.
  • Wall Stick: Wall stick agarbatti stands made from plastic, steel, and other materials. We have differently shaped, colors sticky stands. It is very easy and safe to use. It gives a beautiful look to your puja room walls. These wall agarbatti stands are handmade stickies.

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