Good and Bad Impacts of Budha Mahadasha And Their Results : Astrological Remedies For the Effects

Virtually all of us will encounter Mercury Mahadasha shortly or after some period. The Mahadasha of Mercury is named as Budha Mahadasha, i.e. the main period of Mercury. During this duration, the planet Mercury dominates over us.

The planet Mercury symbolizes intellect, proficiency, commerce and trade, mathematics, science and research and cognitive energy etc.

Therefore, during Mercury's management period, you will do better in any area that expects intellect and knowledge. It brings about individual very sharp power in remembrance.

Mahadasha of Mercury's impacts will differ and rely on the position of Mercury and how it works when incorporated with different planets and their planetary characteristics.

Initially, we will discuss the good impacts of Budha Mahadasha. The Mercury planet delivers considerable positive outcomes for believers who are born under Gemini, Virgo and Taurus. When Mercury is generously positioned it will shower blessings in your life in the shape of intellect and knowledge.

  • You'll keep an outstanding achievement in education and will retain confidence in speaking and disseminating your opinions in the populace.
  • The Mercury Mahadasha will help an individual achieve a special status in education and at a social status. The person will be adequately honoured and respected in the community.
  • With a powerful Mercury position, they can choose for more significant education arenas like research, Ph. D.s, etc.
  •  A nicely positioned Mercury will direct to a positive Mercury Mahadasha, concluding in a great rate of achievement when it gets to commerce and finance.
  • The individual with a sacred Mercury and under the effect of Mercury Mahadasha will retain practical intuition and exploration of the programs and tasks that a person has obtained.
  • They will achieve monetary power in their life and will achieve finances through their own company and additional earnings also.

When the Mercury is bedevilled or not well-positioned then the individual will retain to incur failures that will take out great adverse and negative energies in their existence. Here is a discussion about the bad impacts of Budha Mahadash. The people who take. Birth under the Aries and Pisces sign experience the terrible consequences of the Mercury Mahadasha.

  • When Mercury is wrong positioned on the Astrology chart then the individual will encounter drastic sentimental anxiety and get a lot of hardships and accidents.
  • They will retain a difficult time concentrating on education and keep an imbalanced financial level.
  • The individual will have a complication in electing good education, also a working business for that person.
  • There will be numerous barriers that they'll have to proceed along to retain a safe life which will bring about them not so fortunate in social speaking and distinct regions of social interaction.

The Mercury Mahadasha functions in 2 directions. One is malefic Mahadasha and the other one is benefic Mahadasha. It brings outcome in the pursuance to its stability, strength and status in your natal chart. Accordingly, we're going to examine the consequences of both malefic and benefic Mercury.

Outcome and effect of the benefic Mercury Mahadasha

The planet Mercury is essentially a double planet. Thus, the individual impacted by Mercury performs tend to retain a double business. The native virtually gets involved with 2 aspects at a moment. Nonetheless, the native impacted by Mercury is highly intelligent.

During the Mahadasha Mercury, there'll be tons of alternatives hit on your door. The aboriginal can be greatly prosperous in the business correlating to the internet, telecommunication, radio computer, electronic media, television, advertising, electronic media, mathematics, middleman ship, writing engineering, sales and commerce and the area that expects gift of the sermon.

If you've been moving through the Mahadasha of Mercury, then you should attempt the business illustrated here to obtain incredible achievement during the 17 years of Mercury Mahadasha. 

Consequence and effect of the malefic Mahadasha of Mercury

We have examined plenty about the advantages of the Mahadasha of Mercury. Nonetheless, Mercury does have an adverse aspect also.

If the Mercury is weakened and you are undergoing the Mahadasha of Mercury, then you're not getting on to obtain a positive outcome.

The Mercury can come to be considerable danger in your existence if it is plagued by malefic planets like Saturn, Mars, Rahu and Ketu.

If the planet Mercury is depleted in the Pisces and retains correlations with the wrong planets, then you'll undergo awfully during the Mahadasha of Mercury.

You'll retain a loss of wealth, money, business issues, marital crisis, skin issue, speech complication and you will not be eligible to exhibit your verbal gear. Therefore, the achievement will be a distant ambition.

We've described herein a nutshell about the benefic and malefic personality and nature of the planet Mercury established on the ascendant.

  • Aries Ascendant – Mercury is malefic
  • Cancer ascendant – Mercury is malefic
  • Leo Ascendant – Mercury is malefic
  • Scorpion ascendant – Mercury is malefic
  • Pisces ascendant – Mercury is malefic
  • Sagittarius ascendant – Mercury is malefic
  • Taurus Ascendant – Mercury is benefic
  • Gemini Ascendant – Mercury is benefic
  • Virgo ascendant – Mercury is benefic
  • Libra ascendant – Mercury is benefic
  • Capricorn ascendant – Mercury is benefic
  • Aquarius ascendant – Mercury is benefic


When it appears to remedies, there are several solutions accessible but among them, the treatments that are better helpful and positive during the Mercury Mahadasha and to lessen its adverse consequences are the Lal Kitab remedies. They are thought to be an incredibly beneficial and cheap path to equalize the adverse impacts of any planet. The Lal Kitab solutions for negative consequences of the Mercury planet and its Mahahdasha are here – 


  • To benefit from the adverse effects of Mercury Mahadasha, one should liquor up water from a small silver glass that is simple to hold up at all moments.
  • Putting pure white thread or a copper coin in a silver chain enables in decreasing the adverse impacts of the Mercury Mahadasha.
  • Prevent enchanted amulets from anyone to lessen and retain the adverse energies at nook.
  • Final but not the slightest, the negative consequence can be lessened slowly by delivering milk and rice to a religious area.

