What happens When Guru Mahadasha Starts and Ends? : Effects And Astrological Remedies for GuruDasha.

A concept of Vedic Astrology, Mahadasha is called after the Great period in a person’s life. Dasha means a stage of life or a period of time. Maha means  great, together the two words make ‘Mahadasha’ i.e. the great period of an individual’s life.


This period of time or stretch of time in an individual's lifespan is ruled by a particular planet. The planet depends on their date and time of birth. Each Mahadasha is managed by a different planet and by extension has different names. For example- the Mahadasha under Saturn is called Shani Mahadasha, under Mars is calle Mangal etc.

The Mahadasha of Jupiter is known as the Guru Mahadasha. It is one of the most beneficial Mahadasha in life. One if likely to come under the influence of Vimshottari Jupiter Mahadasha. It runs for a period of 16 years based on the Vimshottari system of time  calculation.

As Jupiter is considered an auspicious plant, its Mahadasha brings good results and effects. The sixteen years that it rules for are considered to be the most auspicious period in an individual’s life, bringing for them success, wealth, power and spiritual development.

However, the Jupiter Mahadasha can also have negative impacts. What happens for you when it starts will depend on how Jupiter is placed in your chart. While Jupiter is majorly benevolent, it can also have negative and disastrous effects on your finances, health, jobs etc.

The Jupiter Mahadasha or Guru Mahadasha will bring either sixteen years of wealth, prosperity, name, and fame or sixteen years of mental stress, financial instability, family problems etc,depending on your birth ascendant.

Therefore, when Jupiter is a beneficial planet it brings all good things like wealth, happiness, financial stability, spousal love etc. But, when it is a non-beneficial planet, it brings ominous effets.

Positive impacts of Guru Mahadasha

  • It can make you more powerful and put you in a position of power and higher rank
  • For businessmen, their businesses shall flourish and grow by leaps and bounds 
  • Students shall excel in academics and get their dreams colleges, universities or institutions 
  • One can develop knowledge of spirituality, astrology and extrasensory powers such as predicting the future
  • One may be honoured by the government and receive higher social status
  • Happiness from your spouse, kids and family is on the cards
  • Friendship and connections with rich and influential people
  • Mind remains happy, placated, calm and knowledgeable 
  • Health is benefitted
  • One may become the Master of musical instruments
  • Prosperity, wealth can be attained
  • Receiving clothes and jewellery from friends
  • Increase in social status and societal importance

Negative impacts of Jupiter Mahadasha

  • A bad teacher might mislead,and misguide you
  • You might question spirituality and God, leading to you no longer believe in them
  • You will not receive blessings from elder
  • Lack of prosperity and savings
  • Problems with money and monetary aspects of life
  • Your accumulated wealth can be lost
  • Family problems including with children and spouse
  • You might face bad luck and misfortune in life
  • Diseases such as obesity, Asthma, Hypertension and Diabetes can grip you
  • Might face problems it’s banking, finance and insurance

The planet Jupiter offers results according to your house placement and ascendant. Like, for Aries Ascendant, they may get good results as Jupiter is in the 9th lord in their chart. On the contrary Taurus Ascendant may not get desirable results as Jupiter is the 8th and 11th house for them.

Aries ascendant 

Jupiter is a beneficial planet for them as it is the lord of the 9th and 12thhouse. It will bring them achievement and prosperity in life.

Taurus Ascendant

The  Vimshottari 16 years are not good for Taurus Ascendants as Jupiter is not placed in a good position. It is the lord of the 8th and 11th house for them. For it to be beneficial, it must be placed in its own sign and conjoined by auspicious planets like the Moon.

Gemini ascendant

It is auspicious for Gemini ascendants being the lord of the 7th and 10th house.

Cancer ascendant

The Jupiter Mahadasha brings spectacular results for them as it is the lord of the 6th and 9th house. It shall bring them name, fame, wealth, and prosperity.

Leo ascendant 

They shall reap beneficial results during these sixteen years, being the lord of the 5th and 8th house. It shall bring happiness, and higher education.

Virgo ascendant 

The planet is not beneficial as it owns the 4th and 7th house in a Virgo’s chart. 

Libra ascendant

Good results will not be reaped as the planet guru is the lord of the 3rd and 6th house.

Scorpio ascendant

Good results shall be reaped as Jupiter is quite beneficial for them. It is the Lord of the second and fifth house.

Sagittarius ascendant 

The planet Jupiter is the Lord of the fourth house. Hence it is the most beneficial planet for the native. Success, happiness, health, and social standing shall be received

Capricorn  ascendant 

Jupiter is the Lord of the third in the 12th house. Hence it is not a beneficial planet for the native belonging to this ascendant.

Aquarius ascendant 

Jupiter is the Lord of the second and the 11th house for the native of Aquarius ascendant. It is beneficial for them and will bring wealth and prosperity during the 16 years.

Pisces ascendant 

It is an excellent Mahadasha for the person born in this ascendant. The planet is the Lord of the 10th house which is extremely beneficial for the native. It shall bring extreme success and achievement.

Ways to strengthen your Jupiter 

  • Worship lord Shiva, Brihaspati, banana tree, lord Vishnu
  • Recite Shri Rudram, Guru Strotram
  • Do daily Japa of Guru Beej mantra
  • Dome charity such as donating saffron or turmeric, chana dal and yellow cloth to poor people on thursdays
  • Do fasting: keep fasts on Thursdays
  • Worship peepal tree
  • Avoid wearing footwear during lunch or dinner
  • Put tilak of kesar or haldi on forehead 
  • Wear a yellow sapphire gemstone or semi-precious yellow topaz
  • Respect your teachers, gurus and elderly persons


The Guru mahadasha is a sixteen year long period of time of an individual’s life ruled by the planet Jupiter. It can have extensively good effects for some and equally bad results for others, depending on their sun sign and Ascendant. The placement of Jupiter in one’s chart is of critical value.

However, for people with weak Jupiter- a number of home, astrological and material ways to help strengthen it.

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46 thoughts on “What happens When Guru Mahadasha Starts and Ends? : Effects And Astrological Remedies for GuruDasha.

  1. Phani says:

    What is the effect at the beginning of Jupiter mahadasa? I am sffering a lot after beginning of Guru mahadasa, what is the Solution my DOB 8-8-1882.

  2. Praveen pinto says:

    birth : 7.10 AM, May 28 1966 birth place : Mangalore, Karnataka state…… Guru Dasha started on 04-02-2014, I’m redused to a beggerly state, no money to pay my son’s college fees for money for my wife’s medical treatment…. huge debts, house property mortgaged to bank.

  3. Praveen pinto says:

    birth : 7.10 AM, May 28 1966 birth place : Mangalore, Karnataka state…… Guru Dasha started on 04-02-2014, I’m redused to a beggerly state, no money to pay my son’s college fees for money for my wife’s medical treatment…. huge debts, house property mortgaged to bank.

  4. Mohit says:

    Mohit USHA SHARMA SURESH KUMAR SHARMA DOB 24/4/1972 7:45 AM PHAGWARA (PUNJAB) SHARMA BHARDWAJ MAIN GATE-EAST/NORTH I am out of job and work, in bad financial position. Pls show the path to remedy.

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