Itching and Twitching of Palm (Right & Left) and Feet, An Astrological View.

Itching and Twitching of Palm and Feet

Ordinary occurrences with extraordinary subtexts are deep-rooted in every culture around the globe. Some call it superstition, others plain blind beliefs. Whatever the term used, the impact of these practices and beliefs are undeniable.


In our culture, hands are given an important place. Our day begins with the prayer ‘karaagre vasate Lakshmi” where we say that the three forces of knowledge, prosperity, and power amalgamate in the form of trishakthis of goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswathi, and Gauri in our hand. The saying that one’s future/destiny lies in one’s hand denotes not only one’s path to sacred dharma but also lightens the importance of one’s action or hard work that needs to be done i.e karma. Thus any signs occurring at hand are of significance and are often remedied

Twitching of hand and foot

Muscle twitching is one of the most common phenomena which every person has undoubtedly experienced at least once. But when this happens in certain body parts it is linked with many outcomes

Superstition about left hand/leg twitching and right hand/leg twitching

All around the world, we find several superstitions associated with this like;

  • Twitching of the right thumb of hand or left thumb of foot denotes success in the endeavour which is taken by the person.
  • Twitching of the left thumb of the hand or right thumb of the foot indicates hurdles in the venture
  •  Left Elbow twitching means that some issue is being overthought whereas a Twitching Right Elbow is believed to predict a beneficial arrival of an unknown person.
  • Not only these, each finger and toe of limbs are also associated with certain beliefs; where the right side usually indicates gain and the left a gloomy outcome.
Fingers Right Left
Index finger Fabulous news in  education or marriage/love Bad news in relationships
Middle finger Monetary and earthly gains. Monetary and earthly loss
Ring finger Rise in position, fame, and promotion. Fall/ demotion / defamation
Little finger Good news Bad news

Conversely, the right foot’s little toe denotes bad news whereas the left indicates good news arriving at your doorstep.

The astrological meaning of twitching


Astrologically twitching of the left hand and leg and twitching of the right hand and leg has a unique prediction attached to it. In fact twitching of each part is considered to be a premonition of an interesting event;

Right Left
Foot Lucky windfall Abusing from heterogenous personal
Wrist Squabble Visit from a loved one
Toe The person will be missed by relatives Long-distance travel
Arm A successful trip Good news
Elbow Visit from a relative A good  relationship
Hand Gain of prize money Honor and reputation
Back of palm Letter/message from the opposite sex Career changes
Thigh Quarrel with the opposite sex Quarrel with same-sex
Shin Deception from the opposite sex Deception from same-sex
Knee Long-distance travel Argument with spouse

The scientific reason for the twitching

Scientifically certain nutrient deficiencies and dehydration is the most common cause of flickering in calves, legs, and hands.

Although medically, twitching involves small muscle contractions in the body. Most smaller muscle twitches go unnoticed and are caused post-exercise, stress, caffeine, nicotine, or adverse reaction to certain drugs. Certain serious conditions might also trigger which will require a thorough medical evaluation and guidance.

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Superstition about Itching

Although itching in the palm or feet is quite vexing, the superstitions surrounding it are quite fascinating. Astonishingly many superstitions are shared by people with diverse habitats and are an inseparable part of their culture. One such belief is itchy palms which apart from its obvious discomfort is associated with money/wealth. It is said that the root of this superstition lies with the pre-Christian era’s Celts and Saxons. The Saxons believed that silver was a miraculous cure to all skin ailments and thus were rubbing silver on itchy palms.

This later morphed into the association of silver with hand itch. Even if this is one of the shared superstitions, its predictions vary. Some cultures opine itching right means expenditure whereas an itching left palm would fetch them money. Similarly, foot itching is shrouded with multiple beliefs like the harbinger of an impending journey ( a successful one if right and a failed one if left), someone walking on the person would be final resting ground, journey to a new place, sometimes even predicts losses be it friends, time, money, luggage (left toe). Considering all this it’s not strange that the phrase ‘Itchy feet’ means the desire to travel or start something new.

Right and left-hand itching in male and female

Astrology, which also encompasses the ‘shakuna shastra’, has a lot of information on this omen.

It is said that for a female itching in the right-hand means expenses whereas an itchy left hand brings her monetary gain. In a glaring contradiction male with an itching right hand can expect fortune in his near future and monetary loss if his left-hand itches.

