Top 20 Unique Housewarming Gift Ideas: For Indian Couple, Family & Friends

Gruhapravesha or housewarming as its name suggests means entering a house and this word becomes more auspicious when a person comes his/her newly built home for the first time, or a newlywed bride enters her in-law’s house for the first time. In both cases, Gruhapravesha celebrated with great zeal and excitement.

This ceremony becomes more auspicious when constructed a new house because that house is going to be occupied by a family who will live and nurture themselves with all sorts of happiness and grief associated with them. That’s why we celebrate this ceremony to thank our deity for giving us a chance to own a house and shelter. This occasion marks the beginning of one’s life with a wish to keep the family members happy and safe. Many guests are invited to take part in our happiness and to offer prayers to our god altogether and enjoyment. It is the second side of this celebration which is the motto of the family, but the only thing which upsets the guests is “what to give them as a gift“?


Gift items

Some of our housewarming gift baskets which can be easily bought and gifted to your loved ones.

 1.Brass Idols of gods and goddesses

Ganesha is the Lord of the initiator who manifests everything in this universe. It is the belief that he is unborn and Brahma Swaroop. It is very promising to gift Ganesha idols to the host of the house warming ceremony. When brass idols choose as an option, then it becomes even more encouraging and unique because brass is a metal that symbolizes the Sun. Like the Sun, it is believed to bring joy and happiness at home so this can be one of the best options to be considered for Gruhapravesha ceremonies. Along with Ganesha idols, Durga idols, Lakshmi idols, Shiva idols, and many more are there which can weigh as gift items.

Where kamdhenu is the mother goddess of all cows, it is believed to fulfill all the wishes, Goddess Durga blesses us with a warm feel and gives us the strength to fight against all odds and survive happily. These idols are good options to be given as a gift in any housewarming function. One can also buy the idols of God made up of ceramic and poly-resin which are shiny and beautiful.

2. Lamps and diyas

Lamps and Diyas

Lamps and diyas are a very important part of our Indian culture. ‘Deepavali’ is a Hindu festival dedicated to this diyas which signifies light, brightness and glow. Nowadays these diyas are made up of many materials like electricity enabled plastic diyas, clay diyas, handmade artistic diyas and many more. This handmade diyas are made by enlightening them with the help of ghee, oil, and a cotton wick. Cotton wick symbolizes our soul and ghee/oil represents our five evils i.e., desire, ego, anger, attachment, and greed. When a Diya is enlightened the cotton wick signifies the burning of our evils from us. Nowadays these diyas available in many shapes, sizes, and forms, and some of the magnificent pieces given below.

The brass Diya is a good example of excellence of art and can be one of the most awaited gifts for house warming ceremonies. Diya’s are the best example of return gift ideas for housewarming. Because the diya used as a home decor item giving us the benefits of lighting a lamp in brass as well as lord Ganesha is always present to bless us and to protect the glow of this lamp for our health, wealth and prosperity.Extremely beautiful 10-diya set which is guarded by Lord Ganesha himself. This is made up of brass and gives it a unique and elegant look. As a gift option for the housewarming ceremony these diya’s are highly advisable.

3. Feng Shui Tortoise

feng shui tortoise

According to old scriptures, a tortoise is the second avatar of Lord Vishnu, and it’s called a Kurma avatar. During the Sagar Mathan to uphold the earth, Lord Vishnu took the Tortoise form. Nowadays who is believing in Vastu Sastra and feng shui that persons all are keeping the tortoise in their homes. These Feng shui tortoises are made with different materials like metal, crystal, resins, glass, mud, and wood. While keeping the tortoise there are some specific Vastu rules, if you follow that Vastu Sastra rules will get some benefits.

In made up of tortoise different colors also there, if you want to keep it in your home or office premises, keep it in the correct place as per Vastu Sastra. If the tortoise color is black you can keep it in the north position, green dragon kept it in the east, the red phoenix placed in the south, and white tiger kept in the west. According to this feng shui, all animals gives positive energy in life. This tortoise gives stability, career prospects, and good health, and empowers your business Apart from black tortoise we have different types of tortoise and buy it and filled with water around the tortoise.

