Know Planetary Combinations to Predict Foreign Travel and Settlement in Astrology: Puja N Pujari

Settling abroad is a dream for many. The opportunities and the lifestyle it provides are a dream for children and their parents. The world also makes attractive offers in exchange for the brilliant ideas offered by young minds worldwide.

The terms foreign-returned and foreign-settled attracts young-minds since it holds a distant dream of fairy tales. It's a fairy tale come true in most cases, but it's not in some cases. Have you ever wondered if you can be one of those lucky ones who can have that unique lifestyle in a foreign land? If yes, do you know you can actually find out how good your foreign travel and settlement chances are with Vedic astrology?

Read on to explore how astrology can help achieve your dreams of traveling abroad and happily settling there.

Foreign settlement in Astrology

Astrology helps in predicting the exact nature of your foreign visit. The foreign settlement yoga relies on the favorable positioning of various planets. While Moon, Venus, and Rahu are prominent planets that actually say if you have chances of settling abroad, Ketu, Shani and Guru also play a role in supporting your foreign travel plans.

How to Predict Foreign settlement

Predicting Foreign settlement via horoscope is best left to professionals, but here is a summary of how one does it. You will have to check the houses mentioned below and the planets occupying your birth chart houses.

  • 3rd House – Implies short journey overseas
  • 4th House – Shows birth place's house
  • 7th house – Means travel and foreign settlement
  • 8th House – Signifies change in profession
  • 9th House – Indicates long journey
  • 10th house – Refers to career or profession
  • 12th house – Shows settling in foreign lands

The chances of foreign settlement in the birth chart can be predicted as follows.

  • If the lords of the 4th, 12th, and 10th are connected, they will travel abroad and have higher chances of settling there.
  • If the 9th, 12th, and 5th houses are connected, they will travel overseas to attend seminars, symposiums, or higher studies.
  • The chances of foreign settlement in the horoscope are also higher if the lords of 5th, 12th, and 10th houses are connected. The person will travel for higher studies and will find a job that caters to their interests.
  • If the 7th and 9th house lords are connected, it indicated frequent travel to foreign lands for business deals.

Remedies for Foreign Settlements

There are specific pieces of advice you can follow to boost your chances of foreign travel. Accordingly, a few remedies to increase the chances of foreign settlement according to Vedic astrology include –

  • Praying to Lord Shiva and Lord Ganesha is the foremost remedy for planets to be favorable to guide you to realize your desire for foreign travel.
  • In case you have favorable positioning of Rahu and Shani, you can chant their mantra's to increase your foreign travel and settlement chances.
  • Wearing gemstones corresponding to planets favoring overseas travel will prove beneficial.
  • Feeding food to dogs and donating clothes or necessary items to the needy and under-privileged also increase your chance.
  • Mixing sandal powder with curd and applying it on your neck in the morning is said to improve your foreign travel chances.
  • Since water bodies are associated with the moon and venus, it is said that cleaning the contaminated water bodies like rivers and ponds is said to please the points.


 ♦ Which house is for foreign settlement?

According to Vedic astrology 3rd, 4th, 7th, 8th, 9th, or 12th houses of every horoscope represent foreign travel and settlement.

 ♦ Can I go to foreign?

It depends on your interest and the alignment of the planets in the horoscope. If the conditions are favorable, then you can definitely go abroad. We suggest you consult our astrologers to get the precise reading for this.

 ♦ Which Graha is responsible for foreign settlement?

Various graha's have the power to influence your foreign travel plans. Moon, Venus, and Rahu are the essential planets in the list that can affect your plans. 

 ♦ How do I check my foreign settlement in horoscope?

You need to check for planets positioning in your horoscope. When Rahu is conjunct with 7th lord, 8th lord, 9th lord, or 12th lord, it can indicate foreign travel in astrology. Check for these signs; if you cannot, kindly connect with our astrologers proficient in Vedic Astrology.

 ♦ Which planet helps in going abroad?

Rahu, Ketu, and Shani are the most important planets that play a prominent role in deciding your over-seas traveling opportunity. Foreign travel is also possible when Jupiter is situated in the fourth, sixth, eighth, or twelfth house.

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