Mangalvar Vrat Katha – Reason, Method, and Story behind Tuesday’s fast

mangalvar vrat katha-Hanuman ji

Mangalvar vrat is a popular fast dedicated to Hanuman Ji on Tuesday. Vrat Katha is read or heard, and people also chant Hanuman Chalisa. 

“भूत-पिशाच निकट नहीं आवे। 

महावीर जब नाम सुनावे ।।”

The energy, courage, and fearlessness we get just by hearing these lines are out of this world. Lord Hanuman gives us the dare to fight every challenge in life, and his blessings can help humans to excel in life. Imagine if just his name can bring so much liveliness, what his day can do.

Tuesday (Mangalvar in Hindi) is a day for Lord Hanuman; believe it or not, this auspicious day has its own significance. Praying and fasting on this particular day, along with Mangalvar vrat katha, can bring happiness and prosperity. 

What is the significance of Mangalvar vrat katha

Indian mythology believes this vrat flows happiness, success, mental and physical strength, long life, and recovery from illness. Hanuman ji is considered one God present in the world till eternity, and this vrat is one of the simplest methods to seek his blessings. Couples who cannot conceive or are childless for a long period perform this fast to get blessed with a child. 

Astrology suggests that a person with weak Mars in his horoscope should keep Mangalvar vrat to overcome the hurdles in life peacefully. It will also help reduce Mangal Dosha (Manglik dosh) with the grace of Hanuman Ji. 

Besides mythology and astrology, fasting once a week can improve your metabolism and provide many health benefits.

How can I follow Mangalvar Vrat?



Alongside the significance and beliefs, this fast is blissful and calming, relieving stress and burdens and blessing humans with happiness and prosperity. 

Devotees can start fasting on any Tuesday and continue it for 21 weeks. Keeping fast for 21 Tuesdays can vanish all your problems, and you can say goodbye to unforeseen life events.

The procedure is pretty simple as well;

  • Wake up, take a bath, and wear clean clothes (preferably red) 
  • Sprinkle holy water of Ganga in the whole puja room 
  • Light a diya with ghee and offer sindoor, flowers, betel leaf garland, sweets, and fruits to Hanuman ji
  • Sit comfortably and begin the puja vidhi. Worship Ganesha, Shree Ram, and Mata Sita, followed by Mangalvar vrat katha and Hanuman Chalisa. (According to Indian mythology Lord Hanuman is a great devotee of the Shree ram, and thus, offering prayers to him beforehand can please him in the simplest manner)
  • Devotees can also read Sundarkand to seek blissful blessings
  • Perform an aarti to complete your Puja. Then, distribute the offered sweets (Prasad) to your family.
  • Have food once in the whole day without onion or garlic and continue the procedure for the next 21 Tuesdays
  • Perform the same puja vidhi on the 22nd Tuesday and feed 21 Brahmins if possible and complete your fast

The story behind Mangalvar vrat

mangalvar vrat katha


used to pray to Lord Hanuman to seek his blessings for a healthy child. Once, Nanda went to the dense jungle to pray to Hanuman ji to bless him with a child; on the other side, his wife used to pray to hanuman ji daily. She used to keep fast on Tuesdays and offer food to Lord Hanuman before having any. 

One fine Tuesday, she could not prepare food and feed Lord Hanuman due to another fast. She became sorrowful, slept on an empty stomach, and decided not to eat before offering food to Lord Hanuman until the following Tuesday. She went on fasting for the next six days without water and food.

She fainted early the next Tuesday due to hunger and starvation. Hanuman ji was impressed with her faith and belief and appeared before her. He blessed her with a little boy, Sunanda, named ‘Mangal.’ When her husband returned from the forest, he questioned her about the child, to which she replied with her side of the story.

The Brahim considering it hard to believe, was suspicious and refused to believe the same. One day, when Nanda was leaving for a bath, his wife asked him to take Mangal along, he agreed, but seeking a chance, he pushed the little child to a well

When Sunanda asked him about the child on his return, Mangal returned even before Nanda could respond. While Nanda couldn’t understand what had happened, he slept. Hanuman ji appeared in his dreams and clarified that his wife was right, and he blessed them with a little version of Lord Hanuman and how doubting his wife is a wrongful act of Nanda.After this, the Brahmin got happy, accepted his wife and their son, and the family lived happily. Sunanda continued her Tuesday fasts, and Hanuman ji continued his blessings on them.


To seek Lord Hanuman’s blessings, the most effortless process is the Mangalvar vrat. Change your fortune with this auspicious fasting and get Hanuman ji protection on your health and life.


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