4.Puja Thali Set

puja thali set

Puja thali set is very auspicious for any pujas like Ganapathi puja, Marriages, house warming ceremony, etc. These puja thali sets decorated with camphor, turmeric powder, kumkum, flowers, etc. Puja thali set made up of brass, silver, steel, gold, or any other metals. It has many shapes like round, oval, etc with small engravings and designs as much as decoration needed. It is very perfect for gifting to someone for all occasions like Raksha Bandhan, Navarathri puja, House warming ceremony, etc. And it can be used to welcome relatives or special guests in a traditional manner.

Puja thali set can cover with colorfully designed paper sheet and put all the puja items in the thali set. And you can also spread ghee or butter on the thali plate and that takes some roli in a little bowl and mix a small amount of water in it to make a paste and draw the sacred symbols such as Swastik, Om, Shree, etc on the set with the roli paste. You can decorate the thali set with the betel leaves, different types of flowers which will make your thali look beautiful. Decor the plate with different rangoli colors and place diyas in the middle of it. This is how you can decor the puja thali set.

5.God Photo Frames

God photoframes

God photo frames are traditionally made of wood still, it is the most common material, although other materials like bronze, silver, aluminum, plastics are also used. A picture frame or photo frame may have many colors, but gilding is usual. Especially an ancient day’s wooden frames. Mainly these god photo frames are used in puja mandirs. Worshipers may perform puja’s to that god photo frames, it is a tradition in India. People are believing that keeping god picture frames at home gives peace, prosperity, happiness, love and good health into their lives. We have different god photo frames like Krishna, Lakshmi, Ganesh, Shiva, etc.

These god photo frames are very good to give gift, who is going to do house warming function. In Hinduism, people are believed that a mortal could only achieve moksha with the blessings of God, for getting their blessings people keep the gods or goddesses photo frames at home. In India, almost every household has a puja room or holy room dedicated to the almighty.

6.Ganesh Idol

Ganesh Idol

Lord Ganesh is the obstacle remover or Vighnaharaka. He bless his devotees with prosperity and abundance. We have Eco-friendly Ganapathi idols, brass Ganapathi idols, marble Ganapathi idols, silver and poly-resin Ganesh idols, etc. There are different types of Vinayak idols based on posture like sitting, standing, dancing, etc. Ganesh idol in the house brings prosperity and knowledge. Ganesha idol is also given as a gift to the relatives.

The Sitting Marble Ganesha

This sitting position Ganesh idol is commonly find in homes and offices, it is made of marble. Ganesh’s sitting position is known as ‘Lalithasana’, it means he is in relax and calm mode. We have different postures lord you can find different type of sitting position idols. In some idols he sits with one leg on the ground and other leg folded, sits crossed legs, etc.

The Standing Poly-Resin Ganesha

The idol in the form of standing is another type, It is made of poly-resin. Ganesh standing position is also known as ‘Abhyanga’. This position represents rigidity and right attitude. This idol is a delight to watch, in standing position, he looks enormous because of the large stomach. These idols normally called as Dvibhanga and tribhanga postures.

7.Buddha idol

Buddha Idol

Buddha idol has great importance for peace of mind, it frees from greed, ignorance, hatred and other afflictive states. Buddha is a symbol of peace. So, it is the very better option for gifting to someone or keeping at home. These idols are made from premium quality marble, polyresin, brass, etc. If you keep it in your living rooms it spreads positive vibes to your living space. These idols are available from various sizes and designs. Various buddha poses and meanings are given below.

Meditating Buddha

The Buddha statue in a seated position with palms together in an oval with the fingerprints of both hands meeting at the top. In meditation area for altars this type of statues are best, and its represents the enlightenment.

Blessing Buddha

The blessing buddha statue in a blessing pose, the right hand of the statue is set in blessing gesture. Where as the left hand rest on the lap to show compassion. For defect areas this statue is a excellent cure.

8. Bal Krishna Idol

Bal krishna Idol

Bal Krishna is also called Divine child Krishna. Lord Sri Krishna associated with love, mischief, compassion, tenderness, and strategy. Bal Krishna is the eighth incarnation of Lord Vishnu. In Hinduism Lord Krishna is the most popular and revered deity. Bal Krishna has many names, like Shri Krishna, Bal Gopal, Vasudev, Kaanha, Murali Mohan, etc. During his childhood, he spent time Vrindavan in Mathura place. In his childhood, he did many things like eating Makhan, slaying demons, Playing with Gopi’s, and protecting peoples. The meaning of word Krishna is “Krish”- to attract and “Na”- giving happiness. The one who attracts all and gives them happiness, and who is joyful himself, is known as Krishna.

