Tips to Place Vastu Plants at Home

Plants have a straight link with human life because whatever the trees and plants release the gas is been gasp by humans. Some trees and plants release negative and dangerous gases that contaminate surroundings, thus it makes unsafe. So that some plants are forbidden in living places. Plants should be select with care and positioned in an actual direction to draw good outcomes. According to Vastu Shastra, some Vastu Plants are contemplated very fortunate for homes that must be only scattered with Vastu compliant direction to get the maximal welfare. Plants and trees give shelter, food, pure air and many other benefits to the living organisms. By keeping these plants will give good looking to your home. And these plants aids to detoxify the surroundings by absorbing carbon dioxide. Some interior auspicious plants and its directions are given below.

Tulsi Plant (Holy Basil)

Tulsi plant is also called as “holy basil”. According to Hindu mythology, there is a tradition in India that is tulsi plant is worshiped by women daily in their houses. It is one of the holy plant and interior plants. Tulsi plant has more benefits that are, it cures cough and cold and other illnesses. It detaches the toxins from the blood and cleanses your digestive and vascular system. And it also acts as an air purifier. This plant needs more sunlight and air.

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North, East, and North-East directions are the best for keeping the holy basil plant. Holy basil plant is the only one that can be placed in the North-East direction.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

The lucky bamboo plant is a house circle plant. It grows very fastly and it’s not direct to the sunlight. The bamboo plant Vastu is one of the most well linked to the feng shui curves. This Vastu plant is in green color, and the red color thread is tied to that tree it signifies the fire or Agni.

Lucky Bamboo Plant

There are different types of layer bamboo plants. Some plants are grown with 2 layer bamboo plant, 3 layers, five-layers, eight-layer, etc. It looks very nice, by seeing this greenery nature's positive mind and peace of mind will come. It is an indoor plant. It has more names because this plant has many layers so we can call it as curly bamboo, Chinese bamboo, friendship bamboo, feng shui bamboo plant, etc. It is very good for gifting to someone. This Vastu plant is the lucky plant for a home.

Keep it in the correct Vastu direction. Keep it in East direction or South-East direction. These directions are good for keeping this plant, it grows fastly and gives good results.

Money Plant

A money plant is one of the indoor plants. These money tree plant leaves have round, heart-shaped and flat. Its color is thick green and plump. When it is indoor, It grows very fastly, For this plant doesn’t need direct sunlight. It is called a feng shui plant and auspicious indoor plant. Keep a money plant at home in front of an angle or sharp corner it grows like a mountain.

Money Plant

This plant cleans the environment. It absorbs the carbon dioxide from the human and it releases the oxygen to the humans. Money vastu plants need hot temperatures like 15 to 30 degrees Celsius. And it will not grow below 10 degrees Celsius, the leaves will become yellow color. It needs continuous watering from spring to autumn, don’t pour more water in winter.

If you keep it in your inside house keep it in the South-east direction. The south-east direction is good for keeping the money plant.

Aloe Vera Plant

The Aloe vera plant is also called an air purification plant. Aloe vera plant is one of the indoor plants. This plant has appropriate holes to absorb the maximum amount of carbon dioxide. Aloe vera plant has more capability in night times to absorb carbon dioxide in the air and it releases a good amount of oxygen to the humans. And it has more medicinal benefits.

Aloe vera plant

It can be used in many lotions and ointments. It is a natural plant by using this plant jell and juice will give natural benefits it does no effect on the human's bodies.

 Keep aloe vera plant in the direction of the North or East direction to the house. It will give good results.

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