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In Vedic astrology, Dasha holds a crucial part of an individual's life. It handles aspects of life, shapes it and gives a clear sign of the effect of every planet in the natal chart. Shukra Mahadasha also indicates the consequences of native's actions taken or not taken. The fruitful results & baleful effects based on the planet positioning in various houses.
Here is a glance about Venus/ Shukra Mahadasha, effects, and remedies. That will help in getting the fruitful result in native's life

What is Shukra Mahadasha?

Shukra Mahadasha influences the social and personal life of an individual. It lasts for 20 long years, which is the longest period amid other planets in the whole Dasha cycle. Individuals under the influence of Venus Mahadasha lose inner peace & his family life.

On the other side when the planet is on the good side, it brings materialistic gains and comfort in a person’s life. It escorts peace, well-being, and wealth and makes the individual the happiest person.

Characteristic of the Venus planet

In astrology, Shukra planet represents pleasures of life related to art and creativity. It also connects with happiness, love, sensuality, and sexuality. The nature of the Shukra planet is beneficial and it gives promising results like

  • The happiest family life accompanied by Children, prosperity, honor, and wealth
  • Inspiration for education or a profession in creative fruits will bear fruits.
  • New heights in career, new venture or with an existing business will start making profits. .
  • An Endowment of accumulated ancestor’s wealth
  • The individual will get a loving and beautiful partner.
  • It enhances sexuality and pleasures for the happy life.
  • Unexpected gain in property and luxurious house
  • Achievements in professional life

Bad Effects of weak Venus planet

Venus positioning is crucial, if it is in weak house or combined with Rahul, Mars, Sun, Saturn, or Ketu. It gives afflicted effects of Shukra and can lead to a lot of suffering and pilot endless trials. The worst affects the general life which includes sorrow in relationships and in getting married. It will not allow an individual to explore his inner creativity for a longer time.

Individuals with weak Venus may suffer from venereal diseases. Their career front will turn into a nightmare or and can experience losses in business. The bad effects also include that the person will not be able to buy any luxury jewelry or clothing.

Venus Dasha period

Shukra Mahadasha comes after Ketu Dasha. Ketu Dasha effects are for a longer period of seven years that believe to be the cruelest period. Venus Dasha brings a sense of relief for those natives who went through the agonized phase and lost all. Venus Mahadasha helps in regaining everything back which they lost in Ketu Dasha.

It teaches the lessons of life when Venus met with Saturn that shows life can change anytime. Ketu shows that luxuries are an illusion and make people wise and let go of luxuries.

Venus Antardasha in Venus Mahadasha

Antardasha refers to the extended period of mahadasha that bifurcate into nine segments. This subdivision makes Venus Antardasha meet with nine planets called ‘sub-ruling periods’. Antardasha takes place in the same order and proportional length as mahadasha. 

Note: Planets Dasha and Antardasha computes on the basis of juncture of planet mahadasha with fellow planets. 

Venus planet is famous as a helpful planet for human beings. It bestows individuals with various kinds of comforts, materialistic wealth, and luxuries. The native under Venus Antardasha is generally blessed with a delightful and blissful life.

A well-placed Shukra in kundali leads to a happy life by keeping away the stress. It makes the individual attractive and charming for the opposite gender. The person with strong Venus inclined towards creativity and appreciates intelligence and beauty. The native will emerge as a charming and buoyant personality in this period.

This period will be the beginning of new fruitful relationships. In an existing relationship, one will experience romance and immense love. It is quite possible that the results can reverse while moving towards the end of the Antardasha.

Note: the advantages of Venus are moderate during the early-stage of Antardasha. It will improve during the mid-stage.

Venus Antardasha Effects

  • In case the Venus is in a Kendra to Lagna, or in its own sign, or in its rising. The person may get a monarchy, experience great luxuries, precious items, and enjoyment. It is the effect of Antardasha in Venus in Dasha of Mars.
  • In case Venus connects with Lagna’s lord that leads to a blissful and happy married life. It handles the greatest good fortune and well-mannered children.
  • The native might gain wealth, property, land, get a house, etc, if Venus is in the 2nd, 5th, 9th, or 11th house from the Dasha lord. Antardasha has other effects on those celebrations of marriage or the birth of a son at home.
  • The native will get involved with constructive work when Venus links to the lord of Karma. He might connect with charity, religious, and pious work.
  • There will be physical distress and sorrow, disturbance in the family, loss of wealth. In case Venus is in the 6th, 8th, or 12th house from Dasha's lord, or relates to the malefic.
  • The native has body pain when Venus position is in the lord of the 2nd or 7th house during Antardasha. In certain cases, when Venus connects with the Lord of Randhra or Ari during Antardasha.

Rahu Mahadasha Venus Antardasha effects

Rahu-venus can make a native’s life difficult that include various effects:

  • Native whether doing business or job, he has to struggle to earn a little money.
  • Friends and family members may cause agony and distress with the fear of opposition.
  • The good side includes
  • Profits through Brahmin
  • Celebrations
  • Well-being
  • Comfort
  • Enjoyment
  • Recognition at the work front.
  • There might be
  • Quarrels
  • Separation in the family
  • Diseases
  • Disputes with descendants
  • Death, Danger, and Other sufferings.