Generally, bal Krishna idols made from, brass, crystal, marble, radium, and other metals. These idols are best for giving a gift on house warming ceremonies. If they keep this idol in their home, they will get good health in family, money, prosperity, fame, etc. It can use as home decor, it gives an elegant look to the house. Bal Krishna idols made with various colors, sizes, designs, and different materials like marble, brass, crystal.

9. Radha Krishna Idol

Radha Krishna Idol

Radha Krishna idols and paintings are considered a symbol of love. Radha Krishna idols make a great gift for house warming ceremony. According to Vedic myths, Krishna is the incarnation of Lord Vishnu and Radha is the incarnation of Goddess Lakshmi. In Hinduism, the story of Radha Krishna is perhaps the more beautiful compared to all. It is a story of love between god Vishnu and goddess Lakshmi in human form. That is the reason many people may use to give Radha Krishna idol as gifts for many occasions. These idols make a great gift to many ceremonies like house warming, Janmashtami, birthdays, Holi, etc. Radha Krishna idols also use for home decor. You have to keep it in correct Vastu, at that time it creates an aura of love and peace. You can keep these idols in the main hall, bedrooms, and puja rooms.

10. Ganesh Indoor Water Fountain

Ganesh Indoor Water fountain

Lord Ganesh is the Hindu God, Ganesh Indoor water fountain used for home decor it gives a beautiful and attractive look in the house. In recent years this water fountain very famous in Hinduism, now it spreads to other regions and into Buddhism. If it is kept it in your entrance area it will give peace of mind and guests also feel relaxed. The maintenance of home water fountains is very easy, and just refill the water every week.

11. Graceful Buddha Indoor Water Fountain   

Gracefull buddha water fountain

Nowadays, water fountains are the best Indian Housewarming gifts. Buddha has great importance for happiness and peace of mind. If you keep graceful buddha indoor water fountain in your home, living room, and office will get free from greed, ignorance, hatred, and other afflictive states. The flow of water gives a natural feeling, and it removes stress, then you will move to calmness. Generally, it can make from poly-resin, fiberglass, brass, marble, or any other materials. This buddha water fountain will add instant beauty to your home, whether it is large or small it’s not a matter, you can decor your home in your style. It is a very good house warming gift item, you can give it to your relatives, friends.

12. 4 Steps Indoor Table Top Water Fountain

Table top water fountain

Indoor tabletop water fountains has more importance in the decor of houses and offices. These tabletop water fountains are awesome room beautifiers and stress decreasers. By keeping it into our office premises and living rooms, it aids to bring a natural feeling into our surroundings. These four steps indoor tabletop water fountain has four steps, the water flow, flows from one step to other steps, gives natural sounds and looks pleasant. The structure of the water fountain can be very simple as keeping some stones and a small pump into a container with water. You have to maintain this fountain with clean, they are, in water fountain check the water level daily, add fresh water as required to keep the pump fully covered, add water only when required, make sure the water level should not decrease to below the height of the water pump. If you want you can add a small amount of bleach to cleanse the fountain. Frequently, clean the water fountain pump, container, and rocks, etc to remove any algae and sludge.

13. Religious idols and Books

religious idols and books

For the housewarming ceremony, you have to buy an auspicious gift, that can bring a piece of good luck to the house owner. For those ceremonies, deity’s idols and spiritual books are better gifts. In Hinduism, Lord Ganesh, Krishna, Lakshmi idols are the best and general gift items to the Gruhapravesam. Otherwise, gifting religious books like Mahabaratham, Bhagavatham, and Bhagavatgeetha also good thought. For home, these gods idols give nice decor.

14.Fengshui Plants

Feng shui plants

In India, its believed that Chinese items, not durable and trustworthy but when it comes to Fengshui everyone goes inclined over its ideas and beliefs. It is a science that guides with good fortunes and prosperity of any family, office, or any public organization.Many items are there which established as some specialized Fengshui products out of which special live plants have already taken an important place in this sector.

