Unique and Creative Diwali Gift Ideas

Every year the Diwali festival celebrated by million peoples. Diwali is the most important and significant festival in India. It is a favorite festival for many peoples. This festival of lights celebrates for new beginnings and triumph of good over evil. During the Diwali festival, there is a tradition of exchanging gifts. In the business world, gift-giving is important to make your employees feel valued. To nurture stronger and better professional relationships, you have to give gifts and goodies to them. This auspicious festival of Diwali is a great instance for giving corporate gift items. Here we are giving some ideas about Diwali gifts.

Classic Feng Shui Elements

The Chinese feng shui turtle elements are believed to capture auspicious good luck and happiness through beautiful figures. They are very famous in Indian households, and they can use as the best corporate gifts. Generally, the feng shui elements are Tortoise, lucky bamboo, laughing buddha, chimes, three-legged frogs, etc. These are unique diwali gifts.

Feng Shui Tortoise

Fengshui tortoise

Tortoise is heavenly and the Feng Shui symbol constitutes stability and protection from the bad things. For users of Feng Shui, the tortoise will give more benefits when you can use it correctly, carefully, and treated with respect. From olden days onwards tortoise was a spiritual symbol of longevity. According to olden scriptures, a tortoise is the second avatar of Lord Vishnu, and it’s called a Kurma avatar. During, the Sagar Mathan to uphold the earth, Lord Vishnu took the Tortoise form. Nowadays, who is believing in Vastu Sastra and feng shui that persons all are keeping the tortoise in their homes. It is the very best corporate Diwali gift ideas for employees.

Lucky Bamboo

lucky bamboo

The lucky bamboo plant is a house circle plant. It grows very fastly, and it’s not direct to the sunlight. The lucky bamboo plant is one of the most well linked to the feng shui curves. This lucky bamboo plant is in green color, and the red color thread is tied to that tree, it signifies the fire or Agni. There are different types of layer bamboo plants. Some plants are grown with 2 layer bamboo plant, 3 layers, five-layers, eight-layer, etc. It looks very nice, by seeing this greenery nature's positive mind and peace of mind will come. It is an indoor plant. It has more names because this plant has many layers so we can call it curly bamboo, Chinese bamboo, friendship bamboo, feng shui bamboo plant, etc. It is very good for gifting to someone during Diwali.

Laughing Buddha


lucky bamboo Plant

 Everyone knows, Laughing buddha brings good money, fortune, and satisfaction in one’s life. Laughing Buddha is a giggling man with a pot tummy stomach. Laughing Buddha is also known as the divine buddha, Hotei, or Pu-Tai. Based on his jutting stomach and smile gained him this name. The many people of us strongly believed that keeping it in a specific place it brings good benefits.


wind chimes

Chime is a sound-making instrument, which when struck by its components. It generates a sweet and soft musical sound. Wind chimes originated from Chinese Fengshui and have taken full market all over the world with its significance and benefits, especially for a married couple. They are made up of different materials like wood, metals, clay, etc each having their meanings and beliefs. They are a source of positive energy and happiness to your home and can be a perfect gift for Diwali.

Sweet Basket

sweet basket

During Diwali, one can not have many sweets. At the Diwali festival, all family members and friends get together and having sweets is a part of an auspicious festival. This sweet basket is one of the best Diwali gift ideas for family and friends. This sweet basket is a combination of laddu, Gulab jam, Soan papidi, Kaji barfi, rasgulla, etc. Giving a sweet basket to your family, friends, and employees is a great way to add sweetness, happiness, and joy into their occasion celebrations.

Fragrant Candle Set

candle set

 Decorative, aromatic, and colorful candle sets make great gifts for parents. They are remedial and also can aid them free from stress. It will also add a touch of elegance, beauty, and finesse to their house interior. Fragrant candle set is one of the good Diwali gift ideas for parents.

Dry Fruit Corporate Gift Boxes

Dry fruits box

During the Diwali festival, dry fruits have special significance as a gift item. By giving this gift to the employees they feel very happy and will get good health by eating these dry fruits. It is one of the best traditional and unique Diwali gift ideas. Generally, these dry fruit gift boxes made from wood, silver, paper, and other metals. These boxes have an attractive design. These boxes have a moisture-proof, enhanced shelf life. Nowadays, these dry fruit boxes have great value in the market, these are very awesome Diwali gift ideas for doctors and husbands. The Gifts for Diwali show the enormous feeling of the occasion and fills the void of each one’s heart with a new.

Deities Art Frames

deities art frames

Deity's art pictures are very beautiful and one of the good Diwali gift ideas for the boss. In online gift stores, you can easily find many gift selections, it consumes less time to select and will get the best quality products. By giving these frames to employees or bosses, their house walls get a beautiful look at Diwali. It makes a great gift to them.

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