How to Use Feng Shui Good Luck Coins to Attract Good Fortune?

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Has your lady luck not been smiling for a while, or are you struggling to find the perfect element to introduce good luck into your home? Do you know that one of the most widely recognized and potent ways to entice your streak of luck is by inaugurating the Feng Shui Good Luck Coins? They are one of the effortless ways to set in positive and effective energies into your abode so that you can enjoy a life of prosperity. In order to gain a better understanding of this, let’s look a bit further and assist you through this post to unleash the kismet at your doorstep.

What are Feng Shui Coins?

Among the many Feng, Shui traditions implemented all around the world, the hanging of Feng Shui coins is one of the influential ways to set in promising energy into your life. When displayed in your dwelling, these ancient Chinese coins, regarded as Feng Shui coins, symbolize wealth and riches. These readily noticeable coins are generally knotted together with a red string and can be hung or displayed in any desired corner of your house. 

Traditions and many interesting fables narrate that these good luck coins were once in vogue as currency in ancient China. Thus later implementing them as a symbol of abundance and money. Like most coins, they are spherical in appearance but with a square carved out in the centre, with both shapes carrying a significant connotation. While the square shape portrays the earth, on the other hand, the circle signifies for the effect of the heavens upon the earth. 

Additionally, these coins were primarily struck under the various Chinese dynasties. The dynasties listed below are those that were in power when the coins were created:

  • Tang Dynasty
  • Han Dynasty
  • Song Dynasty
  • Kang Xi

Implications of the Feng Shui Coins

We most usually find the Feng Shui Coins knotted in a red ribbon or a thread, and those signify strength, stability, and flow of life’s vitality. On the other hand, the one with yellow denotes its association with the royal family and is considered favourable. 

How to make the Feng Shui Coins work better for you.

  • Prosperity Zone

In case you are looking to activate the prosperity, or the wealth area of your home, try implementing the Feng Shu Coins in the extreme left zone of your home. At the same time, compass usage implies that the wealthiest part of the house lies to the south-east.

  • Growth in your career

As your place of work represents your path to prosperity and job success, it becomes very essential to generate it with effective energy. Hence, Feng Shui experts suggest you to display a set of ten Feng Shui coins tied in the red or yellow thread either at the door to your office or behind your chair. By doing so, the ten coins help to attract wealth and money from a reliable source. Also, it’s important to mention here that the ten coins together portray the ten emperors, which encourages the flow of money.

  • The front door of your building or doorway

Every one of us is all aware of the significance that the entrance of our home has for us. Because it’s the place where the flow of energy takes place into your home. Thus connoting its gravity to switch on with efficient and positive energy. A pair of Chinese coins draped on a red string, when placed above or ideally adjacent to the main door, enables the owner to attract richness and prosperity. You can also place the triangle-tangled Feng Shui coins in the table box of your home or workplace.

  • Place it in your wallet

Since you store your money in your wallet or purse, it’s imperative to have it organized to encourage the flow of cash. Thus, making it a practice to have Feng Shui coins in your purse can therefore help to increase its favourable energy. Also, make sure that the wallet that you carry is in good shape. Always remember to discard the torn and old ones, as they invite a stagnant vibe. Lastly, arranging the currency notes in proper order is something one must keep in mind.

  • Displaying it along with the Feng Shui three-legged Golden Frog

Combining the Feng Shui coins with the other Feng Shui elements helps attract more positive vibes. For instance, the golden frog with three legs signifies the attractor of wealth and abundance. So, many Feng Shui experts recommend displaying the golden toad throughout your dwelling or workplace with the coin in its mouth. Remember to place the money frog in a higher position to induce its functionality. In addition, the door in the space where the golden frog is kept needs to be shut.

Few important tips on the usage of Feng Shui Coins

  • Any Fengshui element must be cleansed properly prior to its usage or installation in your home in order to make it work effectively. It’s possible that another person used the item, so in that case, their energy would still be present. Hence, the old coins must be purified by being washed in salt water because they are known to be exchanged for a long time and carried down through several generations.
  • Generally, it will be beneficial if you try to get authentic Chinese coins made of copper. However, if you failed to find the original piece, the excellent standard replica coins would also serve you effectively. After all, at the end of the day, the intention you put in is what contributes the most for it to generating its energy.

In conclusion

We all understand how vital luck and good fortune are to leading a happy life. And there shouldn’t be any second thoughts running around when you are informed of how to attract the much-needed riches into your life. So, what are you waiting for? Start living the life you’ve always wanted by trying these easily accessible and reasonably priced Chinese Feng Shui coins. Also, you can grab it right away by checking out our page PujaNPujari and many other good luck charms.



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