House warming ceremonies are meant to remove all negativities from a house and make it pure and subtle for a family to survive and these Fengshui plants are assumed to be very pure and provider of positive vibes. Gift these items to the hosts of the function and bless them with love and prosperity.



The Kitchen is the first important thing considered to be set up as soon as possible in a newly constructed house. Because it is a place that gives us food and strength, utensils are considered as a gift. These utensils made up of brass, copper and steel. Kitchen utensils are the perfect new home gift basket. Spiritual utensils are also considered as a nice option which may include aarti thalis made of alloys and patla, chumba’s and silver plates are some other highly recommended items.

16.Vintage Items For Home Decor

Vintage items are new trends nowadays, People love to show, highlight their ancient culture and customaries. So gifting a copper teapot, glass set, copper made gramophones, old model telephones with metal wires and receiver are some of the lovable items. These items being a little costly are not so popular, now but slowly they are taking up the market due to their popularity and antiquity. They have their spiritual flavor as a copper or brass made. Lock and key are assumed to be important for Fengshui despite looking beautiful and unique.

17.Photo Frames

Photo frames

Photos are the expressions of our past which make us remember our good and bad times with a relief. That time we came out of our sad days with a smile on face and also enjoyed those wonderful moments together. In earlier times these photos were kept safe in photo albums. Which were slowly taken up by computer folders and mobile galleries, but the only thing still in trend is photo frames. Photo frames have covered our walls, filled our shelves, and added charm to our home by providing sweet memories.

Keeping photo frames of family members & special occasions has already taken a swing but keeping the frames of gods and goddesses for home decor is classy and elegant. It establishes faith and also gives a feel of spiritualism and devotions. With emerging new trends and beliefs, photo frames related to Fengshui and Vaastu occurrences have also gained a lot of popularity. These frames fill your home with joy and positive vibes and works as an add-on to your happy life.

18.Wind Chimes

Wind Chimes

It is a sound-making instrument, which when struck by its components. It generates a sweet and soft musical sound. Wind chimes originated from Chinese Fengshui and have taken full market all over the world with its significance and benefits, especially for a married couple. They are made up of different materials like wood, metals, clay, etc each having their meanings and beliefs. They are a source of positive energy and happiness to your home and can be a perfect gift for gruhapravesha or housewarming functions.

A Windchime in a newly built house makes sweet musical sound and attracts energy towards the house. The materials with which they are prepared, checked before purchasing. A wind chime must be hung in its correct direction to extract maximum benefit from it. So always gift the manual booklet to the couple performing Graha Pravesh puja. One can easily place these wind chimes anywhere in the house and welcome prosperity and wealth for them.

Some guidelines:

Wooden Wind Chimes

South Direction – Always hang wooden wind chimes in South to gain name and fame in the world.

East Direction – When hung in East direction they give prosperity and health and thus helps grow the family members manifolds.

South East Direction – A couple welcomes lots of money when a wooden wind chime sings sweet songs in this direction.

Metal Wind Chimes

West – It is the best suited place to bless your children with good-luck and respect in their lives.

North – Place metal Wind chimes in North and grow high & high in your career and workplace.

North West -This is highly good for the head of the family as it gives them happy and long life.

19. Art Paintings

Art Paintings

Painting is the surge of one’s sentiments and feelings and when ART PAINTINGS considered, they are authoritative ones. Craftsmanship representations are made with a free hand to relate to a story without communicating a word, and one of its most critical points of view is its ability, the power of drawing people towards itself. It’s difficult for everyone to appreciate their suggestions, yet more straightforward for some to grasp them viably.

These portrayals are one of the most interesting and world-class gift pieces. Which can give in house warming abilities to the as of late assembled property holders? They are something that unobtrusively depicts the lead, nature, preferences, repugnances, and state of the mind of the people living inside the house. Giving these sorts of canvases also makes the new owner’s breath life into their dividers and specific regions of the house. Watercolors or acrylic portrayals are a part of its arrangements open in the market in all scopes.

