Feng Shui Wind Chimes Vastu Benefits & Best Hanging Placements

Feng Shui, an ancient Chinese science, is said to bring in happiness, peace, and a comfortable living atmosphere. Feng Shui artifacts are considered as the best remedy to heal and reinforce the deteriorated harmony in people. Wind chimes are one such Feng Shui artifacts. They are also termed ‘Feng Shui Cure.’ The small tiny hangings that wind chimes are, dance to the gentle touch of a breeze. Each of the little trinkets that compose wind chime collides with each other and creates incredible symphonies that have the power to uplift your mood.

Wind Chimes – A History

Wind Chimes are said to have originated in ancient Chinese civilization. It is said that they were basically developed as massive structures to produce sounds to scare away birds and animals. The sounds helped to protect crops in the fields and also drive away carnivore animals at night. The practical uses of the wind chimes slowly took turn also to establish their importance in myths and superstitions. The Fen Shui artifacts were then used as the driving force to drive away wicked spirits. Even now, people can find mythological surmises about the ability of wind chimes about curbing catastrophes, avoiding bad luck, and its competence to allure fortune.

Wind Chimes During Current Time

As we usher into the modern era, wind chimes have also changed. Their sizes, materials from which they are made, the beliefs surrounding them have changed. The modern science, while reinforcing ancient culture, steer us towards the practices void of superstitions. The talk of energies to help us through our way and make the right choices for a peaceful life makes ancient practice relevant. And science also reinforces the fact that wind chimes are a great source of bringing in positive energy to help us heal and look towards a life filled with smiles.

Benefits of Wind Chimes

The little enchanting pieces weave magic into our daily lives by producing silent melodies that seep into the lives. The benefits of wind chimes are more than many.

  • Drives away accumulated negative energies, thus bringing in positive energy into the house.
  • The constant sound keeps the energy flowing inside the habitable spaces, ensuring positive energy is circulated throughout homes and office spaces constantly.
  • They are also said to drive away bad luck.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety, thereby promoting peaceful and relaxed minds.
  • They are also considered excellent tools for meditations since they help you focus on constantly flowing sounds than minds chatter.
  • Placing them effectively as discussed in the next section, can bring success, wealth, health, and happiness.
  • It makes the area present in serene and peaceful promoting productivity.
  • It is also an ideal gift to promote friendship and build on relationships.

Places to Hang Wind Chimes

At present, wind chimes have become decorations at home, gardens, porches, decks, and every corner one can think of.  A practical place to place them is near the front doors of offices or homes. They will act as natural alert systems when people pass through the doors. Hang wind chimes near a fan or open window. This will keep energy circulating throughout the living space, thus stopping the accumulation of negative energies or evil eye But did you know you have to hang them in the right direction and the right place to get the maximum benefit? Not sure what we are saying – then read on to know more.

  • If you are new to a place and are planning to increase your friend’s circle – hang two-rod or nine-rod ceramic or crystal wind chimes in the south-west corner. The circulated “chi” of positive energy attracts more people to you, increasing your circle of friends.
  • If you are planning to welcome a baby home, then hang hollow metal wind chimes in the west space of your home. If you already have children, then placing the chimes here will help increase the health, positivity, and academic performance of children.
  • Placing your hollow metal wind chimes in the northwest attracts people who will help you on your success journey. To increase the chances, hang a six-rods metal chime.
  • Good fortune and luck in a Career is something everyone wants. So place a six-rod metal wind chime in the North corner of home or office.
  • If you are always worried about wealth, then hang a chime at the end of the stairs made of either an 8, or 6, or 5 metal rods. This secures your wealth and helps you retain your earnings.
  • Finally, if you are looking to bring back opportunities and look towards success, hang the Vastu pyramid with bells wind chime at the front entrance.

Similar to unknown mysteries that attracts your attention, wind chimes are a perfect blend of ancient wisdom and modern science. So don’t hesitate to bring home your happiness and luck. Get one today and experience the melodies of love, success, and peace.

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