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Rahu Mahadasha Negative Impacts & Astrological Remedies

As per Hindu mythology, Rahu is one of the most maleficent planets. The ancient mythology has it that Rahu and Ketu were born during the Samudra Manthan for obtaining Amrit. Swarbhanu – a demon, disguised himself as a Sura while Lord Vishnu was distributing Amrit in Mohini Avatar. Before the Lord could see through Swarbhanu's […]

What is Ketu Mahadasha and What Happens in Ketu Mahadasha: Effects & Remedies

Ketu is a non-materialistic and spiritual planet that lies in the shadows of the Moon. It predominantly rules the three nakshatras – Ashwini, Magha, and Moola. Ketu is commonly known as moksha karaka since the planet resides mainly in 8th and 12th houses. While the 12th house of giving up, 8th is the house of […]

Lagna & Rashi: Meaning, Difference and Their Impact in the Horoscope

Astrology, the word itself, is enough to spark exciting debates. Astrology has various elements and components that help astrologers derive a prediction and make the rough sailing smooth. Horoscope charts are one of the most common tools most astrologers use to determine the past, present, and future of a person. The horoscope comprises the position […]

Left & Right Eye Twitching: Spiritual & Astrology Meaning for Male & Female

Left & Right Eye Twitching

Eye Twitching is one of the ordinarily occurring phenomena. Most people experience the same at least once during their lifetime. Though the conditions are often not severe. They mostly show it’s time for you to take a break from your routine work. But did you know there are lots of superstitions that also have horoscopic […]