Pooja Mandir Vastu Tips & Placement Direction in Home, Office & Commercial Spaces

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The wooden mandir should place at a height proper to the seating arrangement. It should be kept at a height right at the same level as a person’s body sitting or standing in front of it. If the height is lower than that, it would be insulting to the lord. Also, above that height, it would be difficult for the person to see the god. The home puja mandir should not be kept directly to the floor, it should have some support.

Without a puja mandir, Indian homes are incomplete, because people have a tradition of performing daily puja. Nowadays, everyone is giving more priority to puja mandirs. So puja mandaps(temple for god) are designed in a house to worship God. And they have constructed a temple in-house design with more expansion. Vastu for puja room is mandatory.

Puja Mandir Vastu Tips

Why to follow vastushastra during construction?

Vastu holds a special place when building a house, complex, office, or any commercial building, etc… Some people assume misconceptions about Vastu shastra as fake and bogus, but that does not vanish its significance. Vastu is the science of constructing any property and a connection with the ancient Vedic helping delighted lifestyle.

Vastushastra gives information about all 8 directions of any area along with mathematical calculations on where to construct what. The ideal direction and positions for each room, furniture, colors, entry, and exit, everything is given under vastu. Following such tips can really help the person enjoy a peaceful, positive, prosperous, and successful life.


Placement Direction In-Home, Office, and Commercial Spaces

  1. The puja room or idol direction of a god or goddess is kept in the home, office, and commercial spaces. It’s incomplete without the correct Vastu Shastra.
  2. As per Vastu Shastra, the North-Eastern or Eastern corner of the home is considered to be perfect to keep the Puja Mandir. And it brings good luck to your place.
  3. God must face in puja room should be facing west and devotees face the east. For placing lord idols in Puja Mantap, the size of the idols should be relevant or lesser to the Mantap. Mandir size is not important while doing puja. The Diya should be kept or lit in the southeast direction.
  4. Puja room is a valuable part of a home and a perfect place for devoting the god. Devotees should always keep some isolation while praying or sitting in the puja mandir by using a mat or a puja chowki.
  5. The entrance of the puja hall must have a threshold.

Things to Avoid While Placing Wooden Puja Mandir

Wooden Puja Mandir

Puja Mandir should not be in the south direction.

  • The puja mandir should not be close to the toilet or washroom, not even flat, below, or above.
  • It should not be placed in the bedroom, or kitchen in case of any space problems, you can place the mandir at some height and cover it with a curtain or door to hide the idols or photo frames from direct eye contact.
  • Avoid placing any inherited pictures inside the puja Mandap. It is considered as inauspicious as per Vastu.
  • Avoid keeping damaged idols inside the temple or Mandir. Also, avoid keeping heavy idols or frames, because it damages the wooden mandir.

Puja Mandir at home

Earlier people used to build a separate room for puja, called a puja room/prayer room, where they placed the mandir, idols, pictures and all the worship of material. Switching to now, people face issues with spaces, particularly in big cities with small flats and space crunch houses, and thus many have shifted to Puja Mandir building from wood or marble. Puja Mandir at home being the meditative and auspicious place of the house is important, while construction and vastu can perfectly define where to build to.

Which direction is best for Puja Mandir?


As per Vastu, Jupiter is the lord of the northeast direction, commonly known as “Ishan-kon” in Hindi, is the best direction for building and designing a Puja room or mandir. Vastu also says, never to build a waste area, washroom, or septic tank in the north-east corner of the house, as it is an auspicious corner and is ‘Dev sthan’ of the house.

If the northeast corner is not unavailable or possible, the centre of the north wall or centre of the east wall will also work wonders. If none of the directions is available for building or placing a Puja room or Puja Mandir, the west is considerable too. But placing mandir at South Direction is a big No.

Aligning puja room along the northeast, north or east is best if you live in a north or east-facing house or flat.

If no separate space is possible and the mandir is to be designed along with living room or kitchen or dining room, try to use a divider for the mandir, if not, place the mandir at the north-east direction of the room and ensure a clean and clutter-free environment in the mandir.

Once the direction of placing your puja Mandir is completed, it is important to understand the other Vastu concerns for building one.

  1. Where to position Puja Mandir?

The ground floor is the best place for placing the mandir at home.

