A small garden on your balcony is not a matter of luxury anymore. These days, you can find limited residential spaces. So, the right kind of flower pots can help you make your space appealing and warm. Whether you like to have something colorful, or modern, there is a flower pot for every person.

Indoor plants make your surroundings more attractive. To have an interesting look, use different types of flower pots. Also, you can use colored pots instead of the regular black pots you find everywhere. You can even paint designs on the pots and put them on your garden balcony. 

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How to Choose The Right Flower Pot

Flower pots are perfect for your interior spaces. They induce color and texture to your living space. Also, they can fill your home with warmth. Pairing the right kind of flower pot with your interior décor improves your mental health. But before you buy the thing, consider these important factors.

Look out for the material – You can find most of the flower pots build with terracotta, clay, ceramic, and plastic material. Plastic pots are lightweight and colorful. They retain more moisture and consume less water. Also, they cost less compared to other kinds of materials. 

It is better to choose plastic pots when you are thinking about plants on shelves or big hanging baskets. Terracotta pots give you beautiful patterns. But they are a bit heavier. They are porous and you have to water them. Clay and ceramic are quite heavier of the lot. Most of them are handcrafted and appeals more to the eyes. 

Decide on the right size – In a large flower pot, the soil takes time to dry. As such, it makes the plant exposed to root rot. A big plant tends to tip over the pot as well. Whereas in a small pot, the soil takes little time to dry. And, you have to water them often. The plant becomes root-bound and does not grow well.

If the plant is big enough for the existing pot, transfer it to a pot having a diameter of 4 inches. Moreover, choose a large-sized pot if the plants are growing fast. For slow-growing plants, a pot with 2 inches diameter works fine.

Consider drainage – Most plants do not survive in standing water. So, a drainage hole is a must on pots. The hole helps the water to come out of the pot and allows air in. If you want a pot without holes for decoration, use a plant that can hold the pot itself. 

How to Care for Your Flower Potted Plants

Some tricks you may apply to keep the plants healthy are as follows.

Choose the right pot – An important aspect is to select the best pot for your needs. Make sure that there are enough holes on the lower portion of the flower pot. Insufficient drainage can hamper the growth of the plant. The plant may even die prematurely. The type of pot depends on your budget and preference. There are lightweight pots as well as heavier pots for your balcony garden. And, some pots are small while some are big. Also, look out for the kind of material used in building the pot.

Choose the mix for the pot – Keep in your mind not to use the soil from your garden or yard. Those contain insects, weed seeds, and fungal diseases. Try to buy soil specifically made for pots from a garden center nearby. The best mix contains a good amount of moisture and time-release fertilizers that are necessary for the plants. However, if that type is not available, you can purchase water-retaining crystals and time-release fertilizer separately. 

The type of plant – Remember that the right plant in the right place makes the surroundings look good. So, you have to consider your living space for that. It is not good to grow a rose plant on flower pots, because it requires about 6 hours of direct sunlight. Therefore, ask for recommendations and decide what type of plants can survive in your space. 

Prepare the flower pots – If you got a large pot place them in the right place before filling. After they are full of water and soil, it may not be easy to move them. Put some kind of filter over the hole used to drain the water. That way, the soil mix won’t wash out. Check the moisture content before filling the pot. Read instructions given on the bag and act accordingly. Fill the container with the mixture and soil. 

Potting the plant – Get rid of the nursery container by removing the plant from it. Transfer the entire plant into the pot. Do not pull the plant out by holding its stem. Loosen the soil around the plant and shift it to the new container. Now, fill the pot with soil and mixture. Pat the soil to eliminate soil pockets. Water the pot. It helps settle the plant to its new place. If the soil level drops a bit, add a little mix to bring it up.

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