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An urli, a bowl-shaped home decor item that uplifts your interiors. Typically, an urli is made of brass is the popular choice among people who are looking out to add in a touch of elegance. It can also be made up of any material. Vastu pandits consider this as a holy material. According to them, placing them in a particular direction or place at your home can bring peace and prosperity to homes.

Significance of Urli and where to place them

Water adds wealth to homes and offices. When they symbolize inward flow, it implies that your wealth also drastically starts increasing. So, Vastu specialists usually suggest keeping a bowl filled with water facing the entrance. So instead of just keeping a bowl of water at the entrance, having an urli filled with water is a sure-shot way of enhancing your interiors.

Additionally, you can also place urli in your pooja room. When placed in front of god, while you pray, you also energize the water in the urli. Energized water can help bring new prosperity to the home. Urli can also be placed in your living area in your home where you want to beautify along with other home decors like Vastu plants. You can also put them in entryways or in balcony areas under wall hangings as it will look beautiful and also increase the calmness in the home.

How to Enhance the Home Decor with urli?

You can simply fill the bowl with fresh water. To make it look more beautiful, you can add fresh flowers or fresh rose petals. They make the urli look attractive. You can also add in fragmented floating candles to float on the surface of the bowl in the evening. It will not only lighten you your evenings, but the scent will leave you with a refreshing feeling. It is a perfect way to leave all your exhaustion of the day behind and uplift your mood. It is also a beautiful way of having a pleasant time with family.

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