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Allama Prabhu : A Famous Poet and a Kannada Saint

Allama Prabhu was a 12th century Kannada saint and a famous poet who realizes the importance of Self(soul) and pressurize the people to fill up spiritual energy in their soul and to realize the stay of god in their soul. He belongs to the Lingayat sect. And he cultivated the Shiva worship among the people. Allama presides the Anubhava Mantapa. It is the […]

25 Interesting Facts about Hinduism

Interesting Facts about Hinduism

Hinduism is the oldest practiced religion and has the third largest following in the world today. Despite its universal appeal, Hinduism is easily misunderstood mainly due to incorrect interpretations of the scriptures written in Sanskrit, and the oral tradition of literature. This article is a small attempt to share some of the larger facts of […]

Understanding Hinduism : Hinduism Meaning and Beliefs


Hinduism Meaning and Beliefs Hindu, the root word for Hinduism, originates from the word Sindhu referring to the region. The region is incidentally home to the oldest religions of the world. Raja Ram Mohan Roy introduced the word Hinduism in 1816-1817, but it gained popularity in 1830. Hinduism depicts the collection of practices and beliefs that […]