Mars Mahadasha Results & Astrological Remedies With Their Antardasha.

Mars is a red-colored planet, male in nature ruling courage as well as the confidence of people. Depending on how Mars is positioned in one's life, it can have different purposes and effects on a person's life. Mars is believed to control our sexual urges to an extremely significant limit. Other than this, Mars also plays a considerable role in our love lives, the person who we are going to marry, as well as our occupation.The mars or mangal mahadasha is a significant period of mars in one’s life, typically of seven years wherein you can both benefit as well as lose considering the strength of it in your horoscope.Every person once in a lifetime experiences this time of mangal mahadasha in their lives.  It is also known by other names such as Kuja Dasha, Vimsottari Mangal mahadasha, or Bhouma Dhasa among many others.The person having a strong mars will have a personality full of courage, independence, stubbornness as well as a rigid mind. On the other hand, the person having weak mars will have a personality of low confidence, dependence, unable to express and demonstrate.
It, therefore, is essential that Mars is powerful in your horoscope. In case it is not powerful then you should consider doing some mangal dasha remedies in order to make it powerful.

Here we are to answer all your questions related to mangal dosha.

Which zodiac is ruled by Mars?
Aries is considered to be feisty, as a result, ruled by Mars, the red hot planet. It is considered to bring about passion in individuals along with ambition, aggression, as well as animal instinct, that is, being unstoppable. 
Aries have great zeal and energy thus having leadership skills. Mars helps Aries in gaining the warrior spirit which can be truly observed while they are in a fight or an overly-competitive environment.

What happens when Mars is strong?
Basically, physical strength is what is attributed when mars are strong. Physical strength along with being willful, courageous, and confident. 

What is Mars's personality?
Mars is seen as a person who is male, son of the mother earth. It is fiery and dry. not only this but mars is also like the chief of the other nine planets in the solar system. The god of wars is what Mars is personified as.
A warrior by nature, mars is extremely strong, self-confident, patient, courageous, brave, violent, impulsive, insensitive, and has great physical strength along with leadership qualities. This heroic planet is also focused on earth, saffron, fire, cuts, bruises, burns, etc.

What God rules Mars?
Mars or mangal has been identified as Ares, the god of wars of the Greeks. However, mars have been associated with the features of that of the Romans. 

But what happens when mars is positioned in these houses?    Let us see…
For 1st house, it is believed that all kinds of marital problems will be present in the girl's life.
In the case of mars is positioned in the 4th house, for girls, it is believed that it will cause pain to her husband and may break his house taking away the peace and happiness.
Being in the 8th house may lead to the death of the husband of the girl. Positioned in the 7th house, may increase her sexual urges to the extent that the husband is unable to fulfill them. This is similar to what happens if mars are present in the 12th house of the horoscope of a girl.

What is Mars in Virgo attracted to?
Virgo as a zodiac sign is considered to be the planet of love. It is calm and works efficiently. Virgo in association with mars helps to control its temper due to its aggressive qualities and helps to get its work done. Mars in Virgo helps to drive a person's temper, attraction, romance, and sex, along with career.
People having mars in Virgo are short-tempered with the ability to hide that temper. They are more of a perfectionist who is most of the time-critical of people. They either let their temper and anger out once or build it inside them and burst it all at once. They are hard to deal with when angry and annoyed. 
They are quite verbal when they flirt. Simplicity is what attracts them. The small things matter to them a lot. As for romance and sex, people with mars in Virgo are attentive as well as caring. They prefer being great in bed by having earlier experiences before having a long-term relationship. They like experiments and work towards pleasing their partner.As far as career is concerned, these people are set on their decided career path. They are a problem solver and a perfectionist. 

Which house is bad for Mars?
It is typically believed that mars creates extreme havoc in case it is placed in the 1st, 4th, 8th, 7th, or 12th house in your horoscope. However, it can also exceed the 2nd as well as 5th house in some cases.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

In case you are wondering What is the effect of Mars in astrology? or What does Mars represent in astrology?                                                       You should know that mars can be both beneficial as well as malefic for some people depending on how strong it is in your house. 

How long is Mars Dasha?
As mentioned above, mars Dasha lasts for about 7 years. Therefore, curing it would be a wise decision rather than suffering the consequences.

Remedies for Mars 

People who suffer from mangal dosh are known as Manglik. Financial problems, marriage problems are what Manglik is believed to suffer from. 
Now that you are aware of the harmful effects that mars can have on a person’s life it is important are you know about the powerful remedy for mars, mangal mahadasha. Here we have mentioned some mangal dosha remedies, remedies for mars.

  • Mars mahadasha marriage : In case you are a Manglik, then marrying a Manglik would automatically end your mangal dosh. Both of you will then be able to lead a happy married life ahead.
  • Keeping fast : Fasting on Tuesdays also is a great remedy to cure mangal dosh. You should eat split pigeon dal or toor dal on the days you are fasting.
  • Chanting mantras : The navgraha mantra helps to lower the bad effect of mangal especially if chanted on Tuesdays. You can also chant gayatri mantra 108 each day for a better life.
  • Wearing gemstones-If keeping fast seems difficult to you, you can also wear gemstones like the bright red coral on your right hand made of gold. However, remember to consult an astrologer before wearing a ring.
  • Offerings to God : So as to reduce the harmful effects of Mangal, offerings such as knives, corals or red stones help to please mars. Not only this, foods prepared with wheat bread, masoor dal, or red silk also works.
  • Pooja : Performing poojas on Tuesdays in the Navgraha temples also works in lowering the harmful effects of Mangal.
  • Kumbh Vivah : When a Manglik person marries a banyan tree, it is known to end the effects of the mangal. Not only this, marrying Lord Vishnu's murti made of silver or gold also works the same way.

All these remedies can be performed easily without any difficulties. If you really want to end the ill effects of mars, you should definitely try them.
These easy mangal dosha remedies can help you to a great extent and make your life prosperous and happy.

You can also look up to rahu mahadasha mangal antardasha effects in hindi.

Here are some effects of association between mars and other planets.

Effects of mangal mahadasha rahu antardasha include loss of wealth, harm to the family as well as friends, any sort of physical pain, the occurrence of diseases, or consequences of ill deeds.
Effects of shani mahadasha mangal antardasha include suffering from some serious disease, loss in business or high position at work, suffering to brothers, pain, and jealousy in friends, pain as a result of children, more distress as well as fear may also occur.
Effects of mars mahadasha mars antardasha are positive as they can produce more prospects for your marriage. It can also lead to growth in your career as well as in finance. However, it may also lead to conflicts between siblings.
Effects of mangal mahadasha shani antardasha include persistence of physical hardships, obstacles in career and wealth, pain as well as anxiety. It may also involve foreign journeys.

mangal dasha effects can be significantly harmful because it is malefic. It can lead to huge loss in finance, disrespect from people in your life as well as failure in academics among others. 

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