Venus mahadasha Rahu Antardasha

  • The native may suffer from anxiety, sudden fear, distress, or suffer from losses. The fear of betrayal by friends, losses, physical distress, etc is a few bad effects.
  • The good effect will be that the native will enjoy
  • The successful journey
  • Gain wealth
  • Enthusiasm
  • Victory on enemies, and
  • Foreign trips.

Saturn-Venus mahadasha

In Saturn Mahadasha and Venus Antardasha, the native will get auspicious results. They will also get inauspicious results. This includes:

  • Get name and fame in the location or the country
  • Attainment of a good wife, children, wealth, and ornaments.
  • The native will get married, gain wealth, and birth a son at home are few effects of Saturn-Venus Mahadasha.
  • Fortune will shine if Jupiter has favorable transit with Venus Antardasha.
  • There are few bad effects of Saturn Mahadasha and Venus Antardasha. There may be:
  • Physical distress
  • Mental agony
  • Quarrels with loved ones
  • Problems in married life

Venus mahadasha Saturn Antardasha

Venus-Saturn has both positive and negative effects on human life that include:

  • The native will get progress in their career. They will gain a good reputation and wealth. They will have loyal nature and keep fidelity; the progress will be slow and steady. The natives with Venus-Saturn are honest and hardworking
  • On the negative side, they might not be able to keep a check on his passion, and they might suffer in a failed married life.

Jupiter Mahadasha Venus Antardasha

Jupiter-Venus brings mixed effects of good and bad sides that include:

  • On the good side, the native will get respect, rich, magnanimous, and broad-minded. He will enjoy the comforts of life like vehicle, house, etc
  • On the other side, the native might have extramarital affairs.  He might get losses in business or have a troubled married life.

Venus mahadasha Ketu Antardasha

Venus-Ketu has various effects that can bring the native into a dilemma. As a result, they may not be able to understand things, and his mind may be unstable and restless. Other effects include:

  • The native might be at risk of:
  • Snake bite
  • Thieves
  • Quarrels with relatives
  • Excessive expenditure, and
  • Suffer from diseases like diabetes.
  • The native may experience a shortage of money and pain caused by enemies.
  • It also includes auspicious effects like abnormal gains, in wealth and professional life.

Remedies of Shukra Mahadasha

When the Shukra planet is not well-placed in the natal chart, the results are bad and can spoil the natives’ image. There might be more debts and loans. The native's relationships may get strained. They may experience losses in business or work front and other ill effects. There are a few remedies. These remedies can handle the ill effects of the Venus Mahadasha.  The remedies which can reverse the malefic effects are:

  • Donate white ornaments and food on Fridays to females in need.
  • Every Friday worship Goddess Lakshmi
  • Wear silver items or keep them with you in a purse or wallet
  • Avoid non-veg food and alcohol on Fridays.
  • Chant the mantra “Om Shum Shukraya Namaha” 108 times, Shukra Graha Japa
  • Light a camphor lamp to drop negative energy every evening at home.
  • Never take anything for free that includes gifts and any other item.
  • Feed cows everyday


To live a happy and luxurious life native needs to make his Venus Dasha and Antardasha strong. In case there is any problem in positioning of Venus in various houses one can consider the above remedies or contact the relevant person.

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    I m m Krishna Kumar
    16/11/2021 3:40:18 PM

    Information is useful

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    Zulfaquar Ahmed
    19/09/2021 5:43:50 PM

    My DOB is 15 Jan 1968,from last five year, slowly I lost property & capital Is there any hope for my recovery,any stone preferred

  • User Avatar
    M.B. ASHOK
    21/08/2021 11:47:20 AM

    My date of birth is 04.12.1952 and I am in Shukra Dasha. My health is not good since 2 years. One or the other treatment is going on. I shall be much obliged if you can give me remedy for this. Mine is MITHUNA RASHI and PURVASHADA NAKSHATRA. your early suggestion in rhe matter is highly appreciated. Thank You

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    25/05/2021 8:29:40 PM

    Venus Dasha Will effect Scorpio ascendant?

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    26/02/2021 2:29:41 PM

    How to Calculate the Shukra Dasha for Leo ?

    • User Avatar
      Rameshwara Sastry
      24/04/2021 7:41:38 AM

      It denpend upon lord shukra postion in the horoscope

  • User Avatar
    20/02/2021 6:50:43 AM

    what is mahadasha in astrology ? what is the venus remedies astrology

    • User Avatar
      Rameshwara Sastry
      24/04/2021 7:43:52 AM

      Mahadasha, It's the main period of a planet in astrology. The remedy for venus Do Lakshmi Puja every Friday, by wearing a diamond ring.