Albiet, the plurality of the consequences whether optimistic or adverse or both relies on the placement and position of Mercury with different planets. But, Mercury by character is a helpful planet accordingly during the Mercury Mahadasha duration an individual will develop various advantages from it.

 Here is the list of Physical remedial criteria you can pursue.

  • You should utilize Green Emerald at slightly 5 carats with gold on Wednesday.
  • Utilize 4 faced Rudraksha as remedying measures for the negative effects of Mercury.
  • Feed spinach or grass to the cow.
  • Retain Budh Yantra either in the home or at the place of Puja or utilize it as a pendant.
  • Collect blessing by the Kinnar (Eunuch)
  • Look over Vishnu Sahashranam regularly.
  • Always provide confidence to youth and a new generation.
  • Keep assisting learners in their homework or comprehending their study stuff.
  • Don't be extremely violent with children and teenagers.
  • Do not fraud cashiers, Banker, tax officers, or whoever the managers of cash.
  • Mercury is the planet of information or communication so don't keep a lazy talk or don't drag your unreasonable assumptions and theories on others.
  • Prevent utilizing greatly of green colour if Mercury is the lord of your 8/12th house.
  • Investing study equipment such as Pen, paper, computer etc to learners can bring about your Mercury smile.
  • Just keep jotting down whatever comes off in your intellect or pursue everyday dairy writing.
  • Keep performing compassion, a charity for scholarly organizations.
  • This remedy is the best one, If you're undergoing Mercury Mahadasha or Antradasha then make sure you are browsing some novels or books daily for an hour. In a nutshell, try to be a cast reader.

Here are some astrological remedies to reduce the negative effect of Mercury

The horoscope exemplifies the joint energy procedure of the nine planets comprising Rahu & Ketu. Any inequality of the planetary power in a chart develops a necessity for acceptance criteria to equalize the energy. Thus, in easy words, is the path Astrological Remedies operate to equalize the energy procedure in your existence.

We are humans, we make errors and blunders. We undergo due to our seductions and difficulties in this existence and even for our current life deeds (karma). This appears in the shape of adverse impacts in the horoscope. Specific regions of life being affected by them occur discontented and distressed zones.

This can be comprehended as an adverse inequality in the chart and can be assisted by solutions. Remedies can enable power or diminish a planet. It is like a professional's remedy established on the diagnosis.


Tantras are the rites and activities conducted to lose oneself from the adverse effect of planets. These Tantras are activities accomplished for the enlightenment of the self and in accomplishing so, you require to utilize the energy of your 'Tana', that is the physique.


Yantra pertains to the appliances, emblems or procedures utilized to equalize the psyche and focus your energy on the theories that the Yantra exemplifies. Yantras can retain geometric structures marked including circles, squares, and much more and these patterns exemplify some religious energy or theory. 

Sri Yantra is one of the greatest widespread Yantra utilized which retains geometrical structures that depict the Universe, indicating towards the consensus of human and divine.


Gemstones have been speculated to hold up talismanic importance. The Navagraha theory is particularly prominent in Vedic astrology. 
According to this astrology, each gemstone exemplifies a specific planet and is established on the stability or shortcoming of the planet in the horoscope. A gemstone is suggested to either strengthen or alleviate the adverse effects of Mercury planet.


Mercury Mahadasha is generally a helpful and effective time of 17 years for a person unless it incorporates additional planets. It's consequences also rely on the birth sign of a person, if it's Aries and Pisces, it will indicate an adverse impact but when the born signs are Virgo, Taurus or Gemini, there'll hardly be optimistic powers and enemies. Lal Kitab solutions are incredibly beneficial and effective to diminish the malefic consequences of the Mercury Mahadasha. These physical and astrological remedies are also helpful for alleviating the negative effects of Mercury Mahadasha.

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    Born 4th October 1978 time 6.30pm,how is mercury placed in my kundli position and is I will get good jobwith good profile

  2. Polly says:

    Born 4th October 1978 time 6.30pm,how is mercury placed in my kundli position and is I will get good jobwith good profile

  3. Polly says:

    Born 4th October 1978 time 6.30pm,how is mercury placed in my kundli position and is I will get good jobwith good profile

  4. Polly says:

    Born 4th October 1978 time 6.30pm,how is mercury placed in my kundli position and is I will get good jobwith good profile

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