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Sai yantra or sai baba yantra is the yantra meant to worship Shirdi sai baba. He is the live god and always fulfills wishes of his disciples whenever prayed with devotions and dedication.

  1. Place this yantra in such a way that while offering prayers one must face towards east.

Significance of Sai Yantra

  1. Sai yantra bestows us with the blessings of shirdi sai baba.
  2. Worshiping it makes all our wishes come true and fulfills our desires.
  3. It gives long life to its worshipers.

Mantra for Sai Yantra

" Yo Dhevah Sathyasaayinah, buddhim dharmaadhi gocharaam, prerayeth thasya yath thejah, thadhvarenyam upaasmahe "


1. What is Sai Yantra? When this yantra to worship?

Sai yantra is also known as Shirdi Sai baba Yantra or Sai Siddha Yantra. You can place the fresh flower infront of the baba and lit the diya. It increases positive influence, neutralizes the malefic and negative effect. Shri Sai Yantra helps to remove obstacles, solving problems of devotee's life.

2. Mantra for Shri Sai Yantra? How many times the mantra should chant?

Yo Dhevah Sathyasaayinah

Buddhism Dharmaadhi Gocharaam

Prerayeth Thasya Yath Thejah

Thadhvarenyam Upaasmahe

This mantra should be recited be 108 times

Daily you can chant Sai Beej mantra for 21 times.

3. Where should I place this Sai Baba Yantra in-home/office/shop?

The Sri Sai Yantra should fix in North East or east face and to hang on entering the home, shop, and office.