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Baby Shower Return Gifts

Leaf Puja Diya Set of 3


Buy Baby Shower Return Gifts Online in India @Puja N Pujari

Baby shower is a perfect moment in one's life. Its the celebration of life, and also part of welcoming the new tiny feet. Baby showers are usually hosted by lady friends and relatives of mom to be. So its not only intimate but also an assurance of family presence during the time of need. 

Trust us as we say we understand this unique feeling. The love and warmth showered during a Baby shower are immense and immeasurable beyond words and otherwise. So, anything that we can give in return will seem like not enough. At pujaNpujari, we have the perfect set of return gifts to tell the loved ones how much their love means to you.

Varieties of return gifts

Also known as seemantham in India, especially south India, people cherish welcoming the new guest to their homes. The function is held when the mother is carrying the child at seven months, sending positive energies to both mother and baby for smooth and safe delivery. We have a wide variety of seemantham return gifts ideas made of Silver, Brass, Polyresin, Ceramic, Metal, Plastic, Jute, and Copper molded into various useful household items.
To mark the occasion, you can choose any one of the following gifts among the wide variety of gifts

  • Deities idols: Among the well known Ganapathi idols are quite famous and budget-friendly as well. Other deities idols you can gift in return can be - Lord Krishna or goddess Lakshmi to implicate that you are happy with the gift of a child that gods have bestowed upon you.
  • Jute Bags or Potlis: Customized Jute bags are eco-friendly gifts that can be used by people every day. People can find genuine ways to utilize the bag in perfectly capable ways such as fill-in groceries or veggies. Potlis are small pouches that can be used as an alternative to leather bags to carry mobiles and money purse.
  • Diyas: made of brass or bronze is a perfect gift that suits any occasion, not just baby showers. Diya symbolizes light. So saying the baby is going to be a ray of sunshine in your life by presenting diyas is a perfect gift that suits the occasion.
  • Decorative items: Multi-colored decorative items that can give an enhanced look to the interiors are also preferred return gifts. Beautifully decorated camels, buddha sculptures, german silver plates, and pooja thali set are also preferred. 

Online Shopping at pujaNpujari:

Find amazing, authentic, and beautifully gift wrapped baby shower return gift here at pujaNpujari. Once your order with us, we assure you of timely delivery. All the products are quality checked, and once we are satisfied with the product, we deliver it to our customers. And what more you can buy the best range of gifts at the best price ranges starting from Rs. 100.

Word of Wise:

It's not every that baby showers happen. Choose our gifts according to the traditions and customs followed in the family. And remember, an ideal return gift is not something expensive, it's something that moves the hearts of your guests. And we have no doubt that you can find that perfect gift at pujaNpujari