Mehandipur Balaji Temple: Mythology, History, Temple Rituals, Pooja Timings

Mehandipur Balaji Temple

Mehandipur Balaji temple is a temple in the Dasua district of Rajasthan, India, dedicated to Hanuman ji. It is situated between the Dausa district and Karauli District. Here Hanuman ji is known as Balaji.  Rajasthan – A state more famous for Haunted places than temples. But one temple is believed to be a temple where evil spirits are witnessed and possessed people to get rescued from those spirits.

The mystery behind the temple

Mehandipur Balaji temple is one of the most mysterious temples in India. It is believed that possessed people get rid of evil spirits here. It is also believed that people suffering from black magic can find relief here.

Thousands or even lakhs of people have encountered and witnessed people visiting here to get rid of evil spirits and black magic.It is believed that once you step into the environment, you will feel something off and strange. It might sound weird, but people can feel the chills just by entering the environment. The temple is always crowded, not only to get darshan but also to get relief from the evil energy. However, the shops here are open day and night. 

The Mythology of the temple

The temple is dedicated to Hanuman Ji and Bhairav Baba. Three deities are worshipped in the temple, Hanuman ji, Bhairav Baba and Pret Raj. It is believed in Hindu Culture that these deities are related to ghosts and spirits, and can their blessings help get rid of the same. The blessing of Hanuman ji here has the power to force evil to leave the possessed body and not to trouble the human. The temple seems like a place from a horror movie, but one visit is enough to make you believe it’s real.

The History behind the temple

The temple is believed to be 1000 years old, and people believe that Hanuman ji himself appeared amidst the hills of Aravali and is not an idol made by a human artist. Ancestors of Shri Mahant ji started worshipping Balaji here when the temple was in a dense forest. The three deities appeared in his dreams and ordered him to start serving his duty towards them. Since then, Mahant ji and their family started worshipping Hanuman ji here.

Temple rituals

The rituals and prayers here are divided into three categories required to be performed by the devotees.

1. Darkhasta – It means offering; devotees need to buy 2 plates of laddoo from the outside temple and offer it to the priests, who then add them to the burning fire. The first plate signifies that you are here to seek blessings, while the second plate signifies that you want God to guide you to achieve your goals and solve your problems. The same is done with all three deities.
After this, the devotee is required to eat 2 laddoos, and if the container has more bhog left, the devotees have to encircle it above their head 7 times anticlockwise and then throw it away without looking backwards.

2. Arzi – Devotees can order from the shops outside, which is 270/- rs and contains 1.25 kg of laddoos, 2.25 kg of Urad dal, and 4.25 kg of Boiled rice is to be offered to Pret Raj and Kotwal Bhairav in two separate containers.

3. Savamani – If any devotees wish for anything, he must tell Balaji that once he comes back again, he will offer savamani to Balaji.

Rules and Restrictions

Many incidents have been encountered in the temple both by the locals and by the visitors of evil sounds, loud screaming, haunted surroundings and possessed people.Many rules and restrictions exist when a devotee visits this temple, some of which are listed below.

• Do not drink a drop of water here or eat anything in the temple.

• Don’t look back when you leave the temple, as it is believed that the evil might follow you till your home or you might get possessed.

• No offerings_ Don’t offer anything to any priest at the temple. It is also believed that you can take the black colour ball if offered by the shopkeepers, as it is unlucky to refuse them. However, you are not allowed to eat it, and instead, you have to throw it in the fire.

• Once you enter the temple, you will hear loud and scary screaming and haunting sounds coming from different possessed men or women, but you are not allowed to talk to them, make fun of them, to take pictures or videos of them. Such acts are strictly prohibited in the temple.

• Do not bring anything from the village or the temple, as it is believed that anything you bring can bring evil along with you.

• Don’t take anything valuable to the temple as there are higher chances of the items getting stolen here.

• If you take any Prasad of the temple, finish it then and there and do not take any Prasad home. Neither you are allowed to take the water bottle from the village.

• Avoid eating Onion, garlic, or non-vegetarian food when visiting the temple.

How to reach the temple?

The temple is situated in Brahmbad, Dausa District, near Todabhim in Rajasthan.

It is 109 kms from Jaipur.

By Air, the nearest airport is Jaipur Airport. From Jaipur, people can continue the journey by Car or Bus.

By railway, the nearest railway station is Jaipur Station, and Regular bus services are available from there to reach Mehendipur.

By road, one can take Bus or car from Jaipur. Highways like Alwar Mahwa and Mathura Bharatpur Mahwa can also be used to reach the temple.


No exact timings are defined for the temple. But at 2 AM, the prayers to get relief from evil spirits and the process get started.


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