Akkanna Madanna Mahakali Devi Temple: History, Architecture, Temple Timings

Akkanna Madana Mahakali Devi Temple

A 330 years old temple built by two Brahmin brothers Akkanna and Madanna at Hyderabad, known by their names, Akkanna Madanna temple is dedicated to Devi Kali.

The History Behind The Madanna Mahakali Devi Temple

The two Brahmin brothers, Akkanna and Madanna were the ministers of the court of Tana Shah who ruled Golconda between 1674-and 1685. The brothers were great devotees of Devi Mahakali and used to visit the temple every morning. During the war with the Mughal army, the brothers were killed and the temple was closed after that. It is believed that in 1948, Devi Kali appeared in the dream of an old lady, and asked her to find the hidden temple and re-open it. Later some people from Arya samaj were able to find the temple. It’s been only 67 years since the temple is revived from the debris of Hari Bowl at Shalibanda.

Yet again in 1998, the temple was attacked due to a cast and religious clash and was partly destroyed.


The beautiful temple is built in blush and coral shades of red, with pillars and ceilings of carvings and inscriptions of Hindu God and Goddess. The main tower has images of God and goddesses. The temple also includes several small temples in it. 

Festivals celebrated at the temple

The temple is famous for the Ghatam procession during the Bonalu festival which is majorly celebrated in the holy place. As per the records, nearly 1 lakh devotees visit the temple during Ghatam. During the festival, the devotees present an offering to Devi Mahakali.

The temes fall between July-August, during Ashada Maas. However, the celebrations do not start until the repairs and whitewashing at the Dargah opposite the temple is completed.

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How to Reach the temple?

By Air, one can reach Hyderabad Airport both internationally and domestically to reach the temple.

By Railway, one can take the train to Secunderabad Railway station which is at a distance of 20 km from the temple.

By Road, the temple is 139 km from Warangal and 170 km from Karimnagar.

Temple Timings

The general timing of the temple is 

Morning Puja Timing’s Evening Puja Timing’s
5 AM to 1 PM 6 PM to 8 PM



Address – Shri Akkanna Madanna Mahakali Temple, Hari Bowali, Shalibanda Near Old city Hyderabad, 1 km from Charminar. 500065

Contact – 9849200860, 9440484825.

Many nearby accommodations and food facility are available near the temple for tourists and visitors.

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