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This is a very special yantra which induces the benefit of all nine planets wherever placed. Worshiping and offering prayers to it also reduces of malefic effects of specific planets on one's life. Placing it in the east direction energizes it from the rising sun and makes the place liveable.

  1. Place this yantra in the east direction so that it faces towards the west.
  2. This yantra consists of nine squares with certain numbers embossed on these squares. These squares represent our nine celestial planets and the numbers embossed on it are their yantras.
  3. The specialty lies in these numbers as the sum of each of them remains constant after being counted from any direction either vertical, horizontal or diagonal.

Significance of Navgraha Yantra

  1. Worshiping this yantra pleases the gods of planets and reduces the malefic effects from our life.
  2. They help instill positivity and prosperity in our life and makes us stable both mentally and physically.

Mantra for Navgraha Yantra:

" Om suryaye namah "

“Om chandraye namah”

“Om budhaye namah”

“Om brihaspataye namah”

“Om mangalaye namah”

"Om shukraye namah”

“Om shanaye namah”

“Om rahave namah”

“Om ketave namah”

“Om navgarihaya namah”

These nine mantras are associated with each of the celestial planets and should be pronounced daily to get maximum benefits from this yantra.


1. What is the use of Navagraha Yantra?

When you use the Navagraha yantra it brings all graha benefits to the worshiper. This yantra removes past sins from the devotee and neutralizes the malefic effects.