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Havan, prime part of Hindu culture- Its significance and benefits

Havan significance and benefits

Havan – A major ritual of almost every Indian Puja and celebration, whether it’s homecomings, birthdays, weddings, or any special occasion. Havan always plays a pivotal role in Hindu Culture and there’s always a reason to perform. So, in this article, we will know the significance of performing Havan in Hinduism. Before getting into the […]

Benefits of Honey and Its Traditional Uses


Introduction Honey, a widely used natural product, has been used since the Stone Age, as evidenced by paintings deciphered by anthropologists. This very ancient medicinal, edible, and healing natural substance is said to have had a very therapeutic effect and has been used throughout the ages until today. There have been many shreds of evidence […]

How To Activate Chakras in Human Body

Chakras in Human Body

Chakras in Human Body (how to activate chakras in the human body) Introduction The seven chakras in the human body are the major energy centers that comprise the human anatomy. These energy centers are said to be responsible for regulating the physical, mental, and emotional aspects of the human body. If a person is experiencing […]

Hanuman Chalisa Meaning In English

Hanuman Chalisa Meaning In English

Introduction The Hanuman Chalisa is in itself a way of communicating with the most revered Lord Pawan Putra Hanuman, with each verse connecting the soul of the reciters to their lord. It was composed by the great Hindu poet-saint Tulsi Das, a renowned devotee of Lord Rama while suffering from ailments. It helped him regain […]

Pradosh Vrat Benefits: About Pradosh Vrat,Katha, Fasting Rules And Customs.

Pradosh Vrat: A Powerful Devotion to Lord Shiva We know that India is a Land of Diverse Festivities where each Festival has its importance and its own religious story. All these Traditional Festivities have meaning and relevance. All the festivals that are celebrated in our Indian holy land, are celebrated with a lot of zeal […]