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Daily Horoscope

Horoscope Questions & Answers

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Recently Customer Asked Questions

I am suffering with heart disease, is it possible for the one to find out diseases through Astrology? Please tell me and also the various aspects of the planets if possible...

Planets in astrology Responsible For Heart Disease 
1- Sun- The significator of Heart the soul of Hearts internal function system.
2- Moon- It controls the watery part of our body. Like water in the blood. In the case of Heart, it controls the blood flow into the heart.
3- Mars- Mars is the significance of muscles it controls the muscular system and bone marrow of our case of heart, it controls the muscular function.
4- Jupiter- Jupiter controls Arteries and veins 
5- Rahu- Unpredictable sudden can complicate any disease including Heart-related especially if it is connected with sun and Jupiter.
House Responsible For Heart Related Diseases in Horoscope.
Three houses are mainly responsible those are 
Laguna or Ascendant- It controls overall bodily functions, and Heart is also included. It is the 10th house from the 4th hence very important, 10th House from any House shows the development of Lagna house.
4th House- The house of Heart All Heart-related functions came under this house rulership.
6th House- The House of diseases temporary or short term disease - possible to cure.
8the House- The House of death due to short or long term disease and by other means medications for longer period time, etc. Disease nearly impossible to cure.
Some or more combinations of Heart disease in Horoscope.
1- If 4th House is occupied by any malefic planet or House lord and the cancer sign is also affected somehow, so the native will suffer from heart-related diseases.
2- If 4the and 5th house both are affiliated by Rahu, Saturn or sun in D-9 and Rashi chart both so, the person will suffer from serious heart disease due to mental disturbances and hypertension Actually these type of people are sensitive and get Heart very easily.D-6 and other factors should be judged to be sure of the result.
3- If the moon is badly afflicted in Rashi chart Navanmsa and D-6 so the person will suffer from Heart-related diseases due to the imbalance of blood flowering into the heart.
4- If there is a Heart-related diseases yoga in the horoscope and related planets Dasa- Antardasa is going on the other hand in transit the ascendant lord is in watery sign and somehow connected with 6th,8th or 12th house so a sudden Heart attack can be developed at that time.
5- If moon is influence by rahu and occupy 1st House and Saturn occupies or aspect 1st or 4th or 5th house so the native Heart will be weak.

By Puja N Pujari Team
Actually, we celebrate our birthday according to the calendar month. But some people say, according to the birth chart or tithi people has to celebrate Birthday. Which one I have to follow, please suggest to me....???

Generally, birthday is celebrated every 365 days from the day of birth. However, astrologically, that date has no significance in your life whatsoever. Instead, the idea of “janma-tithi” is used which is the astronomical recurrence of the angular position of sun & moon as it exactly was at the moment of birth.
The Vedas say that sun & moon are the celestial father & mother, while earth is the womb of the moon. Sun & moon are constantly moving in the heavens changing the angle between them. Each angle signifies a specific moment on earth & the lives that were born at that moment. In a way, the Sun & Moon are moving like two hands of a clock churning out new potential moments of creation on earth.

So, every time sun enters the rasi where it was during birth & the moment the moon makes the exact angle with it that was there in the natal chart, a janma -tithi is observed.

Essentially, we are combining solar & lunar month to calculate the janma-tithi which therefore has much more astrological & astronomical significance.
Say for example a person has sun in 27deg pisces & moon in 23deg virgo in the natal chart. His janma tithi will fall every year on the day when sun will be in pisces & moon will be in virgo at exactly 23deg.
That date will generally not coincide with the usual birthday calculated from the Julian calender; it may even differ by weeks!

The exact repetition of natal angle between sun & moon shows that a cycle in your life has been completed. Every Janma-tithi is like a rebirth of your consciousness on earth.

Therefore, a chart casted at the exact moment of janma tithi every year can show important events & themes happening that year. This idea is the basis of the “Varshaphala” or “Tithi-pravesh” chart. Use vimsottori dasa with these charts. Combined with natal chart dasas, these yearly charts can really help increase the accuracy of prediction.
Its good to meditate that day, especially when moon enters the exact tithi angle with sun.

Some simple tips to analyse varshaphala chart:

1. See which rasi becomes the ascendant. That rasi will become an important theme that year. The dignity of the rasi lord & its house placements will tell how smooth will that year be.

2. Asc lord in 6,8, 12 especially in low dignity will cause a difficult year. In 6th, there will be diseases, loans, slow progess etc, in 8th there will be out of control situation, betrayal, loss of residence etc, in 12th there will be expenses, foreign journey, withdrawing from material world etc. Exactly which effects will happen must be judged based on rest of the chart & natal chart tendencies according to the dasa running at that year.

3. Houses with 6th8th & 12th lord located in them will be areas of life where difficulties will be felt.

4. All the techniques & principles that apply to the natal chart applies here too.

By Puja N Pujari Team
Sun is worshipped as Live God, Father of Universe and king among all planets. Then why he is considered a malefic planet??

