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List of Powerful Yantras with Meaning and Benefits

List of Powerful Yantras with Meaning and Benefits

What are yantras? How is it useful? Generally, Yantras are machines, they are used to worship the Navagrahas, elements, gods and goddesses in homes or at a temple. In Hinduism, each deity has a specific yantra. Usually, yantras are used for embellishing of house entrances and temple floors. Each deity yantra has its own significance. […]

Lakshmi Mantra : Meaning, Benefits, Ways to Chant

Lakshmi is the goddess of Lakshmi mantra. She is the consort of Lord Vishnu. She is energetic to the Lord Vishnu. She is the symbol of money, prosperity, luxury and abundance. She has different names like Padma, Kamala, Kalyania, Vishnupriya, Vaishnavi, Maha Lakshmi, etc, using these names she is worshiping by many people. She has […]

Krishna Story – Story Of Lord Krishna -pujanpujari

Knowing Krishna Part-3 : Kids do are or should be naughty. Their acts at childhood is adorable but at times parents do gets upset whilst handling them. The kid god was indeed the naughtiest at Gokulam. From stealing butter to hiding clothes of gopikas while they take bath, every possible deeds children does to let […]

Knowing Krishna Part-2

Period of maternity is always delightful for parents, the exciting wait for the opening cry of kin who carries their legacy to end of times. Yet, certain amount of anticipation is also associated with child-birth. Stigma surrounding birth is not fresh, its been prevailing then and in case of God’s birth,escalations did hit roof. The […]

25 Interesting Facts about Hinduism

Interesting Facts about Hinduism

Hinduism is the oldest practiced religion and has the third largest following in the world today. Despite its universal appeal, Hinduism is easily misunderstood mainly due to incorrect interpretations of the scriptures written in Sanskrit, and the oral tradition of literature. This article is a small attempt to share some of the larger facts of […]


Everybody’s favourite and last known incarnation of Lord Vishnu, he who enlightened the world through seven hundred slokhas in eighteen chapters rendered right at middle of Kurukshetra war and even million more definitions may not be enough to cover his divine deeds and that too within our transient lifetime and limited perception. Lord Krishna was […]

Understanding Hinduism : Hinduism Meaning and Beliefs


Hinduism Meaning and Beliefs Hindu, the root word for Hinduism, originates from the word Sindhu referring to the region. The region is incidentally home to the oldest religions of the world. Raja Ram Mohan Roy introduced the word Hinduism in 1816-1817, but it gained popularity in 1830. Hinduism depicts the collection of practices and beliefs that […]

Worship and Devotion in Daily Life

Devotion Life

Traditionally, the Hindu religion performed puja, all Hindu people believe the deity nonetheless, the puja celebrates on the auspicious days of Friday and Tuesday for the fortune life. Generally, the puja performed every morning and evening at the temple or home. Meanwhile, this process invites the deity to live. When performing the puja, we will […]

Importance of Amavasya & Purnima Days Do and Don’t on These Days

Amavasya and Purnima

The Amavasya day represents as New Moon Night or Day as per Hindu mythology. This day begins with a quarter of the lunar month. However, this day came every month and the moon is not visible on Amavasya. Meanwhile, it is one of Tithi of the Hindu lunar calendar. Nonetheless, the negative forces will strongest […]