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Gomti Chakra


Is your wheel of fortune no longer working for you? Or are your problems worsening by the day? The Gomti Chakra is the simple solution to all of these problems. So, what exactly is a Gomti Chakra? The Gomti chakra is a naturally available sanctified treasured object found in the Gomti river in Dwarka. It is said to bring the owner a lucky-break, wealth, and prosperity. In addition, it eliminates Nazar Dosh and shields you from the enemy.

That’s the reason many astrologers and fortune tellers recommend this holy item for better growth in your life. And to have a piece of more detailed information on this, let’s wade through a little more.

The Saga behind the Gomti Chakra

According to one of the many fables and sagas surrounding the gomti chakra, Lord Vishnu, in the form of Lord Krishna, once planted a tree near the Gomti river. The tree was supposed to provide fruit and shelter for his beloved Radha. But rather, the tree bore unpalatable fruits, spiral-shaped fruits that were adored by Radha dearly. As such, this epic tale exemplifies the essence of gomti chakra, denoting it as a symbol of love, protection, and a divine object. Since then, it has remained a treasured object of Lord Vishnu, Lord Krishna, and Mata Lakshmi as well.

A brief note on Gomti Chakra

Gomti chakra is a rare Turbinidae family sea snail also referred as Naag Chakra, cow’s eye shell, and cat’s eye shell. They are mostly white and have the shape of a spiral shell. It is also known as the Sudarshan Chakra because it resembles Lord Krishna’s celestial weapon.

Since then, this precious stone has been instrumental in many auspicious ceremonies, enabling people to accomplish the impossible. In addition to that, it benefits in getting rid of Naag Dosh or Sarpa Dosha, as mentioned by Vedic astrologers.

The many benefits of Gomti Chakra:

You might be in awe as to why many famous personalities, from different walks of life or professions are in favour of using this magical sea shell. And as discussed, the gomti chakra carries numerous advantages, such as cracking the bottle of luck for the owner. Besides, it promotes positivity and protects from the evil eye.

Let’s dive into it more elaborately.

  • Gomti chakras serve as a good luck charm, bringing you more opportunities and growth.
  • In most Vedic rituals, pandits prefer to use gomti chakra in tandem with Shaligrams, as it bestows the blessings of Lord Vishnu.
  • Wearing of gomti chakra helps in purifying one’s aura.
  • Many astrologers recommend parents to make their children wear a gomti chakra to protect them from unnecessary suffering.
  • While for adults, it helps to bring prosperity, good health and richness to their life.
  • Several sadhus and sadhviji employ it as a Yantra during pooja because of its exceptional powers.


How should the Gomti Chakra be used for maximum effectiveness?

Individuals can completely transform their luck and protect themselves from the enemy using this valuable stone. The number of benefits the gomti chakra brings to its possessor is extraordinary. Hence, most professional astrologers and pandits advise their clients to have a gomti chakra installed in their homes. It is said that a house with gomti chakra sees no troubles or sickness, and even enemies are afraid to cast their ill intentions on that family. 

Continue reading to discover more of its benefits:

  • Monetary Growth

In case you are facing significant financial loss, it is time to seek out the gomti chakra. To do so, cleanse eleven gomti chakras with Ganga jaal before placing them on Mata Lakshmi’s feet and worshiping it. Then, take the gomti chakras wrapped in red linen and place them in the cash drawer.

  • Expanding your business

If your company is dissipating, wrap11 Gomti Chakras in a red package and place it in any sacred place in your office or shop. By doing so, the goddess of wealth would shower immense blessings, and you would notice significant growth in your business.

  • Getting Rid of Vastu Dosh

According to Vastulogy, burying 11 gomti chakras in the South-East direction of your plot helps in removing all the obstacles caused by Vastu Dosh. Thereby, the members of the family would prosper and succeed in whatever they do.

  • Protection from the enemy

If you believe your enemy is causing you problems, discard 6 Gomati Chakras fastened in black fabric into raging water on an Amavasya day. This must be done after spinning it 7 times around the affected person or all members of the family, both clockwise and anti-clockwise.

  1. Seeking promotion or higher position.

There are two remedies that gomti chakra can provide to anyone aspiring for a position in the workplace. The first remedy suggests donating 21 gomti chakras to Shivji’s temple, while the second suggests offering 2 gomti chakras to a Brahmin, including some Dakshina.

  1. Maintaining happiness & peace in the family.

You will need a jar, a good amount of red sindoor, and 11 gomti chakras. Insert the gomti chakras and sindoor in the jar to store it in your home. This remedy will ensure eternal peace and happiness in your family.

  • Getting rid of undesirable fear in children

To help children overcome fear, cleanse one gomti chakra by chanting the Hanuman Chalisa with Ganga Jal. After which, you need to apply it with sindoor collected from the right side of Lord Hanuman’s idol. Finally, fasten it around your children’s necks with black thread.

  • Gomti Chakra for Evil Eye Removal

To remove the evil eye, you will require 11 gomti chakras purified with Ganga Jal. Thereafter, spin them around your head in a clockwise direction 7 times before throwing them away in a deserted area away from your home. And, remember not to look back on your way home.

One of the many benefits that this magical stone does is provide good health. If anyone is facing health issues frequently, he/she must perform the remedy of gomti chakra. One can witness miracles by tying a silver gomti chakra beneath the bed of the sick person.

  • Rekindling romance and love in marriages

Married couples need to maintain their marital love and passion. And if the spark fades away, it may create an irreparable distance that can lead to separation. So, to deal with it, they are advised to place 11 gomti stones in a new vermillion case set.

  • Resolving Legal Disputes

Adding 5 gomti chakras in one’s purse or pocket assures a favorable outcome when facing any legal issue.


So, if you are experiencing any of the aforementioned misfortunes, consider using the Gomti Chakra to perform the necessary remedy. Known to heal varied sufferings, these gems are a pure miracle found in the Gomti river, a tributary of the river Ganga. And, if you are looking to buy one today, PujaNPujari has it in stock for you at a reasonable rate. We are a one-stop shop for all of your puja requirements, home decor, and puja rituals. With our certified professional pundits, puja accessories and personalised ritual services for our clients, we cater to meet everything required for any spiritual ceremony.


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