The astrological meaning of palm itching in female

Right palm itching in female

  • Centre of palm- loss of money
  • Upper palm-loss of respect and honour
  • Outer puffy lower part – Misery in marital / love life
  • Fingers or crease between fingers – a setback in education.

Left Palm itching in female

  • Centre of palm- monetary gain
  • Upper palm gain in honor and respect
  • Outer puffy lower part – bliss in marital / love life
  • Fingers or crease between fingers – accomplishment education.

The positive and negative prediction is for right and left palm respectively according to gender.

Foot itching means in male and female

Similarly, an itch on the right foot for a female is a sign of travel that will have losses or be unfruitful or an impending fight. The same thing holds good for a male with itchy left feet. Contrastingly an itchy left foot means successful, trouble-free travel which will result in a joyous outcome for a woman and the same positive outcomes for a male with an itchy right foot.

You obviously don’t need to panic in case your right foot is feeling a sense of itchiness. Because it connotes positiveness signalling to the start of something new. You’ll be travelling to a land where everyone values and respects you. To put it another way, You are about to embark on a successful and memorable journey in life.

These positive beliefs on the itching of the right foot are backed by the traditional tales mentioned in the Bible and the Turkish tradition. And as per the psychological point of view, it shows that positive energy is being awakened in the body and mind. Thus, depicting a good omen.

Left Foot Itching means in male and female

For obvious reasons, it’s time to fasten your belt, if your left foot is itching. As it works the other way around from the right foot. An itchy left foot is a sign that you are about to enter a journey that will cost your money. It also implies that you will encounter heartbreaks, defeats, and suffering wherever you go. And as per psychological studies, it indicates the unleashing of negative energy in the mind and body. Thus, it leads to poor decision-making, leading to failure. As a result, enduring difficulties and defamation in life


Spiritual meaning of itching and twitching

Spiritually speaking the hand ( and feet are mentioned among the five karmendriyas ( organs of motor functions). They are ordained to perform various important life activities. Hands perform functions like receiving, gathering, collecting, and holding and feet help one in locomotion.

All of these organs are in turn formed and governed by various deities. The complex science of Astrology strongly believes that seemingly normal twitches and itches in particular parts of the body with no associating factors like illness which has to be cared for by a qualified health professional are the universe’s way of connecting to us. These signs are often complex and come with multiple nuances. Our well-competent astrologers can surely help you to understand these messages and interpret their correct meaning and offer you remedies if required. Be sure to let us know about your experiences and beliefs on this topic in the comment section.

How to stop foot twitching

To prevent and stop your foot from twitching, it’s important to understand the root cause of it. So, what actually causes twitching of the foot or spasms in the legs?

  • Lack of nutrients

Our bodies require a certain amount of vitamins and nutrients to function properly. In addition, a lack of Vitamin D and Vitamin B-12 might cause spasms in our toes and muscles. The D vitamin is essential for calcium absorption, whereas a B-12 shortage has an effect on the nervous system.

  • Damages on Nerves

An accident or an injury might result in nerve damage that would end up in foot twitching. Also known as peripheral neuropathy, it is considered to be connected with diabetes.

  • Difficulty In Blood Circulation 

Poor blood circulation results in a lack of oxygen supply in our body and subsequently constriction in the blood vessels & arteries.

Ways to treat foot twitching

Generally, toe twitching is not a serious issue unless it continues to persist for a longer period of time. And, in that case you need to seek medical treatment and the steps to follow in the initial stage are mentioned below.

  • Foot Massaging– Simply massaging your foot on a regular basis helps you in releasing the pressure and tension surrounding your toe.
  • Stretching out your toe muscles– Muscle stretching activities relieve muscle spasms that cause leg twitching.
  •  Warm Water Pack– To relieve muscle spasms, use an electrically heated pad or drape a warm, damp cloth around your toe.
  • Ice Pack–  Place a pack of ice cubes directly or wrapped in a towel on your toe and gently massage it to soothe from twitching.
  • Toe Exercises– Practicing the basic toe exercises like toe raise, toe flex, and toe curl repeatedly brings much relief and cures spasms.

But, if still, the twitching continues for more than 2-3 weeks it’s time to seek the doctor’s help. And diagnose the issue properly to avoid further complications.



Itching and Twitching of Palm (Right & Left) and Feet, An Astrological View.
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Itching and Twitching of Palm (Right & Left) and Feet, An Astrological View.
Palm and Feet Itching and Twitching Astrological Meaning and Scientific Reason is Lack of nutrients,Damages on Nerves

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