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Reviews for Popular Puja Items

December 9, 2019

Camphor Tablets 250 gms

very good quality, it has nice smell and when burned the camphor not leave or give back smoke. will like to repeat order.

December 6, 2019

Kumkum Holder with Gold Plated

I ordered 10 pieces of Haldi Kumkum box as a housewarming gift to my guests. The package arrived on time, without any damage and quality is good!! Thank you puja n pujari.

December 6, 2019

Metal Lotus Shape Incense Holder

Beautiful stand for incense sticks. Takes care of the ash too.

December 4, 2019

108 Silver Pooja Flowers

Received the order today and counted the no of flowers, and there are 110, instead of 108. They must have placed extra pieces in case of replacement. As these flowers are offered to deity during puja, and the 108 flowers have sacred meaning. Thank you for such a good product.

November 29, 2019

White Metal Puja Thali Set

its the best product you wont get any pooja thali of this quality at this reasonable price good for all occasions and design is also good

November 29, 2019

Om Design Puja Thali Set

Good build quality and the best price. Carefully packed and on time delivery

November 23, 2019

Fancy Design Puja Thali Set in Gold Color

I bought this is product as a gift for my sister friends marriage, she loved it.Very useful.It has everything for pooja. The product was well packed and delivered before time.

November 21, 2019

Agarbatti Stand Incense Stick Holder

This is perfect gift item, I have ordered this agarbatti stand and gifted on griha pravesh ceremony. My friend like it very much and requested me to share the website from which i have brought. Overall its a great buy.

Sathish K
November 18, 2019

Camphor Tablets 500 Gms

Very good quality camphor. The smell is genuine & refreshing. Should buy. Go for it. Original package.

November 12, 2019

108 Silver Pooja Flowers

Great buy! lowest price

October 8, 2019

108 Silver Pooja Flowers

I have brought these flowers to perform Shiva pooja at our home, Very high quality material, would definitely recommend to buy from PujaNpujari

September 19, 2019

Return Gift Brass Kumkum Bharani

I have ordered this item, and received with in 3 days of ordering. This is very beautiful than shown in the picture. This can also be presented as a gift. There is no option to share picture otherwise I would have shared pictures as well.

September 19, 2019

108 Silver Pooja Flowers

Over all good purchase, I'm happy with the product, packing and the delivery. I must say this is the lowest price all over internet.

September 17, 2019

September 16, 2019

Aluminium Agarbatti Stand

My wife ordered this item, Initially i though its too costly. But upon receiving and checking it I was totally convinced and more than happy.

September 11, 2019

White Metal Deepa Plain

The product looks nice. However, it turned out to be smaller in size than expected.

September 11, 2019

Color Deepa Big

I bought this colorful Diya 2 days back through the website. The product looks awesome in our pooja room. very good quality. Recommend this product.

Nayan Gupta
September 11, 2019

Decorative Hand Carved Marble Incense Holder

I have ordered 2 agarbatti stand one for my home and another for my sister. She really liked it and want to order for one of her friend. I'm very happy to share this product to all our friends. This can also be presented as a gift.

Pradesh V
September 11, 2019

Om Design Puja Thali Set

The pooja thali comes with all that (silver) is displayed in the picture. I have liked it overall. It comes with some complimentary items. The items include 1.katori 2. achmania 3.diya 4.set of three sindoor 5. roli holders 6. tumbler and 7.incense stick holder. Love the packaging & product as well... Well Done Puja N Pujari! Thanks for quick delivery...

September 11, 2019

Brass Panch Aarti Stand

Considering the low price, I was surprised at the quality. It's heavy and easy to grasp. Very nicely made and very pretty. I would buy this again, as it's of higher quality than I found in my local store.

Buy Puja Samagri / Material Online @Puja N Pujari

Puja and homa is an integral part of Hindu culture. It is being performed and practiced in each and every household of India, but in today’s busy life we don’t get time to perform each of our rituals with specified spiritual items. We the team of Puja N Pujari is here for your help, Our team of pandits / purohits perform Lakshmi puja, Gruhapravesh Puja, Marriage, Satyanarayana Puja and many others in a hassle-free manner and takes the full responsibility of carrying each and every required puja materials or samagris with themselves.

Our E-Commerce website houses a large number of spiritual products in an affordable range. You can purchase these products from our online portal to perform the puja and homa. These puja items contain a small pack of kapoor and sindoor along with beautifully handcrafted diyas, Copper made bells, Kalash, Chambus and many more

Significance of Puja Items

Each of the puja items has a specific use like Ganga Jal is used for purity whereas the chandan is used to put tilak, god photo frames for puja room similarly each item is important and has a spiritual significance associated with them. Using these products is associated with our devotion & dedication.

Our Versatility in Pooja Material:

Diyas & Oil Lamps

In India, Diyas are traditional oil lamps. These are usually made from clay, brass, crystal Diyas, with a cotton wick dipped in oil or ghee. In the Diya, oil symbolizes the negativity in the human mind, cotton wicks symbolizes the Atma or Soul of the human. Lighting Diya with oil dipped cotton wick signifies the getting remove of selfish thoughts. In India, many households have a tradition of lighting Diya two times a day i.e., morning and evening. All religious occasions, ceremonies, new ventures, auspicious functions, and daily puja start with the lighting of the Diya. Buy oil lamps on our website we have different types of Diyas like Brass Diyas, Crystal Diyas, Hanging Diyas, Clay Diyas, etc.