We worship the sun because the sun is only a natural source of energy. Without sun no photosynthesis, no tree, no oxygen, and as a result no human. So that's why In Hindu religion we worship everyone who created us. And in astrology, it is considered malefic because it is a hot and fiery planet. Where ever it sits, and the planet it sits within close connection it burns their ability to perform. That why it is malefic ... But personally, I do not consider as strong malefic as mars Saturn Rahu Ketu.

Every planet is important but Sun is most important because our Sun sign is Lagna. If Sun and Moon are very strong, generally the horoscope is considered strong. Sun in 11th house generally nullify bad effects of whole horoscope.

The difference lies is the guna of the graha. Satva guna of Surya helps burn our sins/karmas, hence it is responsible for cleansing of soul and that can be painful 

By Puja N Pujari Team
I am Virgo Ascendant and since August 2018 having issues with household products especially electronics, be it tv, fridge, laptop, phone, water motor, inverter, stabiliser, drapery rods, car, ac, chargers, gas stove, water tank, geyser, washing machine, toilet flush, name anything that is used at home, I v had issue with everything. Many of them are not two years old. Every day, there is something. Even my houseplants got infected. Lucky bamboo is almost dying. Me running Saturn/Ketu and my husband Ketu/Mars now...

Virgo ascendant people are facing issues related to home due to the current transits.
As the Saturn and Ketu hitting the 4th house, Many problems might have popped up during last few months and some may be forced to leave the home especially due to new work/business reasons and some of them have some debts or health issues since 2017 mid.

Even the native is running a very good Dasha, there will be some problems due to older people and many issues to the household products or leakage problems.

But this is an absolute positive period to study occult-related studies and spending time in higher learning and spiritual activities. many of them will be interested to read about astrology/spirituality online especially since last Rahu Ketu transit and might have joined many astrology groups

By Puja N Pujari Team
In my chart Neptune is in the 12th House, and Uranus is in the 8th House, Please tell me what will be my future, and what will chart in this year.

8th House: indicates psychic, mediumistic, astral or out-of-body abilities; abilities were developed in a past life and are available, * if not afflicted, especially to Uranus or Neptune
9th House: indicates prophetic, mystic, or visionary abilities were developed in a past life and available in this lifetime, *if not afflicted, especially to Uranus or Neptune
12th House: gives unconscious psychic ability. It is a carry-over from a past life, and often karmic. Other indicators should be in chart to develop psychic gifts in this lifetime, excluding squares or oppositions to Neptune and Uranus

By Puja N Pujari Team

The 3 most important pieces of information in your chart which will give you a fundamental overview of who you really are, is your Sun sign, your Moon sign, and your Ascendant/Rising sign.
SUN sign: represents your personality, potential, and purpose level of you, how you live day today, and your self-image.
MOON sign: how you would react emotionally, inner self, your habits, intuition, and instinct.
ASCENDANT/RISING sign: how you appear to others, their first impression of you, shows your life path, who you are becoming, what you let others see.

By Puja N Pujari Team
Any insight is greatly appreciated. I’ve been struggling internally lately and having a very hard time understanding myself even. It’s been a battle I am ready to release. Libra- Sun Capricorn- Moon Sagittarius- Rising Thank you so much in advance.

Your Libra sun longs for some type of emotional connection and balance. Your Capricorn moon keeps you wanting to be very practical and it keeps you wanting more. Like a large sense of purpose. This can make you be hard on yourself since you're almost never satisfied. Your Sag ascending is trying to get you to let go and be free without hesitation. Sags don't like being tied down in any aspect of their lives, and they often act on a whim.
So looking at all of that, I can definitely see where you're lost. Capricorn + Sagittarius is a very difficult combo to have, because the needs to each sign contradict each other. Like I said before, your Libra sun wants to be love and wants balance. However, Capricorn and Sag don't really want or need any love interests to be happy. It sounds to me like you need some water to help balance these 3 things out. You have the earth, air, and fire elements in your 3 main signs. I think finding some type of emotional bond will work wonders for you. Give your all to something that isn't work, and don't be so harsh on yourself.

By Puja N Pujari Team
Does Jupiter retrograde, debilitated in 10th house Capricorn give malefic Jupiter Mahadasa?

Jupiter means guru. It surely will teach u the real meaning of life

By Puja N Pujari Team
Do Planets have different Nakshatra's in Navamsa?

No it doesn't. Navamsa is derived out of Rasi chart. The softwares do mention illusionary Nakshatras but it is more of steetching 3.20 degrees to 30 by multiplying it by 9. For eg let's say a planet is in 11 degrees, the Navamsa pada runs from 10 to 13.20 degree.. This planet in 11 degrees in rasi will be in 9 degrees in Navamsa in the appropriate sign. If planet is in 12 degrees say it shall be in 18 degrees in Navamsa.

