What is Shani Mahadasha ? What happens when it starts? Effects & Astrological Remedies

According to the Vedic astrology, Saturn or Shani is the most powerful planet. It is the slowest moving planet. Because of this, it is dry, barren, and cold. So, people experience its effects with great intensity and for a longer time compared to other planets.


Every person on Earth comes under the influence of Shani Mahadasha and Saadhe Saathi. The effects of this planet are extreme and unpredictable. It can give a person lots of success, or a life full of suffering. The Shani planet favors people who were born under Venus signs.

Saturn associates with discipline, hard work, karma, patience, ambition, longevity, and delay. Saturn Mahadasha runs for about 19 years in a person’s life. It brings plenty of opportunities during that period. The Shani planet doesn’t tolerate injustice. It is the judge of all planets. Shani brings a mountain full of challenges in every aspect of life during the period of Mahadasha.

What exactly is Shani Dasha?

In Vedic astrology, Shani Dasha happens when there is a misalignment of the planet Saturn or Shani in your birth chart. In this scenario, the negative vices have a deep impact rather than the virtues. And, the most negative aspects because of this alignment results in Shani Mahadasha and Saadhe Saathi.
In Saadhe Saathi, you can experience the negative impacts of finances, relationships, and success. It continues for about 7 ½ years. Whereas, the Shani Mahadasha has a similar impact that runs for an extended duration of about 19 years.
Shani planet has a strong influence on a person’s horoscope. The Planet judges you depending on your previous life under your good karma, bad karma, and merits. People who were helpful, kind, and humble experiences the positive aspect of Shani’s influence. Also, the opposite impact of Shani occurs in a few cases.
Some of the crucial points that associates with the 19 years of sheer happiness are as follows.

  • Prosperity in friends and family
  • Influential friends
  • Financial independence
  • Marital bliss
  • Abundant wealth
  • Stress-free lives
  • Prolonged lifespan, and more

Both these kinds of astrological phenomenon are quite powerful. The Shani Mahadasha is powerful enough to overshadow the positive impact of your favorable planet. It can lead you towards difficulty in maintaining healthy relationships, ghastly fights with almost everyone, a severed love life, loss of property, accepting the path of deceit, and many more.

What happens in Shani or Saturn Mahadasha?

During the period of Shani Mahadasha, you need to work hard. You get results depending on your previous life’s karma. It doesn’t matter which house Shani belongs in your horoscope. You have to put in all kinds of extra effort to achieve success. You may find denial, delay, and hindrances on the way.
When Saturn belongs to a good house in your birth chart, you get good results for your efforts. But if the planet lies in bad houses with bad combinations, you have to encounter a lot of disappointment. Shani Mahadasha causes a lot of problems when it is weak and connected with malefic planets.

Yet, it can benefit you and work wonders in your life. For that, it needs to be in the right place and combination with other good planets. The placement of Shani in your birth chart provides you the ability, courage, and strength to fight for challenges. That way, you can earn a good name in society.

Shani Mahadasha effects:

Let us find out the Shani Mahadasha effects or Saturn Mahadasha effects in different types of Antardasha.

Shani Mahadasha in Shani Antardasha

The position of good and untroublesome Saturn in your birth chart gives you a better status in society during this period. You may even get an opportunity to serve as a leader for society. Also, benefits from acquiring property and land are on the cards.
During Shani Mahadasha, you may strengthen your relationship with the family members. And, your spouse will get lots of attention. The troublesome Saturn brings a lot of hindrances in your professional life. And, you have to face certain issues with the other members of your house.

Some problems relating to your health like gastric issues might crop up. Jealousy and disputes might happen due to your aggressive behavior. That way, it stains your relationship with your near and dear ones.

Shani Mahadasha in Rahu Antardasha

You are likely to involve yourself in unnecessary fights during this phase. You would encounter obstacles and doubts in your life. Because of this, you forget to stay on your path to success. You need to put in a lot of extra effort during this period. You have to go through mental distress in your life. Rahu Mahadasha Shani Antardasha is the toughest phase in your life. There might be Rahu Mahadasha Negative Impacts as well 

Your efforts would help you to come out from this Saturn and Rahu conjunction phase. So, do not expect help from others and keep false hopes. There would be no improvement in your career and designation. Take special care when you are dealing with people to avoid disputes. There are chances of traveling abroad during this phase.

Shani Mahadasha in Ketu Antardasha

During this phase of Mahadasha, you may visit a foreign country. And, there can be a rise in your income. But there might be an increase in expenses if this associate with the 12th house in your birth chart. You feel weak from inside when there is an oppressive effect of Shani in your horoscope. Ketu Mahadasha Shani Antardasha brings bad circumstances into your life.

You experience a lack of peace and dissatisfaction in your life. Lots of issues and conflicts in the family will increase. Spirituality and religion might interest you during this phase. In short, the spiritual world would attract you.

