Vastu Pyramids: Uses, Types and Placements of Pyramids to get Better Results

Often when word pyramid hangs in the air, people can't help but think of the magnificent monuments built by the Egyptians in the vast desert of Egypt. The structures are so enormous and incredible that no wonder they have made it to the list of eight wonders of the world, both old and new. So what makes pyramids different and how we can use it to benefit us in our daily life is the question that presses attention. Vastu Shastra is one such area that continually delves into the unexplained realms trying to make the best of the situation. The ancient Indian science focuses on utilizing the fascinating aspects of the pyramid to convert living spaces into a prosperous and peaceful place.

Structure and Working of the Vastu Pyramid

Ancient seers and mystics have proved time and again that when the five elements – earth, fire, wind, water, and sky, lying in harmony gives birth to miracles. The pyramid is one such effective structure that allows a harmonious infusion of these 5 elements that make up the universe. The base of the pyramid is square, and from each side rises a sloping triangle to converge at a point. The slopes help harness positive energy and repel negative energy.
Pyramid attracts cosmic radiations, bio-energy, geo-energy, and magnetic energy in and around its area. The energies slide down the slopes to the base which is then distributed throughout the pyramid creating a fresh energy field capable of preserving the positive force field inside the pyramid. Hence, anything kept inside the pyramid is preserved for centuries in its original state.

Uses of Pyramids in Vastu Shastra

Vastu pyramids are specially energized artifacts. They act as superchargers and stimulate the atmosphere to disperse negative energy. The uses of pyramids in Vastu Shastra are many.An interesting fact to note is the construction of garbha gudi in temples. The garbha gudi or the place where a deity is placed is usually shaped like a pyramid. The reason is simple; the sanctum houses deity's idol, which is worshiped using the 5 elements – Earth, water, fire, wind, and cosmic energy. 

So when all the 5 elements converge in the inner sanctum of the temple and converge with the natural electromagnetic field of the earth, it gives rise to a stronger energy field. It is then distributed throughout the sanctum, and the outer premises filling people near the vicinity with positive thoughts and vibrations. The ancient Hindu seers thus created Shree yantra, the most potent yantra of all times. It not only bases its structures on a pyramid but also imbibes the feminine and masculine energies, making it one of the most powerful energy storehouses.

Apart from the religious practices in Hindu customs, the Vastu pyramid uses are multidimensional. The Vastu pyramids contain rectifications to neutralize any adverse energies. Some other purposes it serves are mentioned below.

  • It serves as meditation tools. It reduces stress and relieves tension both in the atmosphere and the physical body.
  • The regular use of pyramids maintains harmony in relationships.
  • It attracts fantastic opportunities that ensure professional growth.
  • The presence of pyramids in a study room or office improves and strengthens concentration.
  • It establishes harmony between mind, body, and soul, helping you to give your best in everything you do.
  • Scientific experiments prove that drinking water energized in pyramids helps improve your health by leaps and bounds.
  • Vastu pyramids are programmed to enhance energy flow at homes, thus removing the dull environment.

How to Place Pyramids to get Better Results in Vastu?

Finding the right place in your home can give you that extra nudge to finding happiness and peace from the comfort of your homes.

  • Keep pyramids in the entrance to muster all the positive energy that comes in in various forms. It also acts as a shield from negative energy.
  • Place it on the office table to attract exciting and career-building projects.
  • Place it on a child's study table to improve the concentration and retaining capacity.
  • Keeping it in the Northeast corner of the house ensures the well-being of the family.
  • Place a pyramid in the southwest corner of the kitchen to remove tiredness arising out of the heat and heavy emotions in the kitchen.
  • Burying a pyramid in the northwest corner of the plot fastens the process of selling the property.
  • Having the pyramid at the southwest corner of your office helps improves business.

Types of Vastu Pyramids

There are various types of Vastu pyramids. Each type serves a different purpose and provides impressive results at the end if maintained well.
Based on the materials used

  • Metal pyramids – Pyramids made of brass or copper
  • Earthen Pyramids – Pyramids made of clay or mud.
  • Gemstone pyramids – Pyramids made of granite, marble, Sphatika, jade, and so on.
  • Mercury pyramids
  • The pyramids can be used alone or in combination for various purposes such as – 
  • Family protection
  • Achieve higher personal satisfaction
  • Achieve high career and professional growth
  • Enhance spiritual growth
  • Reki pyramids used in the healing science to dispel fears and negativity.

Pyramids are natural energy storehouses. Using them as specified in Vastu Shastra, one can reap returns multi-fold in terms of both health and wealth. So order one today from a trust-worthy source like pujaNpujari and see your life transform.

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