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How to Get Rid Of the Evil Eye

How to Get Rid Of the Evil Eye (1)

Introduction: Have you or your loved ones been feeling restless or uneasy with symptoms, such as a sudden loss of appetite, uncontrollable yawning, fever, or hiccups? If this is the case, you should exercise caution and seek protection. Why? Because the hinted symptoms are signs of someone casting an evil eye on you and your […]

6 Ways to Deal with an Awakening – Forever Conscious


The 6 Signs that show you of your own awakening: 1. Feeling energy will be like learning how to deflect other people who have negative energy in any environment. 2. Trusting your instincts will be easier as your intuition will tell you by how you feel. 3. Health and your body will want to change […]

Essence of Bhagavath Gita

Essence of Bhagavath Gita

Bhagavat Gita, it is a prominent book of Hinduism, according to the Hindu people revere this ancient scripture and is consider religion book. Constantly, this test says life morals, ethic, and dharma. Regarding the text conveys a way of life and tips for human life. However, the Hindu people believe a Lord Krishna proceed the […]

What is spirituality? Is it different from religion?

Every person has spirituality. Whatever moves or expresses your spirit or inner energy is part of your spirituality. In some senses your spirituality is expressed in every aspect of your personal and public life. It is just part of who you are – woven into and expressed through every thought, feeling, and action. There are […]