Allama Prabhu : A Famous Poet and a Kannada Saint

Allama Prabhu was a 12th century Kannada saint and a famous poet who realizes the importance of Self(soul) and pressurize the people to fill up spiritual energy in their soul and to realize the stay of god in their soul. He belongs to the Lingayat sect. And he cultivated the Shiva worship among the people. Allama presides the Anubhava Mantapa. It is the academy of the saints belonged to the Veera Shaiva faith, and it was established during 12th century AD.


Allama Prabhu was born in Karnataka, India, in the 12th century. He was working in a temple in Karnataka state, India.

After the demise of his wife, Allama Prabhu’s life has totally changed. He went to a  cave temple, where he met a saint and got blessings from him. After that, he became a saint. He fondly refers Lord Shiva’s name as Guheshvara, and further tells that the god will stay in the heart of his sincere devotees.

Spiritual Writings

Allama Prabhu's poems mainly focussed on spiritual powers, the temple worship and religious practices. About 1,300 devotional songs are attributed to him.

allama prabhu preachings


Allama Prabhu spread his message with songs and cultivated devotion among the people. He was a great devotee of Lord Shiva. He also used his poems for spreading the Lingayat belief among the people. He also criticized ancient rituals and was against untouchability and caste discrimination.

Allama died in Andhra Pradesh, and it is said that he was merged with God, and enjoying the eternal bliss in the kingdom of God.


Allama Prabhu was a spiritual reformer, and a great saint, who has come to this earth for cultivating the bhakti of Lord Shiva among the people. He fought for the welfare of the people and spent most of his life for the upliftment of the poor people, and invoked the linga worship among the people and ask them to wear the idol of Lord Shiva in their body. Let us worship him with pure bhakti and chant his name and be blessed.



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