By Puja N Pujari Team
Will Rahu work according to its Depositer. If rahu is in 5th house and it's Depositer in 6th what will be the result?

You must observe very important thing rahu is the energy of extreme and it works on material world even though it's like smoke. It means that it gives results that we can see or touch even though they are based on ilusion. 

Second rahu is extremely important in horoscope. It amplifies energy much much. It is very important to check if rahu is not connected to other factors which causes extremes like 8th house and karakas or (zodiac signs of karakas) in it's own houses.

Every time you see karakas in it's own house You can be sure that things that are represent by this planet and house will touch this person because it's too much energy generated.

Like-sun in 9th house will give overpowering father or struggle with goverment or authorities. Moon in 4th is digbala so it is not bad but can give oversensitive mom, and can make us overprotective or our mom will be like that or fear of loosing comfort or comething like that.

Venus in 9th will bring our relationship troubles because it bring too much of partners and attraction and most possible will bring cheating. Mars in 3rd can bring problems according to younger brother(brothers) courage and things like that. Jupiter in 5th house you may have problems with children or not having them at all

Now if you see it connected to rahu then it will give main topic of your life probably because this energy will be so extreme. Also if You see rahu in 3rd in aries,scorpio Or Rahu in 4th in cancer Or Rahu in 5th in sagittarius or piesces Or Rahu in 7th in Taurus or libra Or Rahu in 9th in Leo 

You can have troubles check where dispositor is and you may find that problem related to this karaka will be visible in this house. Also what I noticed 8th house 8th from 8th(3rd house) and 8th places away from factor we analyse about rahu will bring troubles and extremes

By Puja N Pujari Team

Birth charts

Horoscopes or birth charts are prepared by purohits and experts based upon the movements of sun at the time of the child’s birth. Despite the fact that no one can know his or her future, astrology has its own significance as it defines one’s nature, temper, future life, survival and many more and to be very accurate these astrological predictions proved themselves true and accurate with time. Their accuracy kept them in demand always and so in today’s world also this science is being followed by many and specially in a country like India. We Indians fix our marriages based on the “kundali milan” and its nothing but horoscope match of two individuals. If the matching points are high its suggested to perform the marriage otherwise not and this is enough to know its importance for us.

Zodiac Signs

These horoscopes are based upon 12 zodiac signs which are predicted as per the 12 months in a year. These 12 zodiac signs are Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius and Pisces. The zodiac signs are predicted as per the effects of air, water, earth and fire and thus makes an impression on an individual’s life.

Daily Horoscope @ Puja N Pujari

Puja N pujari provides daily astrological predictions / free horoscope for each of the 12 zodiac signs specified. Check in our website for your and your loved one’s horoscopic predictions and follow the colour and other remedies to get maximum benefits.

Features of Puja N Pujari

Puja N pujari is a spiritual firm dedicated towards providing all kind of spiritual help to its customer base be it performing puja at home or temple or online sale of all kind of spiritual items and gods and goddesses idols. We feel glad to help you in finding pandits and purohits by making it available in one single click of yours. Our panel of pandits are highly qualified and experienced and that too we cater in your preferred regional rituals in your language itself. Along with all other services we also extend our help for all kind of astrological assistance's to our customers.

Astrologer Consultation

Getting astrological assistance’s now became very easy because Puja N pujari is working as a medium for you to get your predictions directly from famous astrologers like Maharshee Vani Anand Guruji and many others. Now just send us a request for appointment with your preferred astrologers at Puja N pujari astrologer’s panel and get updated by us for the appropriate time and we assure to serve you as soon as possible.

Panchanga Predictions

Panchangs are the Hindu calendars which are designed by making calculations of time and movements of celestial bodies as well as sun. They are created and published based on five elements which are “tithi” or lunar phase, “vara” or week days, “nakshatra” or start constellation and moon is placed here itself, yoga or the latest period going on and karana which is also known as the half of tithi and then a particular time or muhurat is decided. These panchangs are designed and published in all local languages and is used for predicting auspicious dates any occasion like marriages, naming functions,gruha pravesha and many more. It is also capable of predicting the dates of solar and lunar eclipses

Remedies and Recommendations

Astrological predictions and future announcements are done by qualified astrologers who understands the mathematical calculations of time and periods including the movements of our celestial objects. The movements and positions of these bodies effects us in both ways whether good or bad and they are decided by our past life’s good or bad deeds. If an individual had done good deeds in his past life then these bodies makes good effects otherwise bad effects over powers us. But this is not the case always, sometimes some bodies may be neutral and in that case we must try to make significant effects on us. This is the time when remedies are done to empower our weak forces and weaken the bad one’s.


Remedies of astrological predictions are nothing but our positive deeds to nullify the negativeness or to increase the positive effects of the forces which influences us. These remedy pujas may include many forms such as doing mantra ucharna, puja and homamas, tantra vidya and observing fasts etc are done are pacify the negativity which creates harmful effects on us and enables to increase the positivity in our life.