Puja Thali Set

Puja Thali Set is a large container on which the entire puja items are accumulated and decorated. In Hinduism for all religious ceremonies, functions, and rituals puja thali set maintains a fortunate role. Usually puja thali set or plate made with gold, silver, brass, steel, crystal or any other metals. It shapes may be round, oval, square or any other shaped with small designs, engravings as much as decoration needed. You can decorate puja thali set with Haldi, Kumkum, Ghanta, flowers, etc. Buy puja thali set in our online website we have crystal puja thali set, white metal puja thali set, gold and white color puja thali set, simple puja thali set with Kalash with different sizes like small, medium, large.

Puja Kalash

In all Hindu festivities related to Devi puja, marriages, childbirth the Puja Kalasha can be worshiped. Normally Kalasha Chambu made with metals like crystal, brass, copper, silver, and gold. It is a metal pot with a big base, little mouth, large enough to hold a sacred coconut. Puja Kalash is also known as Purna Kalasha. Inauspicious functions, it can be filled with water and topped decorated with a mango leafs and a coconut. This arrangement is known as Purna Kumbha. In some festivals these metal pot filled with coins, grains, gold, and gems instead of water. By doing this devotee will get blessings from deities. Buy puja Kalash on our website we have different types of Kalashas with different sizes like brass Kalash, white metal Kalash, copper Kalash, etc.

Puja Kits

The word puja means honor, homage, adoration, reverence, and worship. Puja is devotional worship to one or more gods and goddesses. For a specific god, there is a specific Puja Kit for performing a ritual. By doing puja for specific god with specific puja kit, it procures in incapacitating our bad karma's and bless us the peace of mind at the same time. The importance of daily communication through puja can not be misapprehended and to fulfill that we need puja kits. In our online website, we have different types of puja kits like Diwali Puja Samagri kit, Navaratri puja kit, Ganesh Puja Samagri kit, Janmashtami Puja Samagri kit, Ayyappa Swami Puja Samagri kit, Lakshmi, Satyanarayana, shop opening Puja Samagri kit, etc.

Puja Chowki

For doing any puja, Puja Chowki is very important in puja accessories. It can be used for keeping deities idols inside of your Puja Mandir. It maintains the fortunate role of every puja, yajna, homa and other religious ceremonies. It is also known as Asana, seating plank, Manai, etc. It can be made from wood, brass, silver and other metals. During marriages, Upanayanam ceremony, or any other sacred ceremonies puja chowki is mandatory. On our website we have different types of chowki’s with different colors, shapes and sizes like silver chowki, golden meenakari puja chowki, rectangular meenakari puja chowki, wood meenakari bajat, etc.


According to ancient scriptures, Camphor can be used to worship gods and goddesses. By doing puja, with camphor deities will get happy. If you light camphor in your home, it removes all negative forces, evil eye and increases positivity at home. It will give good aroma and energy to the surroundings. Camphor is also called as Karpur or Kapur. By lighting camphor during puja deities will be impressed and will give blessings.

Pooja Flowers

According to ancient scriptures, flowers symbolize peace. In nature flowers are beautiful things, they can be used in the worshiping of deities. People are believed that the offering of flowers to the gods and goddesses is not only considered auspicious but has its own importance too. It can use for their sweet aroma and aesthetic appeal. The word stands for ‘Pu’ means flowers or Pushpam, ‘ja’ means Japam or reciting sacred names of gods. In Hindu worship, Puja Flowers are very important to the deities. In our online website, we have different types of puja flowers like Hibiscus pink flowers, Chinese rose hibiscus, Marigold and more.

Agarbatti / Incense Sticks

In any Hindu ritual, Agarbatti is an integral part. By burning incense sticks, it relaxes the mind and aids in performing the ritual with better concentration. Normally Agarbattis made from bamboo. By lighting incense sticks during puja, spreads its sweet aroma to the entire house. If you light it during ritual gods or goddesses will bless you. These Incense Sticks made with different fragrances like jasmine, sandal, rose, citronella, orange, etc. On our website, we have different Agarbattis with different colors and fragrances like Black sandal fragrance Agarbatti sticks, Lavender fragrance Agarbatti sticks, Light green jasmine Agarbattis, Natural Agarbatti citronella fragrance, Scented Agarbatti sticks, etc.

Havan Samagri

The Havan Samagri is a sacred offering in the havan, it can be offered in the fire amid Yagnas and Homas, after the completion of each sacred mantra. These Havan Samagri can be made from different dried home grain, roots and leaves. In Hindu, a custom havan is a special segment. Havan is a method given by the sages and other aware masters to make a particularly wanted impact in our lives. We have all types of Havan Samagris, like Agarwood, Dry coconut, turmeric Haldi, Havan Samidha sticks, Homam havan ghee Samagri, etc.

All spiritual items are available on our online portal at an affordable price.

In case if you are looking for puja samagri names in different languages our blog on puja samagri will help you.