What is Rahu Kalam and Why do we have Rahu Kal every day? – Rahu Kaal Today Timings

Week Day and Timings of Rahu Kalam

Monday:     8:04 AM to 9:33 AM
Tuesday:    3:29 PM to 4:58 PM
Wednesday:  12:31 PM to 2:00 PM
Thursday:   2:00 PM to 3:29 PM
Friday:     11:01 AM to 12:31 PM
Saturday:   9:34 AM to 11:03 AM
Sunday:     4:58 PM to 6:27 PM

Rahu kalam or Rahu Kal is a phrase popularly used in Hindu Astrology and especially in South India. It is the inauspicious time of the day when starting new work related to anything is prohibited. However, the work that has already commenced can be continued to meet the schedules.

Why do we have Rahu Kal every day?

Among the nine planets mentioned in the ancient texts, seven planets were assigned a day each, but Rahu and Ketu – the two shadow planets, were left out. The two planets are maleficient and are said to bring bad luck, so they were allotted 90 minutes every day. The learned sages then asked the commoners not to carry out auspicious activities during this specified time.


Svarabhanu was an asura. As an assistant to Shukracharya, he taught various skills to the asuras. He could analyze situations and was a quick thinker.

During Samudra Manthan, when dev and asuras churned the Ksheera Sagara to attain Amirtha, Svara Bhanu was also tempted with the offer of immortality and joined the efforts. The Samudra Manthan went on for a thousand years, during which asuras and devas shared the spoils obtained.

The final result of the Manthan was the Amritham which Devas wanted only for themselves. The devas approached Lord Vishnu to make their desire come true, who assured them that Amirtha would belong only to the devas and not asuras. Lord Vishnu then took on the bewitching Mohini Avatar and started distributing the Amirtham to devas First.

Svarbhanu was analysing the situation. He saw that according to the portion given to the devas and judging the amount of amrita in the pot, the asuras would not get a share. Thus, he disguised himself as a deva and joined the crowd discreetly. Without noticing this discrepancy, Lord Vishnu served amrita to Svarbhanu. Surya and Chandra immediately realised Svarbhanu was not one of them and informed Lord Vishnu, who then called his Sudarshana chakra and beheaded Svarbhanu. Since he had already consumed the amritam, Svarbhanu continued to live. His head came to be known as Rahu and the body Ketu.

In order to avenge Surya and Chandra for humiliation, it is said that Rahu consumes Surya, causing grahana and hiding him away from this world, even if it is for a few minutes. Like Rahu causing Grahana to Surya, it is believed that Rahu overshadows the mind during Rahu Kalam, causing it to go blank and thus hiding clear thoughts.

Rahu causes disorder in the otherwise naturally occurring sequence of events. Hence, Rahu is considered a maleficent planet, and anything associated with him inauspicious.

Scientific Reasoning

Based on various sources, the scientific explanation offered for not starting any auspicious activities in Rahu Kalam makes more sense.

According to the ancient seers and based on their observations, Rahu Kalam is the part of the day that receives the maximum amount of Ultra Violet radiations that can harm the human body’s functioning.

Back in the days, when people moved by carts or by walk, exposing themselves to the Sun’s radiations during the Rahu Kal would cause harm. Hence, to avoid the side effects of travelling in radiations, the wise advised people to start any event, especially travel well before or after the Rahu Kal.

How to calculate Rahu Kalam

Though Rahu Kalam is predetermined as given at the beginning of the article, the calculations assume that the sunrise precisely at 6 AM. The Rahu Kal can vary slightly with the sunrise and sunset and the geographical regions.

Panchang gives you the precise timings of Rahu Kal every day or due to modern technology; a simple search online will let you know Rahu kalam today.

  • Know the exact time of the sunrise by referring to panchanga.

  • Divide the number of hours in the day with daylight, i.e., 12 hours, into eight equal parts. This gives approximately 1.5 hours for each part.

  • The first segment starts at 6 AM and lasts till 7:30 AM. Since during the sunrise, the radiations are mild, one can ignore this part.

  • To know the Rahu Kal, arrange the week’s days in the following order – Monday, Saturday, Friday, Wednesday, Thursday, Tuesday, and Sunday. Now, assign each part of the day, and you will have your Rahu kalam for the given day.

Monday- 7.30- 9.00 (2nd part of the day)

Saturday- 9.00- 10.30 (3rd part of the day)

Friday-10.30-12.00 (4th part of the day)

Wednesday- 12.00-13.30 (5th part of the day)

Thursday- 13.30-1500 (6th part of the day)

Tuesday- 15.00-16.30 (7th part of the day)

Sunday- 16.30-18.00 (8th part of the day)

Remembering the Timings

If you can remember the mnemonic- “Mother Saw Father Wearing The Turban Suddenly”, you can easily recall the Rahu Kal for the day. Note: Except for the word Father, the rest of the words represent the first two letters of the day.

The impact of Rahu on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays is said to be very severe. Hence, people are asked to avoid these timings to start anything favourable. However, if you already undertook a job at an auspicious moment before Rahu Kalam’s start, it can be continued.

Birthing a child is, however, an exception to this rule since it is a naturally occurring process and cannot be controlled. A child born during Rahu Kalam will not bring bad luck, and this is a myth going even by the astrological standards.

Along with Rahu Kalam, Yamaganda Kalam, and Gulika Kalam are also considered inauspicious to perform specific work. While starting any work is not advised during Rahu Kalam, there are certain exceptions to the other two time segments.

Now that you know all about Rahu Kalam plan your day and ensure you take no chances in carving the path for your success.

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    Rahukaalam or simply Rahu Kaal refers to an inauspicious time span on every day which is not considered favourable to start any new activity. In Hindu …

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      Rahu Kaal is calculated by dividing the number of hours between astrological sunrise & sunset by 8. For example, on a typical 6:00 AM – 6:00 PM day, Rahu kalam is 1.5 hours or 90 minutes (12 hours divided by 8).

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