  • User Avatar
    16/02/2021 2:42:21 PM

    what will be the results of shani antardasha in shukra mahadasha

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    08/02/2021 6:51:58 AM

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    01/02/2021 2:01:29 PM

    What is the meaning of the guru shukra dasha ?

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    30/01/2021 9:05:24 AM

    What is shukra Bhukti or venus antardasha ?

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    28/01/2021 11:22:05 AM

    how to make shukra strong in their Antradashas ?

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    25/01/2021 11:19:25 AM

    Is the combination of shukra mahadasha shani antardasha is good.

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    Govind Menon
    21/01/2021 2:17:38 PM

    Is their any shukra mahadasha remedies for kids ?

  • User Avatar
    18/01/2021 1:29:59 PM

    Child’s current Shukra Mahadasha will benefit for the parents?

    • User Avatar
      Rameshwara Sastry
      24/04/2021 7:45:36 AM

      Shukra mahadasha is favourable depending upon lord Shukra position in parent and child horoscope.

  • User Avatar
    16/01/2021 7:48:37 PM

    Would like to know shukra dasa is favorable or not

  • User Avatar
    11/01/2021 11:22:28 AM

    How many years of shukra dasha?

    • User Avatar
      Rameshwara Sastry
      13/01/2021 11:04:03 AM

      20 years of shukra dasha

  • User Avatar
    09/01/2021 7:16:12 AM

    Share some astro remedies to for shukra graha strong

  • User Avatar
    05/01/2021 9:04:22 AM

    If we enters in to the shukra mahadasha will that effects us majorly?

  • User Avatar
    31/12/2020 7:31:45 AM

    How can I strengthen my shukra?

    • User Avatar
      Rameshwara Sastry
      15/01/2021 10:47:01 AM

      Performing the go puja , will strengthen the Lord shukra

  • User Avatar
    30/12/2020 11:25:29 AM

    What are the effects of rahu mahadasha venus antardasha

    • User Avatar
      Rameshwara Sastry
      15/01/2021 10:47:45 AM

      It depends on the bhava of the horoscope analysis

  • User Avatar
    26/12/2020 8:58:04 AM

    Is the shukra Dosha and shukra dasha are the same in astrology?

    • User Avatar
      Rameshwara Sastry
      15/01/2021 10:49:13 AM

      shukra Dosha is the defect And the Shukra dasa is the beginning peroid

  • User Avatar
    24/12/2020 7:32:39 AM

    How can I strengthen my shukra?

  • User Avatar
    23/12/2020 10:42:44 AM

    What is the beginning stage of the shukra dasha?

  • User Avatar
    23/12/2020 7:04:44 AM

    What comes after shukra Mahadasha?

  • User Avatar
    18/12/2020 8:55:56 AM

    Is their any remedies for ketu mahadasha shani antardasha?

    • User Avatar
      13/01/2021 6:50:52 AM

      Remedies for ketu mahadasha shani antardasha. 1. Ganapathi Homam or Ganesh Puja 2. Govu Puja and feeding the elephant gaja puja etc.

  • User Avatar
    17/12/2020 7:23:37 AM

    What is Shukra yoga? According to vedic astrology

    • User Avatar
      Rameshwara Sastry
      13/01/2021 6:49:13 AM

      Shukra yoga is called has malaviya yoga depends upon good position of lord shukra with other positional Lords of the individual horoscope.

  • User Avatar
    17/12/2020 7:11:31 AM

    Which one is the profitable planet for wealth in vedic astrology - Shukra or Guru?

    • User Avatar
      Rameshwara Sastry
      13/01/2021 6:47:25 AM

      Shukra , Guru profitable planet for wealth in Vedic astrology. And again it depends upon personal horoscope and zodiac sign.

  • User Avatar
    16/12/2020 6:56:54 AM

    Is shukra Mahadasha is good?

    • User Avatar
      Rameshwara Sastry
      28/12/2020 10:35:38 AM

      shukra Mahadasha Good and Bad effects will depends on the combination of antardasha and houses

  • User Avatar
    16/12/2020 6:53:18 AM

    Which house is bad for Shukra?

    • User Avatar
      Rameshwara Sastry
      28/12/2020 10:21:30 AM

      According to vedic astrology 6th and 9th houses are considered bad for Venus. But their are astrological remedies to overcome bad effects of Shukra Mahadasha

  • User Avatar
    15/12/2020 8:16:34 AM

    Is their any unique astrological remedies for quarrels for shukra mahadasha

    • User Avatar
      Rameshwara Sastry
      28/12/2020 10:10:19 AM

      Do the Shukra Graha Japa or Chant the mantra “Om Shum Shukraya Namaha” 108 times everyday.

  • User Avatar
    15/12/2020 8:07:44 AM

    What happens to a person in Venus mahadasha ? What is the results ?

    • User Avatar
      Rameshwara Sastry
      28/12/2020 10:05:31 AM

      Venus planet represents pleasures of life associated with art and creative thinking. It additionally connects love, sensuality, and physiological property.