Vastu Tips for House: Direction, Color, Position & Remedies

Vaastu Purush is considered as the God of Vaastu and before constructing a house one should always consider Vaastu Shastra experts because it has negative and positive effects on each individual. It helps in deciding the shape, size, direction, and position of each of the structure of the house and keep us away from any future difficulties. It also keeps us positive and calm. Our pujanpujari team of astrologers is highly experienced and qualified. They can be booked from our website for any suggestions at an affordable rate. Some common tips on Vaastu of the house are already mentioned here and for any further help kindly book an appointment. We provide dedicated services for each of our individual customers.

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  1. The main door of the house must face towards north, east or northeast.
  2. Do not keep a dustbin or shoe rack outside the main door.
  3. The bathroom should not be near to the main door
  4. A living room should always be in the north or northeast or northwest.
  5. Southwest and west direction of a living room should have heavy furniture.
  6. It is advised to keep the northeast direction of the house to be clean and clear.
  7. It also suggested keeping water in the northeast of your house.
  8. Puja room must be there in the house and one must face towards northeast direction while doing any puja.
  9. Water paintings or any poster of water should be placed in the Northeastern wall to attract wealth and prosperity.
  10. Always open the main door of the house inside the house itself.
  11. Always place Lord Ganesha pic or idol at the top of the main door.
  12. One should not put broken idol or photo frames in the puja room.
  13. A kitchen should always be in the Ishan kon or southeast.
  14. As said, do not place any god’s picture or frames in the bedroom or children's room except Lord Krishna and Radha’s.
  15. As per sayings, we should not put any water-oriented showpiece or items outside the main door of our house.
  16. The black color is said to be inauspicious so it is also said that we should not paint the main door of our house with black color.
  17. Always keep the brahmasthan of your place as empty and clean since it is a place of God.

Vastu tips for house

Many more Vastu Shastra knowledge and astrological assistance are required while constructing a new house that can be solved by consulting a Vaastu Shastra or an astrological expert.
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