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Shani Mahadasha in Mercury Antardasha

It is Mercury that can balance the negative influence of Shani up to a certain level in your horoscope. You can enjoy a comfortable life and earn a good image in society. This period of Saturn Mahadasha is very good for Shani related business growth.
You tend to become intelligent, wise, and charitable. You get the strength to handle all kinds of challenges and hurdles during this period. There are chances of getting a promotion. This phase rewards you with a promising career ahead and progresses in life. You involve more in social and charitable work.

Shani Mahadasha in Venus Antardasha

You get the feeling that your life is back on the track because of the hard work and struggle. Your life moves in a positive direction. The favorable and good Saturn in your horoscope brings happiness and content in your married life. You get to spend a good time with your most loved people.
You would spend on luxuries and comforts during this stage of Mahadasha. There will be progress in your career and it will improve a lot.
But, due to the ill effects of the planet, you may suffer from issues relating to the eyes and fever. Your relationship with your spouse may strain for some time. Your married life could be in trouble.

Shani Mahadasha in Mars Antardasha

During this important phase of Shani Mahadasha, the planet Mars triggers the aggression inside you. As such, you feel dominant and authoritative during this phase. It may bring certain kinds of issues in your relationships. You need to control your agitation and avoid using harsh words. Or else, you may face consequences.
During this Dasha, you may have heated conflicts with your spouse. It may even lead to separation. Some people may have to deal with allergies during this Antardasha. Bad people try to cause you suffering and disfigure your image.
You may expect some kind of loss in your career. Hence, you won’t meet your ambitions and dreams. If you are new in the workplace, you have to remain alert during this period of Mahadasha.

Shani Mahadasha in Moon Antardasha

This period has a negative effect on your life. Certain kinds of indifferences and restlessness would surround you. As such, you may develop tension, anxiety, and depression because of the problems in your professional and personal front. You feel alone and weak.
Your enemies would try to put you in trouble in different ways. You have to face financial problems. But, there is a way to get out of this situation. Involve yourself more in spiritual activities. It reduces the negative vibes and helps you to achieve mental peace.

Shani Mahadasha in Sun Antardasha

Different kinds of problems crop up in your professional life. There would be delays in achieving your objectives. You may encounter certain kinds of disagreement with your father. You would feel vulnerable and want to detach from all the family members.
Enemies try to bring you down in whatever ways they can. Your health won’t be in a good shape because of mental stress. You would likely be suffering from fever, headache, and heart-related issues.

Shani Mahadasha in Jupiter Antardasha

As you know, the Shani planet associates with spirituality and wisdom. So, Jupiter is beneficial and helps in reducing the adverse impacts of Shani on you. It is the Shani Mahadasha last phase. Plenty of willpower and courage surrounds you. This helps you to fight against bad people.
The presence of the Jupiter planet improves your wisdom and knowledge. You would find that your career is on the right track. This eases your mental pressure. Happiness in your family returns. Also, you would involve more in spiritual activities. A great amount of relief is what you get in Jupiter Antardasha.

Remedies you can try to reduce Shani Dasha

You can reduce the negative effects of Shani Mahadasha by performing dharmic activities along with mantras. Here are some Shani Mahadasha remedies you can try. This can bring the end of Saturn Mahadasha.

Feed the needy – You should feed the needy with food so that you can sail through the phase of Mahadasha with ease. It is good to feed the poor and hungry people or a black dog around you. Keep in your mind that you should perform the deed without any kind of doubt. Instead of buying food from restaurants, try to prepare food in your home, and serve them. This would add good karmic points.

Engage in a willful donation – By now you have understood that Shani Mahadasha is because of the bad karma from your past lives. You gain good karma when you donate something for those who need help. Donating mustard oil, mustard seeds, or black fabric is auspicious.

Drop your bad habits – Certain acts such as doing drugs, smoking, and consuming alcohol anger Shani God. These acts put a human away from conscience and lead to fearful acts without thinking. So, try to stay away from those things during this period. It affects your karmic chart.

Be humble and good – It is due to the bad karma from your previous lives that you are suffering. So, do much good as you can. Try to donate, feed the hungry, and help the needy. Also, stay away from all kinds of unlawful things. Never hurt people and be true in your dealings with others.

Recite Hanuman Chalisa – When you chant the 40 verses of Hanuman Chalisa, it makes you a strong person. Hanuman Chalisa controls the negative aspects of Saturn. It is helpful for people who are suffering during Shani Mahadasha. It is good to chant the mantra 8 times on Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Chant Shani Mantra – During this difficult phase, people become scared of Lord Shani Dev. Instead of satisfying, you should gain wisdom by praying Him. It helps to neutralize the ill effects during this phase of Dasha. Chant Shani Gayatri mantra, Sheena Beej mantra, and usual Shani mantra at least once daily. It helps a lot during the transition period of Shani Mahadasha.

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