It is important to consider the height while building a mandir, the height at which idols will be places should be higher than floor level and if it is possible to place it at a height where the idols face reaches at the height of your heart, it is perfect. Never place idols on the floor in the mandir as per vastu.

Avoid basements and upper floors for mandirs as per vastu.

  1. Where not to build Puja room/Puja Mandir

Don’t position puja room under a staircase or against the wall of a bathroom. Placing so will be inauspicious as per vastu.

  1. Color choice

Go for light color options for the wall while placing a mandir in a puja room or for the corners walls of the Puja Mandir. Try to keep the colour subtle and soothing, such as cream or white or light yellow. Avoid dark colors like blue or black.

  1. Puja Mandir material

Wooden and marble are the most prominent option when choosing the material for Puja Mandir. Avoid using plastic or glass to build mandirs. Even building a glass walls room for puja room is not advisable.

If possible, try to build a pyramid-shaped tower for the mandir, and avoid flat roofs for the Puja mandir.

  1. Direction for Puja mandir
  • Vastushastra says, the east is the direction of the sun rising and Lord Indra, thus praying facing east brings fortune and joy and as we build the mandir towards west or south, devotees’ face should be towards north or east while offering prayers.
  • Also ensure that the idols or the pictures of God, do not face each other or the door in the mandir.
  • Doors and windows should open in the north or east.
  • Lamps, diyas and Agni Kund are best in the southeast direction of the Puja room.
  • Always avoid having a mandir in the bedroom.

Things to keep and discard in the Pooja room

The pooja room at home is a place filled with positive vibrations; hence one should be very careful of what to keep and remove from the pooja room.

  • The first rule is never to keep disfigured idols in the pooja room as it is inauspicious.
  • Clean the puja room often, and regularly discard old flowers, ashed of incense sticks, and anything that dirties the pooja mandir.
  • Always use a mat or carpet while offering prayers.
  • Don’t put pictures of deceased people in the Puja room.
  • If you have wall mounted pooja mandir owing to a shortage of place, ensure it’s beyond the reach of toddlers and place only the idols whose weight mandir can sustain.
  • Avoid keeping leather items in the Puja mandir.
  • It is said that keeping the photos of the deceased in the Puja room can be inauspicious. So, if you have one in your pooja room, we recommend you remove it.
  • It would be best if you kept a small jug or bowl of water every day in the puja mandir and consume it the next day, and it will be enriched with positive vibrations.
  • Do not keep over two Ganesha idols in the Pooja Mandir.
  • Keep idols not greater than the length of your palm in the pooja mandir. Scriptures specify different rules for performing puja for idols over 6 inches.
  • Leave enough room to place diya’s in pooja mandir.

Pooja room Idols facing direction

Like the mandir, the idols should ideally face east or northeast as it enables harnessing the sun’s rising energy. The second best direction is to place the idol facing West. The last possible but not so-optimal direction is North, as they say, the North holds immense energy that the family cannot easily contain. Under no circumstances, one should place idols facing the South, as it drains out all the positive energy from the house.


Vastu for Puja Mandir at the office and other commercial spaces

Correct placement of mandir at the office and other commercial spaces can lead to wealth and success and can also help to maintain positive energy throughout the area.

The northeast corner is the best direction for designing a Puja room or mandir at offices and commercial buildings. The other favourable directions are also the same as the directions for the house, which are north and east.

Try to keep a small Mandir built of wood or marble or wooden materials and keep some idols of gods as per your choice in the office mandir. Decorate it with flowers, lights and incense sticks, also ensure the mandir is clean and well maintained at the office. Don’t position days or lamps in South Direction, as it can lead to loss of wealth.

How to light up the Diya in front of idols

  • For drawing the maximum benefits of lighting lamps at home, follow these tips.
  • One should always light the Diya in front of god and place it facing either East or North. Placing diya facing east will enhance one’s health, and the placing diya facing north will increase wealth.
  • Never place the diya directly on the floor. Always put it in a bowl, or over a leaf, or on rice.
  • Always use cotton wicks inside diyas.
  • Never place the diya’s facing south, as it drains the wealth.
  • Never light one diya with another, as it brings bad luck.

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    Please help in guiding the place for puja mandir at home. I have a limited area at my home so please let me know at which direction shall I place puja mandir. Please let me know on any two best options where I can keep wooden Puja mandir in below direction places: 1) South West 2)West 3)North West 4)South East

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