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Navaratri is most waited and nine days festival in Hinduism. Generally, Dandiya is a dance that is very popular during Navaratri. It is performed with two sticks. Generally, dandiya is called as ‘The Sword Dance’. It signifies the fight between Mata Durga and Demon King Mahishasur. These dandiya sticks denote the Swords used by Goddess and Demon during their battle. On our website we have different colors and sizes of dandiya sticks for Garba, buy these Kolattam Sticks Online at lowest price with the best quality at Puja N Pujari.

Significance of Dandiya Sticks

Dandiya dance is a traditional folk dance of Vrindavan. During Navaratri, nine forms of Durga Mata worshiped with nine days of dandiya dance. Navaratri Festival is incomplete without Dandiya Sticks and Garba Dress, these are more important costumes for the Navaratri Festival. Dandiya dance has performed by men and women in two circles, Garba to the beats of drums with sticks and dandiya sticks clash to generate a unique sound. This dandiya sticks dance has other names that are sword dance, stick dance. The dancers move on their feet with rhythmic music and hold dandiya sticks in their hands and strike them. At a time this dance involves a huge number of peoples. During that dance, these sticks symbolize the sword, and that dance symbolizes the battle of Durga Maa and Demon Mahishasura. Generally, these sticks made from bamboo sticks, silver, steel, and other metals.

Our Versatility

Wooden Dandiya Sticks

Wooden Dandiya Sticks made from 100% pure wood. These sticks are decorated with different bright colors. These wooden dandiya sticks are used as prob and are beautifully designed with various colors. These wooden dandiya colorful sticks give a colorful decoration, and it was worn by the dance performers. 

Silver Dandiya Sticks

Silver dandiya sticks made from pure silver. These sticks are very comfortable to play because these are light weighted. With or without coloring these sticks looks very beautiful, it gives an elegant look to the festival. These sticks are hand-made, we have a large number of sticks with various designs and sizes.

Steel Dandiya Sticks

Steel dandiya sticks made from stainless pure steel. It has the durability of use for a long time, it’s not breakable sticks. Steel dandiya sticks are available at various sizes and designs. On our online website, these sticks can avail at a most competitive cost.

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