Yamaganda Kaal is Good or Bad ? Yamaganda/Ketu Kalam Today’s Timings.

Yamaganda Kala Week Day and Timings

  • Sunday: 12:00 PM to 1:30 PM (5th Muhurat)
  • Monday: 10:30 AM to 12 PM (4th Muhurat)
  • Tuesday: 9 AM to 10:30 AM (3rd Muhurat)
  • Wednesday: 7:30 AM to 9 AM (2nd Muhurat)
  • Thursday: 6 AM to 7:30 AM (1st Muhurat)
  • Friday: 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM (7th Muhurat)
  • Saturday: 1:30 PM to 3 PM (6th Muhurat)

Yamaganda Kalam is also known as Ketu Kalam or Ketu Kal since Ketu presides over this duration of 1.5 hours of the day. Yamaganda Kalam implies 'death of the work'; hence no auspicious activities are performed during the given time. However, last rites or cremation rituals are carried out during Ketu Kala, signifying the end of a life cycle, hoping that the Atma attains moksha.

Why do we have Yamaganda Kalam every day?

The ancient seers allotted seven days to the seven main planets. According to the astrological texts, Ketu and Rahu are the shadow planets and were left out of the allocation. However, to compensate for the same, the sages allocated a time slot of 1.5 hours or 90 minutes per day to both the planets.  
Since the effects of the planet Ketu are malicious and end even to the most auspicious of the events on a sour note, the wise and learned have asked us not to start any good work in the said timings.


Rahu and Ketu share a common mythological story.

Svarabhanu was an assistant to Shukracharya, who could analyze situations and was a quick thinker. He shared his skills with the others and often encouraged them to be quick on their feet.
When the devas proposed to churn the Ksheera Sagara to beget amritham, a way to obtain immortality, the asuras were quickly drawn into the proposal. The Samudra Manthan went on for a thousand years, during which various ratnas were obtained. These ratnas was shared between asuras, devas, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Shiva.

The last Ratna to emerge from the manthan was Dhanvantari holding the Amrit Kalash, which Devas wanted only for themselves. Lord Vishnu took on the bewitching Mohini Avatar and started distributing the Amirtham first to devas to make their wish come true.

Svarbhanu was quick to analyze the situation and saw through this plan of devas. He disguised himself and joined the deva's discreetly to obtain the scared Amrit. Without noticing this discrepancy, Lord Vishnu served amrita to Svarbhanu. Surya and Chandra informed Lord Vishnu as soon as they realized Svarabhanu was not one among them. Lord Vishnu immediately cut off Svarabhanu's head before it could enter the body, but the chakra was moments late. Since Svarabhanu had already consumed the Amrit, both his head and body stayed alive.

The head is referred to as Rahu, and the body Ketu. Mythology says that Rahu consumes Surya and Ketu Chandra, causing grahana and hiding them from the world to avenge the humiliation and vent their rage against devas.

Like Ketu causing Grahana to Chandra and ending his precious moments of luminosity, ancient seers say that Ketu brings about the 'death' of the work started during the time allocated to him. Since Lord Yama is synonymous with the end of life, Ketu Kala is also known as Yamaganda kalam.

Scientific Reasoning

Various studies have shown that the duration allocated as Yamaganda Kalam often results in mixed emotions in a group, thus delaying decisions and often leading to dropping ideas. It may be because the mind grows restless during the time because of fluctuations in the amount of life force received from the sun, especially during Yamaganda Kalam.

Hence, the sages have asked people not to start new work during the said time. Since the body is tuned to perform the last rites mechanically without thinking, trying to cope with the loss of a loved one, it is the only task carried out during this time.

How to calculate Yamaganda Kalam

Kethu reigns during the Yamaganda Kalam. Though the timing is predetermined for the specific day of the week, the precise timing will differ based on the number of daylight hours available during the day. The period and duration changes daily and also according to the sunrise and sunset timings.

To calculate the Yamagandam, divide the hours in the day (from sunrise to sunset) into eight sections of 1.5-hour duration. The first muhurat or the segment starts at 6 AM, assuming the sunrise is at the same time, and the last muhurat is from 4:30 PM to 6:00 PM, considering sunsets at 6:00 PM.

According to astrology, Yamaganda Kalam is associated with the hours where Jupiter is most prominent during the day. Hence, the first muhurat of Thursday is Yamaganda Kalam, the day assigned to Jupiter. The same is followed for the rest of the days.

Implications of Yamaganda Kalam

Ketu is a malefic planet meaning it brings about the destruction of materialistic wealth, throwing life into chaos. Since Ketu has only a body and no head, it is also a planet of unpredictability. Ketu causes a sense of complete detachment, losses, mindlessness, wandering, and confusion in one's life. Hence, it is better to avoid doing any activities during the Yamaganda Kala.

Few measures one could take during the Yamaganda Kal to avoid bad fate from falling upon is –

  • Avoid travelling during the said time, when unavoidable commence travelling before the start of the Yamaganda Kalam.
  • Do not start any finance-related ventures during the Yamaganda Kalam as it might result in financial loss.
  • Assuming Yamanganda Kalam will provide a means to ending a work you are not fond of might back-fire. Hence, do not assume things will go your way during this time and start the work. Since Yamaganda Kaala is supposed to stop or cause the 'death' of your ideas, the chances of your plans failing is high.
  • There are various ways to plan your path for success, and one such route is avoiding the inauspicious time to start your work.
  • Know the timings of Yamaganda Kalam and Rahu Kalam before starting your career and chalk out your success story by investing hard-work in a favourable time.

Also Know the Rahu Kala Timings For All the Week Days for Sunday, Monday ,Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday , Friday, Saturday

Also Know the Rahu Kala Timings For All the Week Days for Sunday, Monday ,Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday , Friday, Saturday

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