Sun and Vedic Astrology; Role on Negative and Positive Impacts with the Significance of Sun Planet

It is not an exaggeration when one says the sun sustains life on Earth. Though it is billions of light-years away from the Earth, one cannot fathom its impact on everyday lives. 
Both science and Vedic astrology try to estimate the impact of this amazing star in their own ways. While science is now discovering all the affect sun has on Earth, it is said that Vedic astrology offers much more information than science. 

Vedic astrology explains the affect sun has on each planet in the solar system and how it affects Earth's lives. This blog offers insight into the sun's astrological significance and its implications on our lives.

Role of the sun in our daily lives

As our planet earth revolves around the sun, the way it receives the sunlight also differs each day, thus impacting seasonal changes. Each season brings about a change in our lives and the kind of crops grown during each season, offering a variety of food products. Each season lets us experience life in a new way every day.
Like the sun, all the planets affect our lives in their own way. If you need to find out the impact of planets and the sun, Vedic astrology helps you understand it better.

Meaning and significance of Sun in Vedic Astrology

Similar to our daily lives, Sun plays a focal role in Vedic Astrology. The sign of the Sun in astrology is a circle with a dot at the centre. Sun is deemed the emperor of all the planets as it is the main energy source to all planets. The sun is the centre of all the astrological calculations.
The sun holds such an important in the natal chart that the most joyful people on this earth identify themselves with the sun's traits. The fact is, the sun embodies reason, not instinct. It provides us with the path of self-discovery. The sun also reflects the present as opposed to the moon, infusing the past through feelings.

What is the role of the Sun in astrology?

Sun the most powerful and the most important planet in astrology. The Sun represents your soul in astrology. It signifies energy, authority, dignity, self-esteem, and pride. 
Sun chart in Vedic astrology is divided into two ways – by zodiac sign and the house occupied by the sun in the horoscope.
The sun's position by zodiac sign indicates the person's life purpose and how they contribute to making a difference in the world.
Each house mirrors a unique quality in the horoscope. The sun's position in the houses shows how a person's personality comes through. The sun symbol in the respective houses is how astrology guides in honing and developing the personalities.

Negative and Positive Impacts of the Sun in a horoscope

The sun's position in the person horoscope determines the path of the life led by a person. According to the learned astrologers, the sun's positive or negative impacts are determined by how strong or weak the sun presence is in the horoscope of a person.

 Negative Impact:

The negative impact of the sun makes a person egocentric, disdainful, and arrogant. They will lack the energy and vitality to be successful in their lives and tend towards being lazy and demotivated. A weak sun causes myriad health problems ranging from baldness, frequent headaches, inadequate eyesight, heart and blood circulation related problems, and weak bones. It will also affect the relationship with their fathers is a negative manner.

Positive Impact:

When the sun is strong, the person is filled with vitality to achieve his dreams. The creative energy flows in, making the person an out-of-the-box thinker. It also develops leadership qualities making them natural leaders. A positive presence of the sun will bless the individual with good health, vitality and wellbeing.

Effects of the sun in various Houses of the Horoscope

The Vedic astrology gives us thumb rules for the general effects of the sun in the various house. The good or bad effect depends on the conjunction of the sun with different planets in the houses. Given below is the general characteristic exhibited by the person when the sun is in the respective house. 

  • 1st House: The sun's presence in the 1st house indicates the person is obstinate and has a delicate ego.
  • 2nd House: The sun's presence in the 2nd house indicates the person is materialistic and frugal. The suns presence also indicates that a person can become wealthy.
  • 3rd House: A person will possess the courage to strive and achieve their goals when the sun is in the 3rd house.
  • 4th House: The sun's presence in the 4th house causes emotional distress and leads to an unhappy home environment.
  • 5th House: People with a knack for business and enhanced creativity will usually have the sun in the 5th house of their horoscope.
  • 6th House: Natives with the sun in the 6th house of their natal charts will taste victory often and have the ability to gain wealth.
  • 7th House: The sun will be in a weakened state in the 7th house, as it conjures Libra.
  • 8th House: A person with the sun in the 8th house will face emotional challenges while his finances are stable.
  • 9th House: The native with the sun in the 9th house will lean towards spirituality and teaching.
  • 10th House: For people who are satisfied and successful in their career, the sun will be present in the 10th house.
  • 11th House: People with the sun in the 11th house will experience financial and power gains in society.
  • 12th House: People with the sun in their 12th house are often introverts gifted with creativity.

Combinations of all Planets with Sun

When combined with the other planets signs, the sun star sign gives us the astrologers a general direction of the life headed by a person. The effects of the sun's conjunction with other planets can either be beneficial or harmful. The Vedic astrology identifies a total of 7 planets apart from the sun. 

The sun sign and moon sign combination are some of the best know combinations in astrology. The moon depends on the sun to retain its vitality, and thus both the planets exist in harmony. When both the planets are in conjunction with a person's birth chart, they will accomplish their goals no matter the obstacles. Filled with energy and vitality, they will achieve financial independence and lead a perfect life.

A person is filled with intelligence and uses it to achieve social and financial success when the sun is in conjunction with mercury. Being the nearest planet to the sun, both of them complement each other when contributing to the person's success.

A person with the sun and mars in conjunction will suffer from Angarak dosha and face emotional instabilities. They are often quick-tempered and have little self-control.
As said earlier, while the Sun is the soul, Jupiter represents innermost thoughts. Hence, when they are in conjunction, the person leads a spiritual life and will dive into the religion's depths, searching for the meaning of self.

When there is a conjunction between the Sun and Venus, it is extremely beneficial. The person will be energetic and enthusiastic. But, he/she may also become easily dissatisfied.
Sun opposite Saturn in Vedic astrology leads to Shrapit Dosha. Sun squares Saturn as they share a bitter relationship, though Saturn is the sun's son mythologically. During the dosha period, the person undergoes severe trails in all facets of life, be it personal or professional. There are numerous solutions available to lessen the impact of the Shrapit dosha. Consult a well-learned Vedic astrologer to find the remedy that suits your situation.
Grahan Yoga and Pitra dosha come into effect when Rahu and the sun are in conjunction. The dosha period will test a person's perseverance and hamper self-confidence.

Remedies to increase the strength of the sun in the horoscope

The position of the sun in the birth chart determines the strength of the sun. When the sun is weak or ill-placed, Vedic astrology suggests various remedies to rectify the debilitated sun. The general remedies are suggested below, but we suggest you consult a learned Vedic astrologer to know the extent of the malefic effect the sun planet has on your life.

  • Wear a gold ring with a ruby embedded into it on the ring finger.
  • Ek-Mukhi rudraksh is a powerful harnesser of the sun's energy. So, find its capability with your horoscope and the rules to use the same.
  • Pray and offer arghyam to the rising sun every day. 
  • Worship Bel tree every Sunday. 
  • Read or chant Aditya Hriday Stotram as frequently as possible. Perform the Surya Graha Japa
  • Most importantly, respect and do not forget to serve your father.

To know more about the impact of the sun on your lives, consult our Vedic astrologers today. You can also follow us to know the daily sun horoscope. Our learned astrologers will help you know the impact of the sun on your birth chart and guide you to take remedial measure to lead a contented and peaceful life.

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