20. Personalized Name Plates

Personalized Name Plates

The nameplate is one of the most significant things to be talented in house warming services. They give a recognizable proof to the house proprietors in a wonderfully handmade holder and are otherwise called charming couple holders. Alongside these numerous different kinds are there to be utilized in workplaces, schools, eateries, and so forth. These holders accompany a sliding that can supplant with new names and assignments at whatever point required.


  • Metal holders: Metal holders are uncommonly utilized in workplaces to drape them on dividers or spot them on tables and retires. They connote the name and assignment of the assigned individual.
  • Wooden Holders: Wooden nameplate holders are uniquely intended to be an ideal blessing choice. They are make with different plans and imaginative manifestations and furthermore, fills in as extraordinary compared to other homes stylistic layout thing.
  • Plastic Holders: Made with fine quality plastics, delightful, appealing hues, and plastic nameplate holders adds appeal to the passage of the house.
  • Clay Holders: These holders are very sparkling, glossy and uncommonly utilized for customized uses.

Purchase these nameplates for the hosts of the recently fabricated house, yet simply envision how it would be on the off chance that you blessing “tweaked nameplate” holders to your friends and family. Sounds intriguing, would it say it isn’t? These redid nameplate holders are settled on and planned according to your decision and inclinations and it gives massive joy to the hosts also. Present them and get recollected always as everybody cherishes the sweet signal that appeared towards them and furthermore builds the endless love and regard for one another.

21. Night Lamps

Night Lamps

Inside decoration lights, side table lights, outside night lights, and numerous different lights are there which fills in as probably the best item to be talented in house warming services. These lights are comprised of metals, plastics, fiber, and numerous different materials, and are accessible from a scope of ₹200 – 2 lac. They are stylish, valuable just as spending plan well disposed of. Gifting these things encourages the host to adorn their home flawlessly, which thusly makes the bond more grounded and deferential.

22. Pretty Ombre Vases

Pretty ombre vases

An ombre vase is an open container. Vase can made from various materials, such as ceramics, glass, non-rusting materials such as brass, stainless steel, aluminum. Even teak wood can be used to make vases, by applying a protective coating to natural wood. Nowadays vases can be used for home decor. Normally it can often use to hold water and flowers. It has different shapes and sizes to support whatever the flower its keeping a place.

From ancient days onwards, flower vase has more importance. They come in various forms that trying to find the perfect one for your space, by placing it gives awesome look to your space. The size of a vase must considered, if you keep a large size vase on the floor it looks beautiful. If you want to display pretty ombre vases in the corner of the room fill some tall flowers and branches. Choose the small size vase for decorating the dining table as accessories. It is very good for gifting to some one for house warming function.

23. Copper Moscow Mule Mugs

Copper moscow mule mug

From ancient days onwards, copper mugs are used for storing the water. When we Store water in copper mugs, water absorbs copper and it gives energy to the body. Copper mug gives large benefits to our health, so we refer the copper mugs to carry anywhere as well as recommended by the Ayurveda as it fights with the deceased, more recommended for the unhealthy persons. Copper exists naturally in the human body and is necessary component in some of the enzymes processed in our body.

Because water stored in a copper jug is loaded with antioxidants, it may also be effective at aiding prevent and fight off cancer. From olden days onwards researchers are telling copper helps decreases the risk of developing heart decease. Copper is a brain refresher and helps your mind work faster and more efficiently. Drinking water from a copper mug helps battle copper shortage and control the proper functioning of your thyroid gland. Also copper helps the body’s absorption of iron, which is essential to continue healthy iron levels and prevent anemia.

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  8. Sandeep Bansal says:

    Skip the tired and cheap corporate gifts and surprise your employees this year with these elevated, thoughtful, and actually useful options instead. Some come from our favorite startups, while others are just a click away on http://www.indiancorporategift.com. Go the extra mile by customizing them with company colors, a logo, or a personal touch that truly shows your appreciation. You can also source the classy trophies from http://www.indiantrophy.com

  9. Sandeep Bansal says:

    Skip the tired and cheap corporate gifts and surprise your employees this year with these elevated, thoughtful, and actually useful options instead. Some come from our favorite startups, while others are just a click away on http://www.indiancorporategift.com. Go the extra mile by customizing them with company colors, a logo, or a personal touch that truly shows your appreciation. You can also source the classy trophies from http://www.indiantrophy.com

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